DL African American Preachers Are False Prophets

Not much needs to be said here….

Pamela Sheppard spent decades in ministry…so she knows what she is talking about.  And I applaud her for TELLING IT LIKE IT IS and setting a generation of women stuck in these marriages FREE!

I was one of them who ALMOST fell for it…but GOD BLOCKED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And now…THIS is what its all been for…what’s it has been leading up to.  The enemy has had this agenda on the board for a LONG time.

And now the stage is being set.  These turned out preachers are advising the POTUS!

These preachers are FALSE PROPHETS…that are being led NOT BY THE Spirit of God, but by the ENEMY!

This is what led me to write my book earlier this year, ‘The Makings of False Prophet.’ 

It is an attempt to warn preachers when they are on the brink of falling away from God.

It is also a warning to the Ekklesia on how to mark the beginnings of a false prophet.  The signs are not always that recognizable right away.

In this hour, we need to know who is real, and who is false.  I encourage you to get not only my book, but go to the Endtime eBook Library and get Pamela Sheppard’s books as well.  She shares a WEALTH of knowledge, wisdom and understanding that will help the CALLED OUT ONES in this last hour!


Caesar, Politics and Gay Marriage

Have you ever wondered why you have to go to the government through local city halls to have a legitimate marriage?  I know of a situation where the pastor  deliberately neglected to sign and deliver the marriage license papers to City Hall, after solemnizing a $20,000 wedding in his church, where the bride (his daughter, by the way)  and the  groom repeated their vows, supposedly in the holy place called “church.”  It was not until the happy couple decided to seek a divorce that they found out that their “marriage” never occurred in the eyes of the law, in spite of the vows they made in church. Seems Daddy knew best.  However,  Daddy Pastor did not anticipate  yet another  problem. The children conceived of this church marriage without an official license  were illegitimate and had no legal rights.

 So is marriage a divine sacrament?  Not if the state is in control of it!!!

So then, what about God and gays?  The first sex act between a same-sex gender couple  broke the laws of God, similar to the sex act between heterosexuals, yet the bride wore white! Marriage is ruled by the state and not by the church ceremony. You have to go to the state to be married and to the state to get a divorce.  The church is “ceremonial” only.  Gays don’t need the church to be married.  Let them go to City Hall for both the license and the ceremony fo God has nothing to do with ANY of it.

So——- Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.  I agree with President Obama but not for the same reasons.  I agree with Rev. Jessie Jackson and some of the black clergy, but not nearly for the same reasons.  That’s the way of politics.  You can come to the same conclusions based upon opposite or non-related reasons.

 So be it.