A Prophetic Dream About TD Jakes, Fire, and False Doctrine

My mentor, Pamela Sheppard, shared a dream she had with me last night a few hours ago, and it was regarding TD Jakes…

Below is her rendition of it:

Pam  was certainly NOT aware of this fire at the Potter’s House/Denver.  She made this video earlier today, and she had the dream last night/early this morning.. seven.hours before the blaze occurred!

“Fire Damages Potter’s House in Denver”  http://www.denverpost.com/breakingnews/ci_21793634/fire-damages-potters-house-church-aurora

All I can say is look at it for yourself, and YOU decide what’s what.

Fire is what I like to call the ultimate discerner.  You want to know what something (or someone) is made of, let it go through the fire.

There is nothing else that needs to be said!

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Prophetic Dreams and “Confirmation”

At times, the Holy Spirit WILL confirm by a dream. When He does, it will not be an assumption. IT WILL BE FACT AND TRUTH THAT SETS YOU FREE.

Take it from one who knows. Most confirmation comes from the devil. Here is a personal experience.

I was set up to sin with a dream. More than once!

In 1980, I had a dream that I saw a minister standing on my church’s steps, with a robe across his arm. He looked at me and said, “Girl, I’m gonna marry You!” In the dream, he was wearing a navy blue suit purchased from Sears and a pair of navy blue swede shoes.

Two weeks later, on a Sunday morning, “a force” was trying to stop me from going to church. I “assumed” it was the devil. So I persevered and went out of the door, walking to church. Looking back today, I realize that it was God who tried to stop me from going, or at least an angel sent from God. When I arrived, the new visiting pastor was at the church, robed and wearing a navy blue suit and blue swede shoes. I was sitting in the congregation and he set his eyes on me from the pulpit chair. Later that evening, my pastor called, claiming that the visiting pastor wanted to meet me. When we met he said “Girl, I’m gonna marry you cause you sooooo pretty!” I asked, where did you buy your suit? He said “Sears and Roebuck.”

Plenty of confirmation here!. Without the dream and all of this “confirmation”, I would never have given this man a second glance. He was simply not my type. So because of all of this “confirmation,” I assumed “this must be God.” To make a long story short, it was not God. This minister was one of the worst men to ever enter into my life. He was a Satanic setup for things that could have literally “taken me down and out!.” So when you have circumstances occur that are similar, with all kinds of confirmation, a try the spirits tip is this—-

Run like a bat let out of hell. It’s the devil.

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