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I know you have heard a lot of talk on religious spirits.  If you are new to church (as we know it), or if  you’ve been in church for over 40 years, this term may baffle you because you have been taught that – as the song goes ‘Religion SO sweet…’

We all have been lulled into a semi- or fully-delusional state where we are drugged into believing something we know deep down inside ‘just isn’t right.’  We just went to church and went along with the programs to get along.  We didn’t want to rock the boat, so to speak, out of fear that we would be labeled ‘rebellious,’ ‘unfaithful,’ ‘unteachable,’ or a host of other names leadership likes to place on thinking people who were blessed with common sense AND wisdom to know game when they see it.

Yet even the most discerning, the most wise, the most street-wise of us check our brains in at the door of a church once we enter therein.  We erroneously think that we are NOT supposed to use the wisdom and common sense GOD HIMSELF has blessed us with once we walk through the doors of a church.  We erroneously believe that God does NOT deal with our minds at all.  So any inkling deep down in our guts and minds that game is being played we suppress that, thinking that it’s the devil trying to get us ‘out of the ship.’

How do we properly discern a Religious Spirit?

Well, for starters, I want to present to you that after we are born again, we should not check in our brains at the door.  EVERYTHING that God has allowed you to learn-whether it was via books and a teacher, or on the streets, or by life experience-EVERYTHING has been allowed to happen in your life so that you can LEARN A LESSON from it.  The good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful.  We have to learn to not have any regrets…even over mistakes.

Human beings are learning creatures.  From the moment we are born into the earth, until the hour we breathe our last breath, we are supposed to be in a CONSTANT state of learning, and probably re-learning, too.

If your gut tells you something ain’t right, then TRUST YOUR INSTINCT!

A religious spirit knows how to look holy, righteous.  Just by first glance, you can’t tell the difference between a holy person and a religious one.  They will look just like the woman above.

But as time goes on, and you start spending time with that person, you will start to notice inconsistencies.  Certain things just wouldn’t line up.  You will start seeing glaring imperfections and brazen outright sin in their lives…but the more those weeds in their lives manifest, the more they try to COVER IT UP with works of righteousness, more church work, more random acts of kindness to strangers, more religious works.

The more works of religion and righteousness they do, you will begin to notice that their life does not line up with the Word of God.  They will sin and not be convicted of it.  They will not respond to the conviction of the Holy Ghost of sin and justify sin, or be in outright denial about their sinful state.  And the more they do this, the more active they get in the church.  They do more ‘church work,’ hold more revivals, conferences, and convocations, preach harder, prophesy harder…all in an effort to gain their OWN righteousness, to atone for their sins on their own.  Their mindset is ‘If I stay in church enough, that will make up for my fornicating last night,’ or ‘If I do A & B, then that will make up for my dealing drugs at that school…’

The demon starts to manifest by then.  And it looks a little something like this:

By now, the church lady is cussing, drinking, smoking, lying, threatening to cut folks.  When she goes to church, she has her hands upraised.  Praising God, speaking in tongues, running around the church, preaching….the whole nine.  But when you see her in situations that require her to have patience, she has none.  This religious spirit has NO patience.  It wants what it wants, when it wants it!  They gotta preach…NOW!  They gotta prophesy….NOW!  They gotta get married…NOW!  You wanna see if someone has a religious spirit, tell them NO…or WAIT.  If they go off in a tantrum, then you got a religious spirit on your hands!

A religious spirit also is very unaware of the very real fact that they are, too, flawed individuals…with sin.  They swim in a pool of SELF-DENIAL.  They are in self-denial about EVERYTHING.  But the one thing they are in self-denial about is the state of their own selves.

A religious spirit is a potentially dangerous spirit, for there is nothing-NOTHING-a religious spirit WON’T do to protect THEIR IMAGE!  THEIR IMAGE IS EVERYTHING TO THEM!!!  They don’t believe in self-exposure or disclosure.  When they fall into sin, drastic measures are taken to COVER UP their sin.  If the religious spirit is a pastor, he/she will employ the help of the church to participate in the cover up.  They will use fear tactics and mishandle the Word of God to manipulate and control people into doing what THEY want them to do.

A religious spirit NEEDS an entourage.  They need a following.  If they dont have anyone following them, they feel useless, rejected, persecuted even.  This is when a religious spirit-that demonic spirit-will FULLY manifest….right before your eyes!

A religious spirit is a proud one.  It won’t ever admit to being wrong, or doing wrong.

When you have discerned that you are dealing with a religious spirit, the only thing to do is to get away from them.  Because until the person comes into the realization and revelation that they have something DEMONIC that’s driving them to do things in church, or do ministry, or for a good cause, there is nothing that can be done for them.  Religious spirits are SO insidious and subtle that its hard to recognize….at first glance.  It takes TIME to observe a person in all their various atmospheres to determine if they have a religious spirit or not.

In ‘Faces of a Religious Demon’ by Pam Sheppard, many faces of the religious spirit/demon are exposed.  It is one of the most thorough teachings on religious spirits that I have ever read.

To find out more on how to discern a religious spirit, get your copy today!



  1. Gideons army is the real move of the Spirit in the last days. But why? Because carnal men cannot keep or be trusted with spiritual things. Men love their institutions and defile the things of God. This is the heart of the carnal. Do people really think God will cast He’s pears before a multitude that will not come out of the pig pin? Its really a test. If God calls some one out of this mess and they stay in it, then the mess will stay in them. That’s doesn’t seem fare to those who devour the things of God; but it is! Carnal Christians are corrupting things along the same order.

    The need to devour is in the multitude, we don’t need to devour we need to be keepers. Where are the keepers? The manner in which you handle the things of God, will be a factor in which spiritual order you belong to. The real money, is don’t miss the Spirit. Religion takes you away from the Spirit. Its either gives you dead rules or a super infrastructure to keep, to the fall of your spirit. Too much of anything that’s not the Spirit, turns out to be a instrument against your spirit.

    The higher orders are for the keepers, not the eaters and dumpers. God is ready for this age of spiritual bondage. Those who value freedom are going to be set free. You get free by throwing the bag of bondage away. Those who have lost the thought war, value the praise of man more than the glory of God.

    Keeping also has to do with abiding. Stop being the servant of man, and see if you can’t abide. So simple, not if your brain washed. Mind control keeps us in sin, bondage and sickness. There’s little need to abide, if your always depending on man to pick you up. Codependency is a lethal drug that will push you back into the world, or luke warm church.
    If we have a real heart to walk with God, He will give us the grace to always abide in Him.

    The fearful will be among the first to be cast away! The fear of man is actually a greater need for man than God. A smooth form of brain wash! See how it works. Don’t even seek the same things, seek to really stand and be free! Gideons army are those who have been given the grace to rise above man. That alone can be a lonely place to the flesh. Live off of the Spirit. Live off of the word. Always check your life line. Never letting man or things be your life line.

    Not oppressing others, just realizing that the multitude can never retain the things of God. Compromise is the deadly poison that will spiritually kill the multitude, no matter how great the number. The real means to stand comes from God, not man! Gedeon’s army are those who abhor surrender to lessor things, and would rather die than bow to what they know is not God.

    Gideons army are those who have realized its a blessing to not be among the many who are mutually defiled. The real blessings are in the Spirit and for the spirit. Spirit first is God’s order of the day. Spirit only is crucifixion! Crucifixion of the flesh. The flesh is not our hope, nor is it our deliverance. The walk is accepting the cross, and refusing to glory in what is shame. The pleasures of sin, and religious deception; hides the yoke that the enemy places people under. It amounts to nothing more than a smoke screen. Many go to church to be free, only to be met with a brick wall! He’s church is alive and well. Its happens to be a place where flesh wont go, crucify the flesh, so you can be directed by the Spirit.

    Let the defiled to feed the defiled. The wisdom is to come out of the worlds affairs, and to rather live in the presence of Almighty God. Accept the call to live in the presence of God, instead of visiting church and hardly ever getting free from detestable things. Its fully setting forth in the faith, never to return to pig-hood again. Nice ways wont cut it as your spiritual house is being robbed!

    The Lord knows the heart of man. He knows who will trample the things of God, and He knows who will be faithful unto death! Just be faithful to the Lord. The valley will become the defining moment that seals your heart. The place of no comfort, wont brake your spirit. Our spiritual order is the fire. Most of the denominations are controlled by the free masons. They work to get you to bow, and its not to the Lord. Know Him! Follow Him! Love Him firm till the end!

  2. What do you say to the scripture that says…subject yourselves to those that have rule over you. They are watchers over your soul?

    1. if you did not ask this question based on the post called “religious spirit,” I would say if you have the right kind of leadership, this scripture definitely applys.

      Those who follow me are actually complying with this scripture. YEt, THEY CHOSE TO FOLLOW ME. I train them to TEST EVERYTHING THAT I teach OR advise them to examine me against the word of God and their own god given common sense.

      I do not “lord” it over them or try and rule them. I take my charge as a privilege. I teach those who I have rule over to not be pAssive and I give them the tools to discern and be independent in spirit, soul and body.

      If they decide to move on from me, I don’t pursue them. I wish them well. nevertheless, I give them room that they can come back on their own, and I will embrace them again, protecting myself from whatever error they absorbed while they were gone.

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