Divination and Witchcraft: An Appeal to Fear!

Writer: Pastor Pam Sheppard

A word from Coach Pam Sheppard

Religious folk go around hollerin “the devil is a liar,” yet the minute he tells them somethin, they believe it. LOL

I think of one guy I once worked with. I cast demons from him on the phone and he was set completely free, immediately. He was also very active in RESCUE. Two weeks later, he committed an act that drew practically all demons back. Well Don sought me again  to expel demons from him.

I refused.  appeal-to-fear

Deliverance is not a game and I am not a game show host. He would have to commit to counseling before I would speak to his demons ever again.

Don did so and for a while, things looked hopeful until after his last  session with me, Don, a mega preacher wannabe, did not like me. The  demons saw their chance, capitalizing on Don’s personal conflict with me.

So a demon told him,” Pam is a witch.”

The next morning, Don reported that he could hear my voice in his head, cussin him out, a thing I was once known to do quite well—back in the day.” So this particular evil spirit  has been watching me for decades, knowing how I used to “get down.”

Here is where I stand on this.

Anybody who comes to me with such a report, I listen to them quite intently. For should I discern even an inkling that he or she believes the demons over me, then I am DONE with him or her on ALL levels.

Here is how divination works. The enemy has difficulty “putting a spell on you” unless he first informs YOU about it. So a spirit will tell you that your friend or your neighbor is a witch or a wizard. And it may be true. But they want to make sure you know it so they can put fear in you of that person. Then the demons will use your self-induced anxieties, doubts and fears to bring THEIR plans about in YOUR life. In other words, devils and demons are skilled at making YOU your own worst enemy.

You see, they can’t “do what they do,” without your cooperation and consent.

In order to control our lives, the enemy has to “plant his desires” into our spirits.

About five years ago, someone sent me a message. She had a vision that witches were trying to bring harm on me  and that they were attempting to put a spell on me. I didn’t scold her. Wouldn’t make any sense because the damage had already done.  The goal is to project fear into their target by making sure they hear that someone is practicing witchcraft on them.  At that very moment, I was involved in an antagonistic  situation with someone who had “witchcraft in her background.” So of course, my eyebrow was raised but I didn’t panic. I was just extra careful and observant. That was five years ago and nothing has transpired.

The thing to do is to “watch and pray.” Keep your mouth shut until the crisis, if there is one, has passed. Also, you would-be prophets, don’t let the enemy use YOU to plant fear into someone who you care about. Pray and rest in God. If God showed her that someone was praying against me, then the Holy Ghost was calling her to pray. Fallen angels are extremely skilled at using friends, the people even of your own household, to speak evil into your life. So wisdom is certainly necessary. I learned the hard way to “be slow to speak.”

1d37b10f-38b8-42d5-a279-94bf2ebf4f88 (1) 3For more information on this subject, the New Idolatry is a must read.

If you believe you are cursed or that someone is practicing witchcraft on you, use the contact form below.


What RESCUE Has Done For Me!

My name is Wenona and I am the editor of RESCUE Ministry newsletter for Pam Sheppard Ministries and RESCUE Online Fellowship. Before coming into RESCUE, I was an independent minister (who previously studied with T.D. Jakes’ Potter’s House School of Ministry) and blogger with my own (online) ministry. At the Lord’s leading, I closed it down and sought direction…and was led to Pamela Sheppard. What I have gained and continue to gain from my fellowship and co-ministering with RESCUE and Pamela Sheppard is fellowship, accountability, camaraderie, mentoring, wisdom, and unconditional love.

EVERY minister needs that. A safe place to land, to go where you can learn some things you THOUGHT you knew, where you can openly or discreetly share of your struggles without fear of exposure, exploitation or rejection. Pamela is unlike any leader I have ever encountered, and I have sat under the most famous of preachers, as well as the unknowns.

Pamela also SERVES the RESCUE family; there are no big ‘I’s’ or little ‘you’s’ in RESCUE. This ministry is here to RESCUE the damaged, the wounded, the broken-hearted, the abused sheep, the Remnant, from the clutches of religiosity. And last, but certainly not least, Pamela is like the older women in the Bible who teach the younger…young enough to still relate to the very real struggles of women (of ALL ages) in ministry, but yet old enough to have gained some INVALUABLE WISDOM along her own journey. That is a rare thing in THIS day and time!I get emotional when I think about it…but I consider Pamela a TRUE spiritual mother. Other ‘first ladies’ and ‘mothers of the church’ who I ran into (in the church) were always stand-offish, fake, unloving, always seeking attention and adoration like queens. NOT PAM! Pam serves. She loves. Sometimes she tells the truth…and it may hurt. But she LOVES YOU enough to TELL THE TRUTH! As a woman in ministry, RESCUE has proven to be invaluable to me. Women in ministry need SPECIAL support..and you will find that a whole lot more at RESCUE!

And for those of you who are concerned about your individual ‘ministries,’ if they will be swallowed up in RESCUE. Let me tell you this: if you believe God has called you to what you are already doing and don’t wish to abandon that, Pamela makes no demands of your ministry to come up under hers…like they do in the institutional church. She is very supportive and will continue to be supportive of you. Like I said before, RESCUE is a SUPPORTIVE ministry. I used to be a lone ranger….but I tell you. Being a lone ranger (particularly in ministry) is a dangerous, foolish thing. ESPECIALLY AS A WOMAN! We all need someone to see the blind spots for us while we travel on this journey. And sometimes our rear view mirrors are off focus a bit and foggy. Don’t do it ALONE!

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