The Late Eddie Long: His Face of Pride

king eddie

In order for truth to set us free, we are going to be challenged in all ways, spirit, soul, body, and mind. Challenges emerge from  people, places, and things, attitudes, and beliefs. The  main challenge  is linked to our assumptions.” Many of us don’t realize it but we assume God is not in control, and that we need to help Him out with everything. Part of walking in the spirit is to walk by faith knowing that God is ordering our steps. If you’ve had a false conversion and you know it, that was God. God has ordered your steps to know it. The word of God says that God’s people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge. Yet God resists  the proud. So receive your grace  by your humility.

Pride manifested in Eddie Long’s assumptions in the following ways:

  1.  He did not try the spirits to see if they be of God.  He simply assumed that if God had blessed him to be a mega preacher, that God was granting him mercy and grace where HIS SINS WERE CONCERNED BECAUSE HE WAS “SPECIAL.”
  2. Long assumed   that his special status granted him the right to keep his personal life a secret from his congregation, which goes well beyond the borders of New Life, since he was a TV preacher for years, affecting and influencing untold millions within the larger public domain.
  3. Long assumed that he could be healed by simply declaring it without manifesting sincere repentance through humility.It is important to recognize your particular own  face or style of pride because not only does pride go before a fall, but Also because God resists the proud.  What this means is that when pride causes you to fall, God won’t lend a hand to pick you up.As many faces as the religious demon has, pride has even more faces. For every human being there is a different style of pride. In fact, pride has a quality about it where it feels like it’s rising. You can actually feel it in your body, almost like temperature rising. It rises. Just as anger will rise and you can feel it mounting up in you, pride can do the same thing.

    Here are some styles and faces of pride. 

     1. pride is outraged when other people think that they are superior to you. black people experience a lot of this. You know, when another race has for centuries felt that it was superior to you and your race. We even had a movement which we called Black Pride. Yes, pride will rise, even on a religious angle. When another religious group thinks that they got all the answers, and that they are superior to you, pride will rise.

    2.  pride also causes the proud person to defend and justify himself. In other words, a proud person can never be wrong. And a proud person may not even be wrong, but if anybody may think that that person is wrong, then the pride rises. And you get people that just beat a dead horse, they just can’t stop defending themselves. “Well I really thought I should do this, but I really planned to do this, and I said I was gonna do this but I did that,” and they just keep going on and on, defending something that is ­ turning something into a mountain that really is nothing but a molehill.

    3. Religious pride will keep people in the institutional church even though God may be suggesting to them it’s time to go. “No, I can’t leave here, because then what will all of my history with this group look like?” Pride is often about appearances, what do other people think about me and what I’ve done and what I’m doing. So pride has this need to justify itself.

    4.  Pride will also cause us to tear down others.  we’ve got to tear down somebody else in order to build ourselves up. Oh my, my And those who are people pleasers, pride is a key element in that particular situation. Because it causes a people pleaser to hunger after the prestige and praise and approval of others, and you see a lot of that in the institutional church. Oh, that stuff used to get Pam so sick. Different ones would get praise over and over and over again. And then there were those, you know the bishops and whatnot, when they entered into the assembly everybody had to stand for them, and could not sit down until they took their hand and said, you know, “Sit down, sit down now.”

     5. pride is also very deceptive. Because what it does, it misrepresents our thoughts and feelings in order to put forth a facade. A facade is a face of phoniness, an act, and like we black folk say, a front. You be frontin.  Pride will cause you to front. Pride is also easily hurt and injured, because it’s so insecure.

    6.Pride will block us from experiencing genuine feelings of love and commitment. In fact, pride will cause us to deny our feelings. This used to be my  level of pride. Since I was rejected so much in my life, and especially in the institutional church and in the world, then my front was this: “I don’t care nothing about what y’all say or what y’all think. I’m gonna do what I’m gonna do and I’ll be ready to throw up my middle finger in your face in a NY minute! LOL pride is a cover up.

    You know you’re hurting, you know your feelings are hurt, but rather than let somebody know that your feelings are hurt, you front, and you pretend. You know, like we used to do, like black folk used to do when you played the dozens. Some of y’all may be too young for that, but we used to play the dozens, and that’s where we’d all get around in a circle and start putting each other down, and putting their families down, “Your momma is so fat, and this one is so this, and you’re so ugly, and so on,” and go on like that. And what you had to do was show that you weren’t gonna let somebody who was putting you and your family and everything about you down, that they bothered you so you had to front.

    And if you ever broke loose and showed how upset you were, how upset you really was, then you lost the dozens, you wasn’t cool, you wasn’t hip, you allowed your emotions to take you over.
    To fight pride these days, I will do exactly what Jesus said. I go to the person and say, “Look. Did you mean this, this, that, or that, because quite frankly, you hurt my feelings. And I need to understand what you were doing and why you were doing it. Because, that bothered me.”

    7. Pride can also bring you into danger. It will definitely bring you into danger when you allow your pride to build up your anger, or you allow your anger to build up your pride, and the next thing you know, you’re jumping up in somebody’s face wanting to fight. You can’t take an insult, you can’t take a slight, you’re always offended, and the next thing you know, somebody’s gonna shoot you down because they’re afraid of you. You know, your pride has caused you to bring fear in them, and your pride can get you killed y’all. God hates pride. And He resists the proud. So if you want the grace, you’ve gotta learn how to resist the pride, honey.

     8. We have  got to be honest about our  feelings if we are going to fight pride.
    Yes. Pride will also cause us to overcompensate and to be over­confident
    . And I can hear them “I’m blessed” folk with that. “Oh I’m so blessed, I’m blessed, I’m with God, I’m so blessed.” And you know you are lying! You kno your marriage is going down the tubes, your kids are cutting up bad, sinning like God knows what, but IC folk are out there boasting  “I’m blessed, and I’m prospering, and I’m this, and I’m tithing, and I’m doing that, blah, blah, blah,” and it’s all a sham.

    9.  And pride will prevent you from admitting the truth, which is that you need help. So that when people come and extend a helping hand to you, your pride will cause you to turn them down.

    What does YOUR face of pride look like?


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Spiritual Chitlins…

We are about half way through Black History Month.  We have celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday (most of us). And in light of that, I want to ask you all-blacks and whites alike-a question.


No, not from racism.  Anyone with two eyes and two ears can honestly see that we still have a long way to go before racism is totally eradicated in this country.

No, what I want to know is are you free….FROM RELIGION????

During slavery, the slaves had a very poor diet.  According to several writings from actual slaves, a slaves’ diet included molasses, chitlins, hamhocks, corn meal, Indian corn, black-eyed peas, very little vegetables or fish, and some birds.  Whatever their masters in the plantation did not want or threw away, THAT is what the slaves consumed…them and their children.

I got this analogy of the church being likened to a plantation during slavery from my friends over at the Church Folk Revolution (thanks, btw!).

As I sat and pondered on this for a while, the similarities between the institutionalized church and the plantations where slaves were oppressed became more obvious to me.

Just like the slaves on those plantations starved and were overworked, oppressed,  and poorly fed, so are congregants who go to these churches (sad to say, mostly the congregants who go to predominantly black congregations) not being properly nourished.  They are fed spiritual chitlins and hog, hammocks and throwaway scraps.

A bunch of recycled messages/scraps from the tables of famous preachers.  Recycled over and over again.  That’s how religious clichés and old prophecies such as ‘this is your season’ or ‘we are in a shift’ become so popular….they are nothing more than spiritual chitlins.  (Now, I know there are some of you that love chitlins…but the fact is that chitlins is nothing more than hog guts.  Its waste.  Its disgusting and have absolutely NO nutritional value.)

Well, just like chitlins in the natural are stink, have no nutritional value…even though they are quite fulfilling and satisfying.

So are MOST of the teachings that go forth in the institutionalized church are nothing more than spiritual chitlins.  They STINK in the nostrils of GOD, they yield NO spiritual or eternal value…even though they do serve to appease the hearers…albeit temporarily.

Being from New Orleans, I have family and friends that LOVE chitlins.  So I can hear some of your responses to this post…”There’s nothing wrong with eating chitlins!  They are GOOD!”

Well, according to the NY Health Department, eating chitlins (which are nothing more than a pig’s small intestines!) can present dangers to one’s health.  There is a risk of contracting E. Coli, Salmonella, and what’s known as yersinia, a bacterial infection that causes diarrhea, fever, and severe abdominal cramps that feel like appendicitis.

Not to mention what the long-term effects are of such a diet. Chitlins are high in cholesterol, which can lead to high blood pressure and heart disease.

Just imagine:  slaves had no choice but to eat chitlins as long as they remained on the plantation, as long as they were slaves to ‘massa.’  They ate chitlins because that’s all they had to survive.  It was either eat chitlins or starve…

But people who are ‘slaves’ to the institutionalized church system-religious plantations, I call them-THEY have a CHOICE!

Your pastor/massa is serving you SPIRITUAL CHITLINS every week…and because it’s traditional, and it tastes good to you, you don’t see anything wrong with it!

Oh sure.  There is a stench in the air…some have gotten used to it, it’s been there so long.  Just like when you’re in the kitchen, preparing those vittles…after awhile, you don’t even smell the funk anymore…

There is that stench in the air…but it’s only noticeable to those who walk up in your building for the first time.  The funk hits them in the face as soon as they enter the doors of your church.  Its slaps them in the face!  And while they are holding their noses almost wanting to puke, fanning their faces, trying to figure out ‘What IS that smell?’ You are sitting there, waiting on your next serving of SPIRITUAL CHITLINS!

And then you get offended when those visitors don’t come back anymore!

We hear folks talk about nobody’s getting saved in church anymore, that saved folks are just migrating from church to church, house to house.  I have to agree with this: except what’s happening is that saints/slaves are starving.  They are tired of their steady diet of spiritual chitlins and hammocks, smothered in spiritual cornbread and molasses.

The chitlins have passed for the meat of the word, and the pastors/massas have made it palatable and tasty for you by including hefty side orders of spiritual cornbread and molasses, to sweeten it for you.  To make the so called ‘meat-of-the-word’ they are peddling go down easier.  Just like when mama used to make that corn bread with that red beans and rice…a lot of times, she wouldn’t even use rice.  She would just eat the beans with corn bread, in her own words, to make the beans go down easier!

Pastors/Massas for generations has gotten away with feeding the slaves, oops…excuse me, saints, chitlins, greens, red beans and corn bread.  And the saints saw nothing wrong with it for a long time.

But as more and more slaves/saints start getting spiritually sick from their steady diets of death and scraps, more and more of others slaves are taking a stand.  In their minds, their ‘stand’ is to go to another church.  It is a major accomplishment in the minds of those saints ‘who smell the funk’ in their old churches for them to pick up and move somewhere else.

But what they fail to realize is that THAT pastor/massa where they migrate to have the same funk on their plantation/in their church, too.  Some pastors/massa-when they find out that you were ‘Jakes’ or Longs’ ni_ _ _ _ , or belonged to another church but left the ‘wrong way,’ i.e. you didn’t get pastor/massa’s permission to leave or you didn’t get ‘released,’ then they tell you ‘You better go back where you came from!’

(How many of y’all remember Creflo telling Eddie Long’s congregants who went to his church after the scandal to go BACK to New Birth when the grits started hitting the fan?)

Creflo even called them NEGROES at about 1 minute and 40 seconds or so into this video!


The above video looks SO much like a scene out of the movie ROOTS when a slave ran away to another massa’s plantation who seemed to be nicer or kinder to the slaves.  And that massa would rebuke that slave for running away to his plantation-that slave might get a lashing or two before being returned to his original master.

It’s so time to WAKE UP!

If you go the institutionalized church, you are in SLAVERY!

And ALL the pastors/massas (YES, YOUR PASTOR, TOO!) work together to KEEP you that way!

What a sad state to be in, especially as so many celebrate Black History Month, claiming to be free.  Yet, in actuality, you are yet STILL SLAVES, feeding on SPIRITUAL CHITLINS!

If you want to get off the plantation once and for all, and get fed some spiritually sound and healthy food, start by clicking here.