Preparing for the Lord’s Return

Those who are called to salvation and live in the end of the age just before the return of Christ will be able to recognize the times in which they are living. If one is able to recognize the prophetic meaning of the events recorded in books like Daniel and Revelation, one should be able to recognize these events unfolding, the enemy operating behind these events, and is not deceived into continuing to make the mistake of worshiping and serving a false god like in the churches and in the occult. Being able to recognize these things should also give one a measure of assurance and peace of mind as to the final outcome of the terrifying times spoken of in these prophecies.

For those of you who are the elect of God, you will clearly understand this one word that is a weapon that the enemy currently uses: DECEPTION.

The true elect of God will recognize this and bear witness with us. If you are of the elect, you will notice the deception that exists within the churches. You will clearly see the forms of Godliness that outright deny the power of Jesus Christ, through false religious practices including, but not limited to: praying Jesus into your heart, intercessory prayer, speaking in tongues, promoting of the “I accept Jesus” doctrine, the laying on of hands, and so forth…MANY will automatically OUTRIGHT DENY this, and will accuse people like us of being “false prophets” because they are so bound by their religious ways that they cannot see past it due to being deceived by the enemy. I would surmise it to say that ALL churches that are part of the organized church system (all denominations, including non-denominational groups) are run by THE DEVIL. Yes, people may have good intentions and may mean well, but they are DECEIVED by the devil and his agents. It is FALSE. It is COUNTERFEIT. It is but a copy of the real thing. People think God is in their church when he is NOT. Demons are in charge of these churches. People are worshipping the devil and his demons, thinking they are serving God. Why? Because they do not know the truth, and are blinded by their religion. If you are seeing this, YOU may be one of God’s elect. Once again, God’s TRUE elect will bear witness to what we are saying here. If you recognize that there is a difference between TRUE CHRISTIANITY AND THE RELIGION THAT EXISTS IN THE CHURCHES OF TODAY, then you may in the right place.

The true elect of God will also recognize the enemy operating in occult practices like yoga, meditation, the celebration of Halloween, the belief in New Age forms of thought, psychic phenomena, fortune telling, necromancy (trying to communicate with deceased loved ones), automatic writing, and the like. In this current day and age, occult practices seem to be hidden in just about everything, so you have to DO YOUR RESEARCH about these practices. Do YOU notice the occult trying to use deception to influence our society today?

In addition, the TRUE elect of God will notice some parallels with the current election and the events that play out in the books of prophecy, like Daniel, Isaiah, and Revelation. We believe that this is the time that the Antichrist will appear and eventually make himself known…a POLITICAL FIGURE WHO USES RELIGION TO DECEIVE, CONTROL, AND BRING A FALSE SENSE OF PEACE TO MANY.

How about YOU? Do you sense the Lord’s return? Do you notice FALSE DOCTRINES being practiced in the churches? Do you notice people carelessly engaging in occult practices like yoga and meditation, thinking they are harmless and simply promote “good health”? Do you see the enemy operating within religion and politics? As this new election has come to pass, you probably have begun to notice some endtime signs that are difficult for you to ignore. It seems pretty OBVIOUS that we are now in the time of Tribulation. Could the organized church be Mystery Babylon?

If this article speaks to you, we can help you prepare for the Lord’s return. We are a group of Endtime ministers and watchmen, committed, ready, and willing to be there for you as the 2nd Coming of the Lord approaches.

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Beware, Endtime Teachers and Prophets

Absolutely, no one believer has ALL the truth. Yet even if there is one little error or lie in the light we have been given, then we are deceived.

The biblical warning rings true. Be not many masters for YOURS is the greater condemnation.

This warning is to me first and others later, as I too study and teach about endtimes. In fact, my bookthe New Idolatry” is about the last days. Yet my approach is somewhat “different” as I focus on uncovering Satan’s real endtime agenda. In that regard, I remain neutral on biblical symbols and timelines, particularly those that I do not yet understand. Nevertheless, when I look around at those who are teaching about endtimes in books and on the Internet, I see clearly how the religious demon that the bible calls “the spirit of the Anti-Christ” has taken advantage of and capitalized upon the misunderstandings of various self-proclaimed, renegade teachers’ misunderstandings or mis-interpretations of truth.

As one example of many, some teachers materialize what is meant to be spiritual, figurative or symbolic while spiritualizing what is meant to be material or actual. Take 666–the number of the beast. Some are teaching that there is an actual number that Satan’s people will equate to or be marked with 666. Well, if this be the case, I am already branded as one of my significant numbers has 3 6’s in it. Look around and you will find your own 666–your birthday, your credit card or social security number as an example. Others spiritualize this number with highly confusing and complicated meanings.

Does ANYBODY really know what the actual mark of the beast is?


Why not?

Because it is not time to know. When the hour comes upon us, all in the know “shall know” as it will be obvious and clear.

Premature interpretations that are emphatically presented as absolute truths yet the teaching is in error provide demonic doorways to seducing spirits to use us to teach doctrines of devils. Some are even hearing voices, dreaming endtime scenarios with timelines of the Lord’s return— messages they automatically assumed were the voice of God, when they actually heeded a message from a fallen angel. If you are hung-up on an enemy-sent error, your willful stubbornness and lack of flexibility provide opportunities to deceive to both fallen angels and religious demons. Here is the deal. Just because you come in contact with 2 or 3, even 3000 people who agree with your revelation of the bible’s endtime symbols or timelines does not mean that your interpretation is correct. For the devil knows how to send the same lie to 3 million people, much less 2 or 3. Consequently, those who study and teach others about the end of days need to be absolutely sure that their prophecies and predictions did not come from the enemy.Otherwise, enhance your vocabulary by using expressions like “it could be, maybe, I think so, and don’t be ashamed of “I don’t know.”

For whenever we say “thus saith the Lord,” we are held both accountable and responsible for the damage that we cause.

You know them by their fruit. If you became afraid even terrorized by a prophet or a teacher’s endtime word, then he or she did not receive it from the Lord. For Jesus said to His elect “Be not afraid.”


Having worked mostly in a secondary educational setting, I noticed a trend towards the younger generation that I had not noticed before.

The best way I can explain it is by example.  When working in one college institution, I worked in student outreach.  We were constantly trying to create new ways of recruiting new students to our campus.  The Director came up with a brilliant campaign to send text messages to to prospective students on campus events such as recruitment and retention drives, as well as other campus events meant to draw crowds.  We sent text messages in text lingo to 1000s of people, in opposed to sending email messages like we had done the previous semester:  recruitment increased by almost 50%!

And retention had increased by 30%.

What the outreach team had come to realize is that many people today have short attention spans, not to mention limited time.  Harried, busy schedules keep people from taking the time needed to read and research matters.  Now, people hire people to do what -40 years ago-we did on our own, i.e., clean our houses, drop off and pick up dry cleaning, carpool, babysit, etc.

I have personally worked for people who didn’t have time to read their own emails!

It is the way of the world as we know it today.  But is it a good thing?  A progressive thing?

There have been times when I missed an important email message-one I had been expecting-because I hadn’t taken the time to check my email.  I have even worked as a personal assistant where our main mode of communication was text.

Text messaging and email is not the point here.  It is why are we as a society SO BUSY, SO DISTRACTED, SO in A HURRY, that we cannot PAY ATTENTION to the things we NEED to pay attention to????

The Word of God says that we are to WATCH and to PRAY.  In other words, PAY ATTENTION!

I do believe it is a ploy and a trick of the enemy to get people TOO BUSY and TOO DISTRACTED so that they are not able to WATCH what needs to be watched.  And if we don’t watch what is needed to be watched, then we won’t know HOW TO PRAY!

My heart goes out to today’s teachers, for their job is truly a challenge.

They must get as much information into the kids as possible in a society that is too fast-paced, and too distracted, to sit down and have a good teaching session with them.  Nowadays, kids have Wii, Nintendo, PS3, and a host of other gidgets and gadgets that keep them overly occupied.  But this phenomena is not exclusive to kids…the kids learn this behavior from the parents.

Parents got their own gadgets, too. iPads, iPhones, laptops, PCs, Androids, and $500 cell phones are a household common commodities.

Instead of 10 TV channels on TV-like when I was a little girl-now there are over 500.  Access to all kinds of information (Distractions) are at the fingertips of most of the population.

And while we are distracted with our gidgets, our gadgets, our entertainment, our social lives, our religions and church services, our careers and education, our relationships/marriages, the enemy is behind the scenes, counting on the masses to stay ignorant of his devices.

And while we are all distracted-even with religion-the enemy will have ‘the attention’ of the masses…and they will do whatever he commands…thinking it is God!

ONLY those who PAY ATTENTION…who WATCH and PRAY…will not fall for the tricks of the enemy in this hour.

Clean Water in a Natural Disaster

It’s a possibility that in the times that we live in any disaster can happen so it is good to know how to prepare in case of emergencies.   Here is a way to purify water using nothing more than Clorox bleach and a clean container. This will make water drinkable and also batheable and it costs pennies compared to the filtration systems out there. It is the most reliable way of sanitizing your dishes and get drinking water at the same time.  Without water or electricity, it will be difficult to sanitize anything. This is why Clorox is a great alternative. Below are the tables and how much Clorox to use.


       *Ratio of Clorox Bleach to Water for Purification

  • 2 drops of Regular Clorox Bleach per quart of water
  • 8 drops of Regular Clorox Bleach per gallon of water
  • 1/2 teaspoon Regular Clorox Bleach per five gallons of water
  • If water is cloudy, double the recommended dosages of Clorox Bleach.

Let water stand until particles settle. Pour the clear water into an uncontaminated container and add Regular Clorox Bleach per the chart.* Mix well. Wait 30 min. Water should have a slight bleach odor. If

The stylized Clorox logo used on Clorox bleach...
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not, repeat dose.  Wait 15 min. Sniff again. Keep an eyedropper  taped to your emergency bottle of Clorox Bleach, since purifying small amounts of water requires only a few drops.

Mix 1 tablespoon Regular Clorox Bleach with one gallon of water. Always wash and rinse items first, then let each item soak in Clorox Bleach Sanitizing Solution for 2 minutes. Drain and air dry. Make sure you sanitize any containers you are going to use for storing water in. 

Clorox says “think of it like this, 1 bottle of Clorox is like 3,800 gallons of drinking water.”

Who wouldn’t want have that piece of mind in hard times? I know that if my body could only exist 3 days without water, I would want to know where my next drink would be coming from. Anyone who has been without water for any length of time knows to go thirsty is “painful.”  I would not want to watch my children suffer either. 

Stocking up on Clorox is an inexpensive way of insuring that you will have the water you need when you need it the most.


This is the first post in a series that relates to natural survival once we go through the tribulation.  What  will we do  in endtimes when there  is no place to buy and sell and martial law takes over because of what is going to take place?  I know that the Lord would have us not to live in fear. His plan is that we survive and overcome as we  thrive in the midst of all of the tribulation is what will separate us from those who didn’t prepare. Yes, God is for us, but again, He would like us to lift our arm and prepare so that maybe we can share what we have with those who didn’t prepare, thus showing the love of Christ to a lost and dying world.

The first link I am going to give you is for food. We need to have a variety of foods: canned, frozen while we still have electricity, and foods with a long shelf life that all you need to do is add water.  How to deal with contaminated water is yet another post that will be forthcoming.  I’ve done lots of research on various varieties and brands of food, and the best food I have found so far is available through the link I’ve provided below.  This food is prepared to be all natural and they are willing to send 12 free meals. All you need to do is take the tour and sign up for your free meals!  If  you decide you like them, you can sign up for auto ship.

I signed up for auto ship and I  entered the program to  receive 76 meals every month. All you need to prepare them is hot  water. If you click the link below and take the 10 minute tour, the company will send you 12 free meals as a sample.  It’s that simple. I’ve received MY sample and you need to know that the food is really good.                                                                                                                 

In an upcoming  post, I will present ideas for  cooking foods without electricity.