Fallen Angel Appearances Over a 40 Year Span

Shortly after I produced the above video a week ago, I shared on Facebook a photo taken in the same week —a photo of a spirit  that appeared at a séance in the summer of 1974. Take a close look at the picture below.  Standing behind the child is the very same face of the spirit that appeared in the form of a cloud at the séance that very week.  It looks like it is holding a spear in its hand that appears behind me. The difference is that in the séance, the entity was full faced where in the photo, its head is slightly turned in a 3/4 pose.  In the séance, I saw a hairline, sideburns, a chin beard and it looked like it was wearing an Ascot.  In the picture, it seems like the entity’s head seems more skull-like.  Almost looks like it could be wearing a helmet.

The significance of the timing of this share is that almost 40 years have passed, and because of the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, this spirit enemy has been not able to triumph over either me or my daughter.

That same entity’s head appeared once again on a photo of me.  It was 7 years later, October 25, 1981.  I had just preached my trial sermon in a denomination that  eventually ordained me. In this picture, the head looks like a gargoyle and its left eyebrow is touching my left hand—-my healing hand.

Some people have difficulty seeing the gargoyle.  Here is the enlarged version. 

Last week, yet another head appeared in the background of a video, without my knowing it.  I have been doing a video series on the connection between the occult and the signs and wonders ministries of the charismatic movement when yet another head appeared.  It is “different” from the others.  It looks more refined, more human.  It is encased in a rainbow–a very high leveled entity.  Is it God’s angel or the enemy’s.  I don’t know.

 Here is the video clip.

My  professing Christian critics will definitely use the contents of this blogpost to accuse me of still being an occultist witch who is trying to discredit  the Institutional Church and its practices.  They are of no consequence to the Lord  for they cannot stop me from revealing the transparent truth to those whose spiritual eyes the Lord has already opened.  Perhaps the Holy Ghost will use this post to open up even more  blind eyes.

Here is my point. 

This is not just about me and mine.  If you are a true Christian, every last one of you has been assigned a religious demon to deceive and derail you.  I am still alive, well, and no weapon that has been formed against me will ever prosper. So if you need my help, call me at 518-477-5759.


A Spirit Shows Up in My Video On 6/11/12

I have seen fallen angels and demons on photographs at least 10 times or more. Never have I seen one of God’s angels so I don’t know what they look like.  However, others have seen an angel covering me while I preached.  I have been told that if I stepped left, he stepped left.  If I stepped right, he stepped right.  Once when a drunk tried to attack me, he threw a punch that landed about 1/2 an inch from my body.  He fell to the floor, wailing and screaming. Once sober and in his right mind, the man said “you got a powerful spirit with you.  My demons told me to beat you down.  But when I tried, I  hit something like plexiglass.  I could not break thrrough it to strike your body.”

The being that I see behind me on this vid looks quite human in his face.  I see no horns and he is covered by a rainbow.  Could this be an angel sent from God?  Perhaps.

Above in the header is a close up picture of the one below.  It was  taken of me 3 decades ago- after I had preached my trial sermon and was licensed to preach.  It was October 25, 1981.  On my left hand side  in front of a brown wood-paneled wall, is the huge head of a gargoyle.  Turned toward me in a 3/4 profile pose, his green eyebrow is touching my left hand—-my healing hand. That touch gave me occult healing powers which I was deceived for 25 years to believe was God’s power. Once it was revealed that my healing powers were occult, I will not lay these hands on anyone.  If it is the devil’s power, I dont want it!!!!

One thing is for sure.  All this  particular gargoyle l has been able to do in over 30 years is deceive me.  Perhaps it is my protective angel who has kept me safe from the evil one.  Is that him appearing just above my head in this video?  Could be!

  One thing is for sure.

 Any angel that has a rainbow surrounding his head is quite important indeed. There was no rain and I don’t live by a body of water.