THE DEMONIC TAKEOVER of the ‘Church!’ (An Online Deliverance Ministry)

Even though popular teachers such as Creflo Dollar teach that you can put a Facebook curse on yourself for pointing out truths regarding the ills of the church,  we as believers must not be afraid to challenge any and all error taught within the institution of church.

How can such a thing be possible?  A demonic takeover of the church?  

Didn’t Jesus say upon this rock He will build HIS church?  And the gates of hell shall not prevail against it?

So if the Church-the Ekklesia- of the Lord Jesus Christ is built upon THE ROCK, then the gates of hell cannot prevail, right?

So the converse is true: the only way a demonic takeover has, in fact, occurred in the organized church system is because GOD IS NOT THERE.

Now before you heed to Creflo Dollar’s advice of a ‘Facebook curse,’ here me out!

In a battle/war, when a region is taken over, it is only after the powers that be have been run out of that region.  The powers that were set to protect said region from enemy encroachment is no longer present.  

THIS leaves the region open and vulnerable to enemy takeover.

THIS is what has happened to the organized church system.  

When Ichabod was written across the doorposts of the temple in Samuel’s early days, we have to understand that the glory of God NEVER returned there…to the temple.  The glory of God became ‘mobile,’ so to speak.  

God never again allowed Himself to be boxed in to one gathering, or a building.  

And man has been trying to erect buildings ever since to glorify God to invoke the glory to ‘return’ to the buildings.  

Now understand.  There are different TYPES of glory.  

Haggai 2 mentions a former glory, and a latter glory.

1 Corinthians 15 mentions terrestial glory, or glory that is of the earth and celestial glory, glory that is heavenly.  It also mentions the glory of the sun, moon and the stars.

1 Corinthians 11 speaks of the glory of a woman’s hair.  

So there are different types of glory.  

And undoubtedly, these different types of glory has visited the buildings.  

And what has invariably happened is that the organized church system attempts to camp out at one or more manifestations of glory (never questioning the origin of the ‘glory).  

When GOD said that HIS Glory, HIS splendor, HIS majesty, HIS excellence….has LEFT THE BUILDING.

And when GOD says a thing, IT IS SO!

The organized church system was set up as the modern day Babels.  Man’s attempt to get the Glory of GOD to return to man.  When GOD has a set plan and vehicle in place to manifest HIS GLORY in the earth.


THEY HAVE and ARE coming out of the organized church system.  



Read this account of Pamela Sheppard, a former pastor who heard God’s voice to ‘COME OUT!’


Growing up as a child in Harlem, the Lord protected me from the black church and from religion.

Now that I have entered into deliverance counseling with tormented Christian clients, I understand why.

Religiosity and the present day church has become seized demonic territory.

How can I say that?  Let me share:

I did not enter the religious system called church until I was already 2 years saved and 35 years old. It was a strange, uncomfortable world for me where I had to learn to “swim with the sharks.” I studied the songs, the mannerisms, all of the accoutrements of
“churchism.” Yet, I never really belonged because I had no church history to stand on among people who could claim several generations of a relationship with Her.

So even though I entered ministry in 1981, I remained a root in dry ground for the next 25 years, an unwanted stepchild.  When the Lord called me out in Sept. 2003, He didn’t tell me EVERYTHING. He simply warned, “Pam, you are a candle, hidden under a bed in this place. If you stay here, I cant use you. But don’t leave on your own. Let them PUT you out!”

I had no idea what He was talking about as I had been a preacher in good standing for 24 years then and all was at peace. However, it didn’t take long. An unexpected enemy surface whom the Lord used to cause the leadership to remove my name from their
rolls. The day before, I saw in a dream that like John the Baptist, I was being spiritually beheaded. The deed was done on June 25th, 2004 and I was pushed outside of the camp, waiting for the Lord to send me to another church within another denomination or

I waited for two years and on the third year, the Lord spoke. I was setting up a road trip to several churches to train their leaders on deliverance when I was asked a question. “Pam, would you put curtains up at the windows of a condemned building?” Raised in a ghetto surrounded by boarded up buildings was quite a vivid image. I immediately answered, “No!”

Then the voice said, “Well, training church leaders according to your plan is like putting up curtains at the windows of a condemned building.” Needless to say, I cancelled the trip. Simply put, I was told that the church was already judged but I refused to believe
it. So I went on a search that evolved into a study of church history. I figured if the church was already judged, history would reveal it.
And it did.

What I uncovered became the book entitled “the FAKE JESUS: Fallen Angels Among Us.”

THE FAKE JESUS:Fallen Angels Among Us

The book provides details on how religious demons under the command of a fallen angel who calls himself ascended master, Jesus Sananda Immanuel, became the god of the organized church. In this teaching, I summarize the most outstanding signs to suggest that
the Holy Ghost is no longer in the organized church.

You will not see the immediate truth of what I warn you about until you have your own revelation from the Lord. The Holy Ghost may use something that I write on this subject to motivate a decision that you may have already been contemplating. Nevertheless, no one can lead you out of the visible, organized church but the Holy Ghost.  The most dangerous churches are those where the people are supportive and dedicated to good works. It is hard to leave smiling faces who provide good music and helpful projects and programs.

After 25 years, I was led out. In fact, I literally had to be THROWN out when MY time came because “church” had become
“comfortable.” The Bishop and other church officers had to mess with my comfort zone for me to leave. Then again, “I had a dream.” It was plain and it was clear. The Lord said, “Pam, if you don’t come out, you will be like a candle, hidden undeer a bed. I will not
be able to use you.” Perhaps that will be the case for you. Perhaps God will set you up to be thrown out. But if you are among
the elect, you will either walk out yourself, or the Lord will allow the devil to use fake Christians led by demons within the visible church to PUSH you out.

But out you MUST come in order to survive and escape the plagues that are coming upon those who still remain “in the house!!!” I warn “the lukewarm” to take heed to the words of Paul to Timothy and the words of Jesus to the church at Laodicea. Don’t get
me wrong about this. So what is the bottom line to Satan’s not so tender trap? How was the devil able to get into the church,
and not only secure a seat in the back row, but actually make his way to the pulpit? Well, through a gradual infiltration that has taken a century or two, Satan finally has his pulpit position. You see, the gateway for the religious demon is “by invitation.”

Invitations can be either formal or informal. Whether in ignorance or by design, when a person has made an appeal to Satan’s services by either a formal pact or an informal agreement, that person has unwittingly submitted himself to the powers of darkness..When signs, wonders and strange religious practices that did not emanate from the Holy Ghost are accepted as divine, a spiritual invitation is made to the fake Jesus. Without hesitation, the fake Jesus pushes his way through the doors of your soul. When sermons are preached by wrenching scriptures out of their context for the purpose of making three points that have nothing to do with  repentance, rebirth or the resurrection, an invitation is made to the religious demon. When salvation is taken out of the sovereign
calling and election of God and put into the hands of man to “make a decision for Christ” then Satan moved from the backseat into the pulpit. When unsaved people came to church altars “chanting” as they sought to speak in tongues, they invited demons to enter them and countless of these folk are now tormented, almost fully demonized.

As would be expected, the sheep followed the preaching of a distorted gospel, looking for blessings, success, and prosperity to come in the abundant life they are taught that Jesus promised them. They have been seduced into believing that “they have a right to
the good life” and all that prosperity entails. Rarely do preachers even mention that serving Jesus Christ can also bring trial, tribulation, trouble and in some cases, even death. Consequently, Satan’s seat has been securred by the gradual elimination of the cross from the gospel preached in most pulpits.

Can Satan be unseated by the organized church? How can he be? Though short lived, the bible tells us that Satan will have his day, when he officially takes his seat in the endtime synagogue, today called “THE CHURCH!” The organized church is fastly ringing true
to her final name, Mystery Babylon. Furthermore, the time for repentance may already be OVER, because judgement of the household of faith has already occurred. The remnant within the church shall prevail along with the rest of the 144,000 righteous
remnant. Whether an actual or a literal number, the truth is this. The way to the True Jesus is narrow and straight and the very few are those who enter in and find the real Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the only begotten Son of the Father.


Think you have heard the voice of God saying COME OUT of the church?  RESCUE is here for you!  Give us a call at 518-477-5759.


Tell Me: HOW Do I Move Forward????? (An Online Deliverance Ministry)

Our love affair with our past-especially in the organized church system-can be a hard one to break off.

You know the ins and outs of our relationship with religion:  all the turmoil and transition of “Should I go?  Should I stay?”

The familiarity and security of it all.  Even if its a false sense of security.

I mean “Whatever” will we do if we didn’t go to church?”

“Its my assignment to go back and save the lost in the church…”

“I miss the fellowship.  The service.  The music….”

Some people love the drama that is latent within the institution of the church.  They have gotten so used to their perception of ‘warfare.’

The religious demon has deceived them for so long, that they really think they are winning a ‘battle’ for right within an institution that God has left for centuries.

It is a subtle trick of the enemy to get people distracted.  Weighed down.

It is the intent of the enemy to get folks so used to fighting a losing battle-ON HIS TURF-so when the real battle ensues, they have no more strength to endure.

And the Word says they that endure TIL the END shall be saved!

Those who continue to stay within an institution void of GOD are in rebellion TO GOD.

And God cannot and will not afford you the victory in your disobedience, deception and rebellion.

He loves you.  He takes care of you.  He is merciful.  BUT…

You would have endured many a battle scar(s) that HE never intended for you to bear.


I used to be that warrior…in the church.  Fighting for what was right…all in the name of the Lord.

Fighting …. getting hit with blow…after blow…. after blow.

Let me tell you something.

I have been saved for many years.  And I hate to admit it…but most of those years, I was defeated.  Why?

Because I could not recognize that the Spirit of the Living God had left the church buildings years before I was ever even born!

Yet we are conditioned as a people to ‘go to church,’ especially in hard times.

God wants us THE REMNANT to MOVE FORWARD.  Not looking back to whatever error we were taught in church.

He wants us to LAY ASIDE THE WEIGHT THAT SO EASILY BESETS US….and He wants us to run this race.

And we cannot run towards the finish line….LOOKING BACK.  Pointing at those on the sidelines, selling bootleg CDs and DVDs at the race.  Or bootleg race t-shirts!

A runner knows, they gotta keep looking ahead.  They may have almost tripped on that pothole in the road, but they didnt.

They gotta keep running.

And you cant run with weights on you.  With error on you.  With false doctrine and strongholds on you.


Need help on HOW to MOVE FORWARD?????

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The Hierarchy of Spiritual Wickedness: An Online Deliverance Ministry

I came across this blog post by Pamela Sheppard, and I must say.  I have never came across a more simplistic breakdown of the ‘hierarchy’ of spiritual wickedness in high places.

Many times, ‘christians’ would rather believe and reteach the charismatic old wives fables they have heard other respected prophets, teachers, apostles, etc. preach and teach within the institution of church.

The Word of God tells us we are to not be ignorant of the enemy’s devices.  

To be ignorant of his devices means to NOT KNOW of his devices.

Many who THINK they know, really DON’T know of the rank and file of demonic activity.  Neither do they wish to RENOUNCE and RELEARN what they have been taught for decades just because it sounds ‘weird’ to them.

I say this:  

Pamela Sheppard was among the ranks of those who practiced witchcraft.  Those spiritual powers showed her things.  THEN God SAVED HER and DELIVERED HER.

So now we can all learn some things if we would put our spiritual pride down and be willing to entertain the fact that a LOT of what is coined ‘deliverance ministry’ is nothing more than a mockery and torment the enemy uses to afflict those in the church.

The enemy is a sadistic, cold enemy.  He LOVES to torture his own!

This following passage is not just talking about natural disasters: it’s a concise breakdown of spiritual wickedness.  One we need to all become familiar with if we really are going to conduct TRUE DELIVERANCE and pray effectively.

We don’t need to pray special prayers, or fast for 100 days.  Neither do we need to spit, hoop, holler, speak in tongues, embrace Judaism and Hebrew religion and festivals, or any other RELIGIOUS practice to see folks delivered.

We just need to follow the pattern that is already in the WORD of GOD.  AND KNOW THE DEVICES, THE STRATEGIES of the enemy.

So back by popular request, here is Pam’s blog on Who’s Who on a list of Demon’s Names.


By Pamela Sheppard

There are demons and there are fallen angels which we can simply call “devils.” Demons must be cast out. Fallen angels must be driven away by the spiritual armor of Ephesians 6. Fallen angels desire to possess humans but it is difficult as we are of two entirely different creations. Demons on the other hand, have been half human. They lived in human flesh and were born and walked the earth in flesh before the flood. So demons desire to be in flesh as their favorite dwelling place. Demons also report to fallen angels.

There is a demon and  fallen angel that I call “the spirit of death.” The demon’s assignment is to take life by any means necessary BEFORE a person’s appointed time by sickness, accidents, suicide and homicides.

****Fallen angels work on natural disasters****

The spirit of death–the work of fallen angels— also orchestrates and designs phony life after death experiences.

There are also the list of demons that we see in the bible: the deaf and dumb spirit, the spirit of infirmity, the spirit of divination, and so on.  These are all demons.  The fallen angels are the principalities and powers, the rulers of the darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high or heavenly places.  They are territorial and they are of huge size.  I have some pictures of the heads of these demons. The head is so big that the demons feet could be placed in two different US states, i.e. the left in NY and the right foot In New Jersey. Maybe California.  It is hard to tell.

As to “my” list, I primarily deal with the religious demon.  He is the one who causes false conversions by deceiving folk to “accept Jesus and ask Him to come into your hearts.” The one who answers that invitation is not Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  The fake Jesus responds by sending one of his religious demons to actually enter the seeker’s spiritual heart—the chakra or spiritual gateway guarded by an entity with a Hindu name called “Isha.”  Isha works for the fake Jesus who in the occult world is called Jesus Sananda Immanuel.  So two of the names on my list are Isha and Sananda.

Then there ore other doorways. Chakras are actually doorways for Hindu gods who themselves are really principalities and powers.  Each of these entities stand guard over each of the 7 portals: Over the crown is Shiva; the third eye is Hakini, the throat is Savashiva, the navel is Bahni, the sexual organs are Vishnu and Rakeeni, the anus is Brahma and the heart is Isha.

Since no where in the bible does it even suggest that we should “ask Jesus into our hearts,” the fallen angel Isha responds to the unsuspecting seekers “invitation” as a call to the fake Jesus Sananda who Isha serves.  So Isha opens the doorway to the heart and religious demons are able to enter and take up residence.

Where a false conversion is concerned, the captive must first have a revelation that they are not saved and that Sananda answered their invitation. So they must be strengthened in their free will to revoke the original invitation. Why? Because demons stand before God declaring that “they own you because YOU invited them.”

Then I make my commands in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazereth when I confront   Isha.  I cast out Isha and the rest of the religious demons will follow. They will flood out just as they did when Jesus spoke to Legion and ALL 6000 demons ran out and into the pigs.

But the truth of the matter is that for most demons that I have cast out since 1983, I didn’t need a specific name and I had no list of demon names.

Each of my six books has a deliverance component. Faces of the Religious Demon is my “deliverance textbook.” If you are a deliverance worker, or you just want to educate yourself on demonic strategies and tricks, this book is for YOU.


If you want to learn more on demon hierarchy, PROPER deliverance, and be made alert and aware of what’s REALLY going on in these end times, please call 518-477-5759 TODAY!

What IS Deliverance???? An Online Deliverance Ministry?

We hear about deliverance all the time, especially within the ranks of the institutional church.  Charismatic circles.  Pentecostal ministries.  Even so-called nondenominational entities, deliverance is the new buzz word.

Deliverance is even in the titles of some of the ministries or churches that people attend.

Deliverance Tabernacle, Temple of Deliverance, Deliverance Missionary Baptist Church, Warriors of Deliverance Ministries (these are all made-up ministry names, of course).  We have all ran across them on several occasions.

As I was meditating on the Word of God one morning, the Spirit of the Living God begin to reveal something to me about deliverance.

When we think of deliverance, when we ponder back on prior teachings on deliverance received from (well-meaning) teachers and preachers, deliverance has always been made to be this ethereal, intangible, invisible force that somehow propels one out of some kind of bondage.  Deliverance has been taught and widely believed to be likened to the Wizard of Oz.

Remember in the Wizard of Oz how Dorothy, the Lion, the Scarecrow, and the Tin-man all sought the services of the Wizard?  They each were somehow entangled into some sort of web in their lives and needed to be ‘free’ of that entanglement.  They each sought out the help of the Wizard because he was believed to have this great force, this great power, this great wisdom to miraculously get them what it is they so desperately needed and wanted.

Most in the institutional church are like Dorothy and her friends.  They wander from deliverance ministry to deliverance ministry, from deliverance conference to deliverance retreats, from schools of deliverance to deliverance summits…in search of ‘deliverance.’

But what if the deliverance so many seek after is within their own means?

What if the deliverance that many cry and holler and speak in tongues and fast over is NOT this invisible, powerful force that they have thought it to be for so long?

What if deliverance is something TOTALLY different?

As I pondered on this, I went in search of the scriptures…and I was amazed at what I found!

The word ‘deliverance’ is used 14 times in the Old Testament, and only twice in the New.

The greek words that is used for deliverance in the OT are pĕleytah’ andpallet.’  Both of these words mean ‘escape or an escaped remnant!’

When I saw this, I was like ‘WOW!’

‘You mean to tell me, Lord, that all this time we’ve been taught that deliverance was rolling all in the floor, hooping and hollering, speaking in tongues, screaming to the top of our lungs, running and dancing all around the church, having someone grease us down with Crisco…and according to your Word, deliverance is none of that????’

So what IS deliverance then?



That means that the first STEP to deliverance is that your LOCATION must change.  When we hear the word escape, it automatically speaks to one’s location.  They are literally, physically imprisoned somewhere.  They are literally, physically in bondage to someplace, someone, or something.

A prisoner escapes from prison.  Refugees or immigrants escape from their homeland and travel to better shores for a chance at a better life.  An abused woman escapes from her abuser.  A kidnap victim escapes from his/her kidnapper.

We don’t use the word escape unless we are speaking to ONE, the locality of a person, and TWO, to the DANGER of the present locality of a person.

In other words, if a person has to escape something, some place, or someone, that usually is because they are in DANGER.  They are being imprisoned unfairly and treated wrongly.

Many, many times, those seeking deliverance need only to ESCAPE from the present circumstances or situations that they find themselves entangled in.  It is only after they ESCAPE OUT of that relationship, that entanglement, that association that healing and safety can start to take place.

The reason why so many have not been delivered within the institutional church is because they are STILL IN the institutional church!

The reason why folks can hoop, holler, shout, dance, speak in tongues, froth and puke at the mouth week in and week out, and STILL have their demons is because they are still TRAPPED in a system FULL OF DEMONS.

They are still entertaining familiar spirits that are laden within the church system.  They are still listening to the counsel and advice of RELIGIOUS SPIRITS that are misleading them, misguiding them, bamboozling them, tricking them, exploiting them, abusing them, stealing from them…..and putting them more into bondage.

Now, I know.  You say, ‘But yeah.  That was the OT.  The people were always in captivity, so they needed to escape.  They needed that type of deliverance.  But in the NT-and in these times-people need the type of deliverance that is supernatural…’

Let’s see what the Word says….

Again, the word deliverance is only used TWICE in the all of the NT.  (I believe this is because God didn’t want us to focus so much on the supernatural deliverance aspect of deliverance that was afforded in the OT.  God had to supernaturally set captives free via signs and wonders in the OT, because there was no remission for sins, and because of their lack of faith.)

The greek word used for deliverance in the NT is aphesis,’ which means ‘release from bondage or imprisonment; forgiveness or pardon, of sins (letting them go as if they had never been committed), remission of the penalty.’

The other greek word used for deliverance in the NT is apolytrōsis,’ which means ‘a releasing effected by payment of ransom; redemption, deliverance.’

Do you see that?

Deliverance went from being a tangible means of escape for God’s people in the OT, to an intangible releasing from the bondage and penalty of sin in the NT!

What did Jesus Christ of Nazareth say His mission was here?

Luke 4:18
The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised.

Deliverance here in this passage literally speaks to the bondage that one is in when one is in sin.

I want you to think back to the OT.  Think about how people worshipped God in the OT.  They went to the temples.  They listened to the Levites.  The Levitical priests went to God on their behalves to pardon the sins of the people.  The people-for the most part-had little to no prayer lives of their own.  Oh yes, some spoke to God, but most did not.  They did not feel like they could because their sin always separated them from God.

Many worshipped other gods.  A deep knowing of God was not prevalent then.

The priests who went into the Holy of Holies had to wear certain garb, robes, hats, the whole nine (much like you see in the institutional church today).  Someone had to go to God FOR them and then come back and tell them what God said.  Some called those who heard from God often prophets.  Prophets were highly sought after in the OT because it was widely accepted and believed that prophets were the only ones to hear from God (I have actually heard a well-known ‘apostle’ tell me this a couple of years ago!)  That if one doesn’t have a prophet in their lives, then they are not hearing from God properly!  Sounds like OT teaching to me!

THAT type of teaching places people in literal, physical bondage.  To what?  In bondage to a religious system and way of thinking that Jesus Christ of Nazareth did away with when He laid down His life as a ransom for many.

Now, the deliverance that has to take place is from the erroneous doctrines and teachings of deliverance itself!

Using the OT and NT model of deliverance-and being sure to not negate either one of them, because both models are necessary for one to be delivered-let me recap.

As shown in the OT, the first step to deliverance is to ESCAPE from the means of what holds you captive.  This could be a relationship, an association to a group of people, a ministry, a church or denomination.  You know that holding on to these relationships is dangerous to your spiritual, mental and even physical health, yet you hold on.  God won’t deliver you until you FIRST STEP OUT!

Then, as shown in the NT, the next step to deliverance is a renewing of your MIND.  YES, many, many times, even after you have escaped a dangerous or unhealthy situation, your heart, your mind, even your soul is still there.  The saying goes ‘You can take the girl out the country, but you can’t take the country out the girl’ holds very true here.  Many times, God will make a way of escape from situations and people, groups and associations that HE HIMSELF has deemed to be dangerous to you.  He set you free.  But your heart is still with Johnny.  Or you still miss ‘fellowshipping’ with that group.  Or you get lonely and long to become friends again with folks God told you to LET GO.

It then becomes necessary to renew your mind.  To change your heart.  And to break all soul ties to these people, this group, that church, ministry or denomination.  (Now, yes, some would argue to the validity or existence of soul ties.  And the very ones who argue the reality of soul ties are being adversely affected by soul ties that they themselves are suffering with as they protest against the very existence of soul ties!  THAT is what the enemy wants them to do.)

A lot of people have come out of the I.C. and still are suffering…and don’t know why they are suffering.  A lot of it is residue, old soul ties from their relationships in the past to these churches, these people, exes, etc. that still hold THEM captive.  And as long as the enemy can keep you ignorant of the reality of soul ties and the need for healing of the mind and soul AFTER escaping the I.C. or other dangerous liaisons, relationships, and associations, HE CAN STILL KEEP YOU IN BONDAGE!

For so many years, generations, people have held onto religious dogmas and teachings that have literally kept so many people in bondage to a systematic, religious system.

As a result of this bondage, many people are suffering spiritually, mentally, emotionally and even physically as a result of this erroneous teaching on deliverance in the I.C.

If you are in need of deliverance FROM religion and all of the erroneous teachings and practices of deliverance that has been performed on you, HELP IS HERE!!!!!

Just call 518-477-5759 TODAY!