The Religious Demon Calls Ministers

When I was in ministry in an African-American denomination from 1981-2004, I knew at least 200 ministers personally.  Since 2002 I have been ministering online. In this regard,   I have not kept count of the amount of professing Christians that the enemy has called into ministry. I suspect that the number is astoundingly high.

I too was called by the enemy and though I was born again, the Lord allowed  me to be deceived because there was much I needed to learn in the enemy’s camp.

What the enemy does is call you into ministry and then attack you from every side.  His strategy is to cause you to believe that the reason you are under attack is because you have a ministry that is extremely important to the Lord.  So those who are faithful will hold on tighter to what the enemy has called them to.  The excuses that we make to explain why we find ourselves under demonic attack are based on a faulty assumption. My meaning is better explained by illustration.

I founded a church with a name that I discovered more than a decade later, was given to me by a religious demon. My kind of vanity was that I “assumed” that because the Denomination I was ordained in was defiled, that my ministry was clean.

You need to know that just because your opposition may be wrong,  doesn’t make YOU RIGHT!!!

I was unaware of this truth, so I “assumed” that the church that I founded was superior to any of the churches in the Denomination. So when my church and I came under a persistent attack from all sides, I assumed, “we must be doing great things and the devil is angry.” So the attack caused someone with a personality type like mine to brace myself and hold on to my church and ministry with an even stronger grip. Little did I know that “this was the motive for the attack–that I would hold on to what God wanted me to let go of, as long as I assumed that I was doing God a service.

 Usually when demons bombard you with frequent attacks, they are already in control. They simply want you to assume that you have a fighting chance.

According to Jessie Penn Lewis, “They attack a person because they are in possession, but make him think and believe it to be an indirect attack, ie. through another person. The blame is placed on the man himself or someone else, or on anything but the true cause, so that the intruder may not be discovered and expelled. It is therefore important that all ‘excuses’ should be examined, i.e., the ‘reasons’ for such and such an unexplainable manifestation. Here the words of Jessie-Penn Lewis, the woman of God of the 19th, the 20th and the 21 centuries: The causes should always be gone into, for by believing a wrong interpretation of the manifestation, more ground is given to the lying spirits. The believer may be refusing ground on the one hand, and giving new ground on the other, unless he examines all the suggestions which come to his mind concerning his condition.” (War on the Saints, pg. 176) This is what the enemy is looking for when he takes advantage of the assumptions we make. He is looking for “new ground” to continue to deceive and control us.

 Anyone who has a ministry should not assume that it was God who gave it to you. To press on in Christ, you MUST resist pride to receive His grace.  In this instance, grace is having your spiritual blindness removed and having the Holy Ghost reveal the true hope of His calling.

 So go back to what was going on in your life when you assumed that God called you into ministry.  Be ready to open your eyes and face spiritual pride.

. In “Come Out of Her, God’s People,” I share my personal testimony of how I overcame a “religious set-up” and all of the various deceptions and obstacles the enemy put in my way to keep me from my true ministry , which is that of an end time prophet, like  John the Baptist.

 Since I have “been there and done that,” it is easy for me to recognize those who are themselves possessed by a ministry that they assume God gave to them. I can recognize an obsessed worker, one who is consumed with either revival, deliverance, setting captives free, healing, even saving souls, which no one does but God.

 Those who are obsessed by “their” ministries are blind to their condition. Certainly, helping others, giving of your time, teaching and preaching, and un-deceiving the deceived are all rightful things. Nevertheless, very often, the enemy uses ministry as a distraction to the worker’s own need of deliverance from the enemy’s deception. If you put yourself into the hands of workers like these, you will be subject to both their confusion and their contradictions. Such workers will seem strong, yet they are weak, loving but they are really stoical and distant. Why? Because they are un-trusting and afraid of every dark shadow.

The Lord’s yoke is easy and His burden is light. Anytime you assume that God can’t do His work without YOU, you are in the devil’s hands.

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Fetishes and Christian Magic

Fetishes and Christian Magic: An Excerpt From the New Idolatry
Taken from Chapter 2

Within the history of religion in general, fetishism is a form of magic,wherein an artificial object is revered and regarded as powerful enough to ensure protection. Likewise an amulet is a power-charged fetish for protection against magic and demons.[13] Those who revere and depend on fetishes and amulets are in danger of transgressing the second commandment, namely, not to make any graven images.

Even a cross suspended from a necklace has a magical meaning. Written in 1972, the passing of three decades reveals that the problem has progressively worsened:

“Many a Christian worker thinks so. It is evident here that Christianity has become infected with magic influences. According to the New Testament this intrusion of magic elements turns the Christian faith into a matter of materialism and idolatry. Pastoral experience shows in many cases how this superstition captivates men and subjects them to magical influences. It is not seldom that houses protected by fire charms and other fetishes and amulets become haunted. [14]

Prayer and Charismatic Witchcraft

Even prayer can be dangerous because it descends into charismatic witchcraft when the one who prays seeks to control the lives of others. Soulish prayers of this kind energizes psychic power by projecting one’s thought on to the persons that they are praying for, by saying that such and such a person ‘shall’ do this or that. Such prayers make demands upon God to “make something happen. According to Jessie Penn Lewis,

“Every prayer should be directed Godward, and should never be a telling the Lord what to do for somebody else. We may pray that God will direct them what to do, but we ought not to say that they ‘must’ do what WE THINK is God’s will they should do, or even that they ‘shall not’ do what we know is wrong.”[15]

I observed in a video clip a vivid depiction of a charismatic witchcraft prayer offered by well-known evangelist and associate of charismatic mega prophetess Juanita Bynum, Rev. Cindy Trimm. Before a congregation of at least a few thousand, Trimm walked up and down the platform, supposedly praying, bellowing loudly: “I decree this and I proclaim that.” With this esoteric, occultic prayer, rather than God the Father of the trinity, she really was addressing fallen angels.

Ashtar: This photo is one of many images of him.

Once Trimm loudly proclaimed, “ Father, I decree that the spirit of the Ashtar shall fall upon all the people, from one end of the congregation to another, the people fell slain in the spirit in what looked like ocean waves. Ashtar is one of the gods who calls himself an ascended master who channels message through New Age mediums. Ashtar claims to be the military general of the fallen angel known as Jesus Sananda Emmanuel, the one I call “the Fake Jesus.” In fact, when Charismatics praise and give thanks to Jesus, Sananda is the one who receives the worship and the adoration because the fake Jesus is the invisible god behind the practice of charismatic witchcraft.