E-book Excerpts: The New Idolatry

Deliverance Academy

Written by Pastor Pam Sheppard of Pam Sheppard Ministry

The New Idolatry:  Charismatic Witchcraft, Deliverance and Other. Counterfeits.  (Pg 95-96)

What are the plagues?

The worst plague is a curse of spiritual blindness caused by delusion and demonic deception. The worst of the worst is to be duped into believing that you are going to heaven, and to die and find yourself in hell for eternity. For what does it profit a man, if he gains the whole world yet loses his soul? (Matthew 16:25) The fact that countless people have been indoctrinated into the “I accepted Jesus”   practice—also known as the “make a decision for Christ gospel, “ the worst abomination of them all.

For this form of idolatry distorts the word of God to such an extent, than I am willing to estimate that 85% of churchgoers believe that they are saved, and they are not. Counterfeit spiritual births at…

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Beware, Endtime Teachers and Prophets

Absolutely, no one believer has ALL the truth. Yet even if there is one little error or lie in the light we have been given, then we are deceived.

The biblical warning rings true. Be not many masters for YOURS is the greater condemnation.

This warning is to me first and others later, as I too study and teach about endtimes. In fact, my bookthe New Idolatry” is about the last days. Yet my approach is somewhat “different” as I focus on uncovering Satan’s real endtime agenda. In that regard, I remain neutral on biblical symbols and timelines, particularly those that I do not yet understand. Nevertheless, when I look around at those who are teaching about endtimes in books and on the Internet, I see clearly how the religious demon that the bible calls “the spirit of the Anti-Christ” has taken advantage of and capitalized upon the misunderstandings of various self-proclaimed, renegade teachers’ misunderstandings or mis-interpretations of truth.

As one example of many, some teachers materialize what is meant to be spiritual, figurative or symbolic while spiritualizing what is meant to be material or actual. Take 666–the number of the beast. Some are teaching that there is an actual number that Satan’s people will equate to or be marked with 666. Well, if this be the case, I am already branded as one of my significant numbers has 3 6’s in it. Look around and you will find your own 666–your birthday, your credit card or social security number as an example. Others spiritualize this number with highly confusing and complicated meanings.

Does ANYBODY really know what the actual mark of the beast is?


Why not?

Because it is not time to know. When the hour comes upon us, all in the know “shall know” as it will be obvious and clear.

Premature interpretations that are emphatically presented as absolute truths yet the teaching is in error provide demonic doorways to seducing spirits to use us to teach doctrines of devils. Some are even hearing voices, dreaming endtime scenarios with timelines of the Lord’s return— messages they automatically assumed were the voice of God, when they actually heeded a message from a fallen angel. If you are hung-up on an enemy-sent error, your willful stubbornness and lack of flexibility provide opportunities to deceive to both fallen angels and religious demons. Here is the deal. Just because you come in contact with 2 or 3, even 3000 people who agree with your revelation of the bible’s endtime symbols or timelines does not mean that your interpretation is correct. For the devil knows how to send the same lie to 3 million people, much less 2 or 3. Consequently, those who study and teach others about the end of days need to be absolutely sure that their prophecies and predictions did not come from the enemy.Otherwise, enhance your vocabulary by using expressions like “it could be, maybe, I think so, and don’t be ashamed of “I don’t know.”

For whenever we say “thus saith the Lord,” we are held both accountable and responsible for the damage that we cause.

You know them by their fruit. If you became afraid even terrorized by a prophet or a teacher’s endtime word, then he or she did not receive it from the Lord. For Jesus said to His elect “Be not afraid.”