I Can’t Help…Falling In Love With You?

That is a line for the song made famous by the late Elvis Presley.

We all have fallen in love.

We all have been weak in the knees, hearts skipping a beat, stars in our eyes. We all have been in love with a person, where all we could think about was that other person.  Or so in love WITH being IN LOVE, that all we thought about was our next conquest, our next relationship.  It became an obsession!

The whole phenomena of ‘being in love’ is nothing more than an euphoric high, much like being high on drugs…

OR MUCH like being in an altered state of consciousness!

Read this excerpt from ‘Emotional Programming To Falling In Love’ written by James Leonard Park:

Falling in Love as Temporary Insanity.  

“…Romantic love is an altered state of consciousness. We seem possessed by an alien force taking over our hearts. Everything seems wonderfulespecially the object of our love. Our ‘spontaneous’ love-reactions pull us together into a whirlpool of hopeless, uncontrollable, overwhelming passion. ‘Falling in love’ is like surfing on an ocean wave sliding down a surging force beyond our control. Romantic love is blind because we are really responding to our own internal fantasies, well-prepared by the romantic tradition. For years, we have been yearning for our Dream Lover. And when a close approximation appears, we project all our pent-up fantasies upon that unsuspecting victim. These experiences are really being in love with love.
Such ‘love’ is entirely an emotion, taking place inside our own skins.  

We can abandon these cultural delusions and begin to establish our relationships based on real information about each other and genuine commitment toward each other. Loving without illusions lacks the emotional high of romantic love, but for on-going relationships truth is better than fiction. Instead of projecting our pre-existing fantasies, we can get to know each other as we really are and as the persons we are becoming….”(http://www.tc.umn.edu/~parkx032/CY-HOAX.html)

If we keep in mind that we do the same thing with religion-deal with delusions instead of reality-it is not far-fetched to conclude that there is an ongoing agenda among the religious ranks to get everyone within its grasp ‘in love,’ if not with each other, than ‘in love’ with the institution or the organization of the church.  Or ‘in love’ with the people.  ‘In love’ with the fake prosperity, the fake peace, the fake joy that the organized church always promises.

I was thinking about this the other day.  How falling in love is just another form of being in an altered state of consciousness.

Then I began to understand what the enemy is trying to do to folks in church.

There is a trend in church where more and more people are searching for their ‘soul mates’ in church.  There are people (in church) who are literally obsessed with the idea of getting married, finding ‘the one’ God has for them.  The search for love with the walls on the institutional church has become a ministry in and of itself!

We MUST be careful!

The organized church-and the religious spirit that rules it-makes MANY promises.  None of which it intends to or even is capable of keeping.  There are preachers that are setting up ministries AS WE SPEAK whose SOLE PURPOSE is NOT to help you find your soul mate, but to profit off of YOUR DESIRE to be married, to fall in love, to have kids, etc.

If they can keep you fixated and focused on what you DON’T have in your life, then they have succeeded in keeping you distracted.

The spirit of religion is nothing more than a matchmaker STRAIGHT OUT OF THE BELLY OF HELL…and it wants nothing less than YOUR ANNIHILATION.

MOST ‘Christian’ marriages that take place were NOT put together by God.  THIS is why the divorce rate is so high…That which GOD has put together….NO man can put asunder.

Furthermore, MOST of these ministries and conferences, conference calls and the such that are set up to help ‘save your marriages’ or make lofty claims that they are helping foster relationships are mere set-ups from the enemy to get you too focused on fighting a battle that GOD NEVER INTENDED FOR YOU TO FIGHT from the jump.

If all you can think about is your mate, then the RELIGIOUS DEMON has got you.

The spirit of Jezebel gets people to fornicate.  The spirit of fornication is derived from lust, which is mistaken most of the time for love.  The hormone oxytocin is released in men and women when they fall in love and even in greater amounts when they have sex.  Oxytocin promotes trust.  So while the Word of God admonishes us to guard our hearts – with ALL diligence – the world AND the church encourages and enables people to give their love away…freely, without discretion, discernment or caution.

And when one does practice caution in their relationships, they are falsely labeled as ‘wounded and unforgiving.’

No, that is wisdom to proceed with CAUTION.

The enemy’s job is to divert the believer’s attention AWAY from the purpose(s) of God.  To get people fixated upon THIS life ONLY…its comforts, its pursuits, its agendas, its happiness.

‘Falling in love, getting married, having 2.5 kids,’ is all part of what is called the ‘American Dream.’  Also included in that dream is home ownership, the white picket fence, the minivan and a 30 year career, followed by a successful retirement.

For many today, the home with the white picket fence part, as well as the 30 year career and retirement part of that dream is up in flames.  (Oops!  There goes the prosperity message!…UP IN FLAMES!)

So the last bastion of hope that we all can live the American dream is to still, at least, be able to ‘fall in love, get married and have kids.’

So what ‘dream’ is being sold now, more than that 3.5 bedroom, 4 bath house on the market down the street?

The ‘dream’ of falling in love!

There IS a reason why it is called ‘falling in love.’  Because you have to ‘fall’ to be in it.

STOP seeking the high of falling in love.  Because the enemy KNOWS what you like and will send it to you, hook, line AND SINKER!

Do you need help falling OUT of love with someone who just know is not good for you?  Even though they are a leader in church?  Caught up in an abusive situation with a leader in a church?

Or are you ‘in love with your church?  Your denomination?  Your pastor or leaders, yet you know deep down inside, something is wrong?


Then when you are out of danger-and ready for healing, call us at 518-477-5759  for help.

We are here for YOU!


…That Woman…..Jezebel

What Is a Jezebel Spirit?
By Pam Sheppard
I don’t particularly like the name.  From a psychological perspective, the Jezebel spirit is a personality type.  It is called narcissistic personality disorder.  You cannot “cast out”  someone’s personality. Personality transformation is a renewal of the mind over time, a part of the deliverance counseling process.  However, from a spiritual perspective, the Jezebel “spirit” is simply a religious demon or a religious spirit. I called my third book “Faces of the Religious Demon,” because there practically countless ways that this demon manifests itself.  In the book, I present cases or profiles that were like “faces” or various facets of this demon.
There are people with religious demons who are tormented either with hearing voices, fears of having committed the unpardonable sin or of going to hell  as well constantly are bombarded by blasphemous thoughts. Some can’t even read their bibles out loud or silently. I recall a case where a captive could only read a pocket bible for fear that a demon would use her arm to pound her in the head with a hardcover, and possibly sustain  a concussion.
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So it is easy to embrace  a quick-fix  simply to relieve or stop the torment. Most workers  simply attempt to cast out demons  as a means to remove ALL  of a person’s bondages.  It never really works. I have found that setting captives free who have a spirit of religiosity  in any form,  involves more than simply driving out the demons.
There are usually various strongholds to be torn down. Since strongholds are incorrect thinking patterns, this is done through the renewing of the captive’s  mind according to the Word of God. As the Lord said “you can’t put new wine into old wineskins or it will break. You can’t put a new patch of cloth on an old garment or it will tear, and you certainly cannot serve 2 masters, or you will hate the deliverance worker and love the preachers and teachers who are a significant yet hidden cause of your captivity.
The purpose of deliverance is to gain freedom from any hindrances in your life that would keep you from walking in the fullness of God’s plan for your life and your relationship with Him. Remarkably to some, it is often habitual religiosity that is the most difficult stronghold to overcome, even stronger than an addiction to alcohol or drugs because religion and “going to church” is culturally engrained and is therefore considered “the right thing to do.” It takes much time and patience to free captives from religion or a deceptive form of spirituality–a form of godliness that denies the power thereof.

A Deliverance Classic by Pam Sheppard
The bottomline is that I cannot work with a “religious captive” who continues to go to church, feed from the tables of either deceived or false prophets, and who is praying to a fake god. Therefore I mandate that while involved in deliverance counseling or mentoring with Sheppard’s Counseling Center, the captive must cease and desist from all religious activity. Old things must pass away so that all things can become new.
“When considering the demon referred to by the field of deliverance ministry as ‘Jezebel,’ we generally think of a female seductress and therefore sexual images are foremost in our minds.  It is true that where idolatrous religions are concerned, sex, lust and worship are intricately intertwined.  But make no mistake.  The distinguishing characteristic of Jezebel, is that she is religious. Jezebel is the religious face of the spirit of the Anti-Christ, an overwhelming narcissistic prides that has an arrogant self-image of perfection. Mainly caused by a refusal to accept their own imperfections, the pride of this particular face or facet of the religious demon is the denial of a sinful nature.  For built into the soul of such a one is a strength of will that hinders a captive so afflicted, to be able to submit to the will of God. Consequently, such captive find it extremely difficult to repent.”



“Faces of the Religious Demon”

 By Pam Sheppard
“The devil’s deception was broken in my life because I am quick to admit to error and I am not a people pleaser.”

Facebook is a place where everyone wants to teach and be heard and few want their followers to know that they don’t know very much.   Rebellion and belligerence is very apparent in their various posts which portrays a rebellious  spirit. Since rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, many Facebook teachers are in the hands of the enemy and God has turned some of  them over to strong delusion.

There are some teachers on fb that have actually put people in bondage with their teachings.  I won’t call any names but the truth is that their pride keeps them from being teachable. The enemy loves pride because deception is made easy when we think more highly of ourselves then we ought to think. I am not an advocate of the world’s self-esteem teaching that has been adopted by the religious world.  Self esteem as defined by the world is when the world has high regards for you.  You are accepted, found to be worthy and considered competent. In other words, worldly self-esteem is rooted in what others think of you. And for this reason, those who seek worldly favor will compromise to obtain and sustain the world’s approval.  Christians of this persuasion find that they are always trying to fit in and in so doing, they disobey the Lord’s will to please others.

I have purposed and established in my heart that my self-esteem is found in Jesus Christ.  The Lord is the only one I need to please because I love truth. When the motives of the heart are not pure, truth will be hidden.  To be pure is to be clear, articulate, unclouded understanding.  Not confused, covered up or clandestine. When something is not pure, it is defiled.  To defile is to contaminate or to pollute.  When the heart is not pure, then Satan’s job is easy because defilement has come from within US, usually because of pride. For pride begins with what we say in our hearts and what we believe in our minds. Jesus linked pride to adulteries, fornication, murders, thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lewdness, an evil eye, blasphemy and foolishness. (Mark 7:20-22) A proud mind is not pure because it thinks, feels and behaves in ways that suggest that we think too highly of ourselves.

Pride, self-esteem and vanity deny and conceal the truth. These 3 traits will pull you away from the Lord’s will by quenching and grieving the Holy Spirit and your spirit will become blocked from God’s revelation about what is to come.  Pride is also PHONY. Nothing real about it because it puts forth a facade or an act. Pride will cause you to deny your feelings, and pretend so much that you even fool yourself.  But the devil is not fooled. He knows when you are “fronted” before him in your effort to appear to be in control, putting forth that lie when you routinely boast that you are blessed by God. As you over compensate, pride will prevent you from admitting that you need help and therefore the enemy can use your pride to block you from crucial resources.

The proud religious person must ALWAYS appear to be knowledgeable and therefore he or she will never admit to not knowing or understanding a verse of scripture, because they are concerned that others will think them stupid and so they will even lie to cover up their ignorance or their weakness as they  hide the truth to protect their religious image. Such people are already in the hands of  a religious demon [The Faces of a Religious Demon]. Pride goeth before a fall!

A proud person is not wise either. They make stupid, even costly mistakes. As vanity is excessive pride, a vain person’s conceit will bring sure destruction for self-deception is an open doorway to failure.  Proud people :

  • are outraged when others they that they are superior to them
  • are defensive, always justifying themselves
  • are critical in their efforts to tear down others to build themselves up
  • will hunger for prestige by seeking praise and approval from others
  • adopt the ways of those they are trying to please.
  • make EVERYTHING personal.
  • will live in the past and hunger for “the good old days.”

To the proud I  declare that the world did not create you. The world did not redeem you. When you justify yourself before men, you establish them as your lord with authority and you enable the enemy to deceive you. Remember. God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.

If you are too proud to admit that you have been worshipping the fake Jesus, you are trapped in a pit of religion.  There is help available.  Come join our Facebook group. Either comment in this post or send a message to www.facebook.com/pamela.sheppard.911

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I chose this blog to cite because I whole-heartedly agree with what is written here.  Many are trapped in religion and religious ministry because of pride.  In my new eBook ‘The Makings of a False Prophet,’ I bring out these points in this article.  The Spirit of the Lord TRULY speaks through more than one vessel!  Pam and I did not know one another when she wrote this piece, neither had I read it before or during writing my book!

What Is the Spirit of Jezebel?

What is the Spirit of Jezebel?

It should not surprise you the irony of where the teaching that there is an evil spirit  called Jezebel came from. It came from a Catholic nun by the name of Sister Nadine.  Five years ago, while writing the book “the Fake Jesus: Fallen Angels Among Us,”  I wrote this:

It seems irreconcilable in this instance that the religious demon would work against itself by revealing truth through someone who is herself deceived by the Jezebel spirit within the Catholic church’s adoration and deification of Mary, the mother of Jesus.  Proceeding with caution in referencing Sister Nadine, I remind myself that very often, a religious demon will release a particular truth through a human vessel because Satan is seeking to draw his prey into a deeper trap.”

At the time, I didn’t know how correct I was.  As it turned out, leaders of deliverance ministry grabbed a tight grip on the Jezebel spirit teaching and propelled yet another false doctrine—that there is a demon called “Jezebel.” As a result, I am constantly getting calls from professing Christian husbands who seek my counsel for a wife that they have “diagnosed” as a Jezebelian.

The truth is Sister Nadine’s teaching is that there is a mental health  disorder known as narcissistic personality.  She then described this personality type from the Christian perspective of evil.  As she wrote, “Religion is where ‘evil’ has most often been described and discussed, and its books mention it often as the end result of un-repented sins. In her description of the mission and purpose of the Jezebelian personality type, Sister Nadine identified 5 elements:

1) to masquerade as a protection, 2)to kill the prophets 3) to emasculate all men. 4) to curse others and 5) to appear to desire to destroy evil.

Deliverance ministry leaders took what Sister Nadine discovered concerning a personality type and created a hot deliverance topic–the Jezebel Spirit as a demon to be cast out of people, mostly women!.

Commonsense should have prevailed.  No where in the bible do we see Jesus or any of His disciples casting out “personality types.”  A personality is a work of the flesh, not a demon. Any workers who try to cast out the Jezebel spirit from anyone —is doing something quite foolish.

No such demon exists. The demons  will laugh at you and have some fun!

So who could  Jesus have been  referring to as “Jezebel” in His letter to the church at Thyatira???.  The most logical way to respond to that is to not focus on Jezebel but upon the church at Thyatira.  Who is SHE?  A review of history reveals to me that Thyatira is the church age of Catholicism.  Who is the predominant female in Catholicism?  Mary. Not the true mother of God, but a demon who masquerades as the Lord’s mother.

In the occult world, there is an ascended master called “Mother Mary.” I wrote about her in the books “the Fake Jesus: Fallen Angels Among Us.”   and also in “the New Idolatry.”  Ascended masters are fallen angels who lie and say that they are the reincarnation of this one and that one, usually a famous person.  Fallen angels  have never been incarnate in flesh.

The bible suggests to us in more than one place that fallen angels are all male.

Mother Mary is a fallen angel, not the Mary of the Bible.  I call Mother Mary  a male angel in drag.  Perhaps that is the reason for so much perversion among Catholic priests and why so many Catholic men are involved in perverse porn. A male fallen angel has infiltrated the Catholic church and when “he” appears in an apparition, he has transformed himself into a feminine image.

What I have discovered is that the enemy is the author of deliverance ministry so that he can divert sincere deliverance workers who are bold enough to face demons in the name of Jesus  with ineffective  sheer nonsense of his own choosing.

You cannot cast out a fallen angel. I believe that Jesus was speaking to the fallen angel who masquerades in the Catholic Church as His mother Mary, and He insulted and threatened  this entity by calling her “Jezebel.”

If you have been subjected to “bad deliverance ministry” and you need deliverance from deliverance, help is available at 518-477-5759

For more information on the Spirit of Jezebel and how she operates in professing Christians, you can read more about this subject in “Faces of the Religious Demon.” To know more about Mother Mary as an ascended Master, you need “The Fake Jesus: Fallen Angels Among Us.


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