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Are You REALLY Moving Forward?

Holding on to tightly to the past can be a dangerous thing.  Especially when the Spirit of the Living God is trying to move you forward!

I speak especially to those people who have ‘left the church,’ per se.  But the church has NOT left you.

Oh, you do well, you write well, you blog superbly of how you have left the institutional church. But you speak of Her more like a spurned lover than you do of a healed, delivered WARRIOR.

I used to be that way.  I spoke of my past and wore it like a tattered garment.  A LOT!

But I stopped doing that when I got DELIVERED!  FOR REAL!

You see, what you have to realize is that the Word says to FORGET THOSE THINGS WHICH ARE BEHIND AND P R E S S!

No, you wont forget the stuff literally.  You WILL forget how much it hurt you.  Or angered you.  Or disappointed you.  Or frustrated you.

How can you tell you are still wearing the garment of religiosity, even though you left ‘the church’ 10 years ago?

Classic tell tale signs are:

1) Anger, frustration, depression, remorse or guilt that won’t go anywhere when you hear of something else going on in the church.

You will understand that the closer we get to the end times, the worse this institutional church is going to get.  You are prepared for that.  You accept it.  So when you hear of another scandal, another child being raped, another devout woman contracting HIV from a preacher, you will know that all of these things are plagues of the end time institutional church.

2) A strong desire to return.

If you find yourself missing ANY aspect of the institutional church (i.e. the service, the praise and worship, the covering, etc.) , there is still some religion left in you.  You just got to find a reason to go there.  That religious demon still has its hooks in you.  That’s not a condemnatory statement; it is the truth, in love. I  love enough to tell you the truth…that ultimately SETS YOU FREE!

3) All of your time and resources are spent exposing things going on in the institutional church.

Now, I am a proponent of exposure.  And I wholeheartedly do believe that things not of God should be exposed.  But ALL of my time, resources and energy are no longer spent on exposing the fakes.  I mean, come on!  If I spent all that time exposing the fakes, I would have no time to do what it is I am CALLED to do….point people to the REAL JESUS, help people recognize the voice of God for themselves and help them in their transition OUT of the church, when they are ready.

4)  Pride/Inability and Unwillingness to be Taught

Religion and pride goes hand in hand.  People with this trait use the excuse that because ministers and leaders in the institutional  church have abused their authority, consequently that in and of itself is supposed to eradicate the necessity to be taught by another.  A trick of the enemy is to get folks to get huffy and puffy and refuse to be taught based upon the fact that there are false teachers out here.  Remember, there would NEVER be a fake unless there is a REAL.   A fake anything is only a cheap replica of the real!  Without the real, the fake could NOT exist.  Your job is to discern that which is fake and that which is real!

5)  You rehearse trauma, abuse and mishaps suffered in the church….over and over again.

And you do so with a victim’s mentality.  You are not a victor, but a victim.  And God cannot use a victim.

6) You are sort of the Rhona Barrett, the Wendy Williams, of the church.  You may or may not go to church, but you sure got all the news about whats going down there.  You are obsessed with reporting the latest on what’s going down in ‘the church.’  

Instead of focusing your energies on helping the REAL people of God heal from abuses suffered in the church, you are still moaning, crying, reporting, complaining, and getting frustrated  over what is happening there.  You left, like Pam said in the video, but its really like you never left to begin with!

You have left the church, but the church has NOT left YOU!!!!!!

7) You have this hero mentality.  You believe that God has ‘called’ you to rescue folks out of the clutches of the I.C.

This is one of the last things the enemy will deceive folks who have come out with…that it is your job, your calling, to snatch folks out of the I.C.  The enemy has you deluded with grandiose perceptions of yourself being a savior of some sort.  Super Christian!  With the big ‘S’ on your chest!  You can leap skycrapers in a single bound…and snatch innocent people out of the clutches of the satanically-driven I.C.

And you are SO deceived with this perception of yourself that you will even DISOBEY GOD and go back to church, under the guise of rescuing souls out of religion!  Or out of a plague-ridden church.

THAT is a trap of the enemy.

I remember this movie, one of my favorite, Superman II, where Superman was in this fight with some villains from his old planet Krypton before it was destroyed.  There were three of them, two men and a woman.  One of the men was called Zod, he was the leader.  In this fight scene, Superman was going toe to toe with all three of the villains in the city of Metropolis.

The villains were winning the fight, per se, because Superman was on the WRONG turf.

Superman wisened up and took the fight to HIS turf, his pad in the North Pole.  THERE Superman whipped some villain booty!!

Superman realized what a lot of ‘christians’ have not: you cannot go into a den of demons, somewhere where GOD IS NOT and expect to win ANY confrontation with evil.

The VICTORY IS IN JESUS CHRIST.  And if JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH is NOT with you, then the fight won’t be won.

You cannot go into a corrupt, condemned, plagued, sin ridden entity that GOD HIMSELF HAS JUDGED AND GIVEN OVER TO THE ENEMY and expect to do any real damage to the kingdom of darkness.

That luring that you feel to go back and ‘fight’ for souls is a T.R.A.P. set up by the enemy for your destruction!

You no longer walk in the power of God when you are in rebellion, or disobedience.  You may feel ‘a power’ with you while you are in there.  But it is NOT the HOLY GHOST POWER.

It is a false, demonic, wicked, religious demon that empowers those who follow it…straight to their demise.

If this is you, don’t feel bad.  I was once there.  But I thank GOD for deliverance, and for bringing people like Pamela Sheppard into my life to help me!

If you are looking for help/deliverance, just call 518-477-5759.


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Religious Spirits 201

I know you have heard a lot of talk on religious spirits.  If you are new to church (as we know it), or if  you’ve been in church for over 40 years, this term may baffle you because you have been taught that – as the song goes ‘Religion SO sweet…’

We all have been lulled into a semi- or fully-delusional state where we are drugged into believing something we know deep down inside ‘just isn’t right.’  We just went to church and went along with the programs to get along.  We didn’t want to rock the boat, so to speak, out of fear that we would be labeled ‘rebellious,’ ‘unfaithful,’ ‘unteachable,’ or a host of other names leadership likes to place on thinking people who were blessed with common sense AND wisdom to know game when they see it.

Yet even the most discerning, the most wise, the most street-wise of us check our brains in at the door of a church once we enter therein.  We erroneously think that we are NOT supposed to use the wisdom and common sense GOD HIMSELF has blessed us with once we walk through the doors of a church.  We erroneously believe that God does NOT deal with our minds at all.  So any inkling deep down in our guts and minds that game is being played we suppress that, thinking that it’s the devil trying to get us ‘out of the ship.’

How do we properly discern a Religious Spirit?

Well, for starters, I want to present to you that after we are born again, we should not check in our brains at the door.  EVERYTHING that God has allowed you to learn-whether it was via books and a teacher, or on the streets, or by life experience-EVERYTHING has been allowed to happen in your life so that you can LEARN A LESSON from it.  The good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful.  We have to learn to not have any regrets…even over mistakes.

Human beings are learning creatures.  From the moment we are born into the earth, until the hour we breathe our last breath, we are supposed to be in a CONSTANT state of learning, and probably re-learning, too.

If your gut tells you something ain’t right, then TRUST YOUR INSTINCT!

A religious spirit knows how to look holy, righteous.  Just by first glance, you can’t tell the difference between a holy person and a religious one.  They will look just like the woman above.

But as time goes on, and you start spending time with that person, you will start to notice inconsistencies.  Certain things just wouldn’t line up.  You will start seeing glaring imperfections and brazen outright sin in their lives…but the more those weeds in their lives manifest, the more they try to COVER IT UP with works of righteousness, more church work, more random acts of kindness to strangers, more religious works.

The more works of religion and righteousness they do, you will begin to notice that their life does not line up with the Word of God.  They will sin and not be convicted of it.  They will not respond to the conviction of the Holy Ghost of sin and justify sin, or be in outright denial about their sinful state.  And the more they do this, the more active they get in the church.  They do more ‘church work,’ hold more revivals, conferences, and convocations, preach harder, prophesy harder…all in an effort to gain their OWN righteousness, to atone for their sins on their own.  Their mindset is ‘If I stay in church enough, that will make up for my fornicating last night,’ or ‘If I do A & B, then that will make up for my dealing drugs at that school…’

The demon starts to manifest by then.  And it looks a little something like this:

By now, the church lady is cussing, drinking, smoking, lying, threatening to cut folks.  When she goes to church, she has her hands upraised.  Praising God, speaking in tongues, running around the church, preaching….the whole nine.  But when you see her in situations that require her to have patience, she has none.  This religious spirit has NO patience.  It wants what it wants, when it wants it!  They gotta preach…NOW!  They gotta prophesy….NOW!  They gotta get married…NOW!  You wanna see if someone has a religious spirit, tell them NO…or WAIT.  If they go off in a tantrum, then you got a religious spirit on your hands!

A religious spirit also is very unaware of the very real fact that they are, too, flawed individuals…with sin.  They swim in a pool of SELF-DENIAL.  They are in self-denial about EVERYTHING.  But the one thing they are in self-denial about is the state of their own selves.

A religious spirit is a potentially dangerous spirit, for there is nothing-NOTHING-a religious spirit WON’T do to protect THEIR IMAGE!  THEIR IMAGE IS EVERYTHING TO THEM!!!  They don’t believe in self-exposure or disclosure.  When they fall into sin, drastic measures are taken to COVER UP their sin.  If the religious spirit is a pastor, he/she will employ the help of the church to participate in the cover up.  They will use fear tactics and mishandle the Word of God to manipulate and control people into doing what THEY want them to do.

A religious spirit NEEDS an entourage.  They need a following.  If they dont have anyone following them, they feel useless, rejected, persecuted even.  This is when a religious spirit-that demonic spirit-will FULLY manifest….right before your eyes!

A religious spirit is a proud one.  It won’t ever admit to being wrong, or doing wrong.

When you have discerned that you are dealing with a religious spirit, the only thing to do is to get away from them.  Because until the person comes into the realization and revelation that they have something DEMONIC that’s driving them to do things in church, or do ministry, or for a good cause, there is nothing that can be done for them.  Religious spirits are SO insidious and subtle that its hard to recognize….at first glance.  It takes TIME to observe a person in all their various atmospheres to determine if they have a religious spirit or not.

In ‘Faces of a Religious Demon’ by Pam Sheppard, many faces of the religious spirit/demon are exposed.  It is one of the most thorough teachings on religious spirits that I have ever read.

To find out more on how to discern a religious spirit, get your copy today!

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…That Woman…..Jezebel

What Is a Jezebel Spirit?
By Pam Sheppard
I don’t particularly like the name.  From a psychological perspective, the Jezebel spirit is a personality type.  It is called narcissistic personality disorder.  You cannot “cast out”  someone’s personality. Personality transformation is a renewal of the mind over time, a part of the deliverance counseling process.  However, from a spiritual perspective, the Jezebel “spirit” is simply a religious demon or a religious spirit. I called my third book “Faces of the Religious Demon,” because there practically countless ways that this demon manifests itself.  In the book, I present cases or profiles that were like “faces” or various facets of this demon.
There are people with religious demons who are tormented either with hearing voices, fears of having committed the unpardonable sin or of going to hell  as well constantly are bombarded by blasphemous thoughts. Some can’t even read their bibles out loud or silently. I recall a case where a captive could only read a pocket bible for fear that a demon would use her arm to pound her in the head with a hardcover, and possibly sustain  a concussion.
Need deliverance? Call 518-477-5759
So it is easy to embrace  a quick-fix  simply to relieve or stop the torment. Most workers  simply attempt to cast out demons  as a means to remove ALL  of a person’s bondages.  It never really works. I have found that setting captives free who have a spirit of religiosity  in any form,  involves more than simply driving out the demons.
There are usually various strongholds to be torn down. Since strongholds are incorrect thinking patterns, this is done through the renewing of the captive’s  mind according to the Word of God. As the Lord said “you can’t put new wine into old wineskins or it will break. You can’t put a new patch of cloth on an old garment or it will tear, and you certainly cannot serve 2 masters, or you will hate the deliverance worker and love the preachers and teachers who are a significant yet hidden cause of your captivity.
The purpose of deliverance is to gain freedom from any hindrances in your life that would keep you from walking in the fullness of God’s plan for your life and your relationship with Him. Remarkably to some, it is often habitual religiosity that is the most difficult stronghold to overcome, even stronger than an addiction to alcohol or drugs because religion and “going to church” is culturally engrained and is therefore considered “the right thing to do.” It takes much time and patience to free captives from religion or a deceptive form of spirituality–a form of godliness that denies the power thereof.

A Deliverance Classic by Pam Sheppard
The bottomline is that I cannot work with a “religious captive” who continues to go to church, feed from the tables of either deceived or false prophets, and who is praying to a fake god. Therefore I mandate that while involved in deliverance counseling or mentoring with Sheppard’s Counseling Center, the captive must cease and desist from all religious activity. Old things must pass away so that all things can become new.
“When considering the demon referred to by the field of deliverance ministry as ‘Jezebel,’ we generally think of a female seductress and therefore sexual images are foremost in our minds.  It is true that where idolatrous religions are concerned, sex, lust and worship are intricately intertwined.  But make no mistake.  The distinguishing characteristic of Jezebel, is that she is religious. Jezebel is the religious face of the spirit of the Anti-Christ, an overwhelming narcissistic prides that has an arrogant self-image of perfection. Mainly caused by a refusal to accept their own imperfections, the pride of this particular face or facet of the religious demon is the denial of a sinful nature.  For built into the soul of such a one is a strength of will that hinders a captive so afflicted, to be able to submit to the will of God. Consequently, such captive find it extremely difficult to repent.”

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The Church Exodus, Part 2

“Should I?  Shouldn’t I?  Can I CHANGE the church…thru my prayers?”

By Pam Sheppard

When I left the church in 2004, I did not know that it was a permanent move.  I expected that the Lord would lead me to another church affiliation.  I had my eye on Rev. Paul Morton’s organization, the full gospel Baptist.  It seemed a great choice for me because I had been  ordained and served in a denominational church  very compatible with  the Baptists, yet I was also a Pentecostal in orientation, belief and practice.

So when 3 years passed and I did not have a leading to join another church, I wondered why. It didn’t take long for me to be answered once I sought the Lord in prayer.  In less than a week, a kind of telepathic communication took place to let me know that I was not to join any organized church.

I was spoken to in a kind of parable.  I was asked, “Pam, would you put curtains up at the windows of a condemned building.” I thought of all of the condemned buildings I had seen growing up in the inner city.  I answered in my mind. “No, I would not.”

Then came a kind of speech that went something like this.

“A homeless person will make a home in a condemned building.  To escape the elements of the weather on the outside, he will satisfy himself and “make do” with no heat, no running water, no lights, and he will share his dwelling with its occupants: the rats and the roaches.”

Then I was hit in the face with the next outrageous statement.

“If you try to edify the organized church with seminars and conferences, you will be putting up curtains at the windows of a condemned building.”

Wow.  I was stunned. I had already begun to conduct deliverance seminars with the first one in Bermuda and the second one in Lawrenceville Ga. I was planning the third when this spiritual conversation transpired.    Metaphorically speaking, it was clear to me that the condemned building was a symbol of the entire organized church.  If this “strange conversation” was from the Holy Spirit—then the metaphor clearly suggested that the organized church is condemned, in other words, judged already.

In keeping with this parable of sorts, sheep who attend church regularly are those who are afraid of the outside elements of a dangerous and sinful world—and rightly so. Therefore, it makes sense to run inside of church walls for protection.  Yet in keeping with the symbols, when churchgoers run inside, what they find is no light.  God is light.  In Him there is no darkness at all.  No light–No “God!!!  The “voice” went on to say that the rats were the pastors and church leaders and the roaches were those who sat on the pews.

No running water in the condemned building means no rivers of living water, No Holy Spirit.  No heat.  No fires of the Holy Spirit. This parable was clearly saying that the Holy Spirit has left the organized church.

I didn’t want to believe that I had heard from God about this.  I was pastoring a church that I myself had founded in 1996 and I did not want to close it down.  However, I knew that if this was God speaking to me, I MUST close it down.


Are you a minister or minister-to-be and you believe God has called you OUT of the church?  Pam Sheppard Ministries would be blessed to coach and mentor you in ministry.  We don’t believe in the spiritual covering practice or in authoritarian oversight.  We will simply help, edify and support you so call 518-477-5759

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