The Charismatic and New Age Movement are Intertwined…

For years, we have heard about and been concerned about, what we have seen going on in the charismatic churches.  The Pentecostals/Protestants have pointed their fingers and said they went off the deep end.  When the Charismatic and even the non denominational churches ALL have their beginnings in the pentecostal movement.

Now there is someone who can share with you the very striking similarities between the charismatic movement and the new age movement.

Pamela Sheppard is a former atheist, who dabbled in the occult, 35 years a born again believer who pastored for 25 years before finally leaving the institutional church…per GOD’S command!

Out of this command, she has been led to start a fellowship, a mentoring program, where those who have, too, heeded the call to ‘come out of her’ and are seeking spiritual guidance, direction, edification, mentoring/counseling (If necessary), and fellowship.

It’s not just enough to come out of the institutional church.  After you come out, then what?

More than likely, you came out of the I.C. under some sort of dire circumstances.  Some trial or injustice was done to you or your loved ones.  Offense came.  For years-I daresay decades-people who have left the I.C. did so only to lack needed fellowship, continued teaching and spiritual mentoring.  They were shunned from those who continued to attend to the I.C.

They were left to heal of the wounds inflicted upon them in the I.C.  Some of them were healed.  Some were not.

Those who left-or those are leaving the I.C.-were left to their own recourses as to spiritual growth, healing and development…and NO form of fellowship.

It is important that those of us who have left the I.C. maintain spiritual health as well as develop some form of fellowship (of course, always on the Lord’s leading).

This is why Rescue Exodus Society has been formed!

If you are interested, call 518-477-5759 today!


Pentecostal Madness and Tongues

At 8 minutes 26-34 seconds  of this video clip, a featured  preacher asks a most important question.  He asks: ” Is it possible to be saved, sanctified, Holy Ghost filled and Fire baptized—AND  CRAZY?

The answer to that question is a simple  “no.”

The preacher held up a bottle of prozac, a prescription made out in his own name.  So the answer is simple.  This particular  preacher is not saved, sanctified, Holy Ghost filled and fire baptized.

Then there  is the illustrious founder and leader of the Full Gospel Baptist Church. Bishop Paul Morton gives a moving personal testimony that this great leader clearly does  not understand.  You see, the voice behind the curtain was NOT the Holy Ghost.  It was the religious demon assigned to Paul Morton with a scheme, a setup.

The purpose?  To convince this worldwide Pentecostal leader  and the millions who follow and listen to him  that praying in tongues is the answer to mental illness.  I KNOW that is not right.  Why? Because I have counseled too many mentally ill Pentecostals and Charismatics—ie crazy tongue talkers. Could it be that the tongues is the  real reason why they actually  lost their minds?  Isn’t tongues considered “mindless praying?”

Yet another good question.

 Morton thinks the Lord was teaching him something. That it was God that took him into a dark classroom.  That God sent him crazy “to teach him something.”

Bishop Morton further  suggests that like Jesus was led into the wilderness to do battle with the enemy, the Lord led him into “a dark place” and was the voice behind the curtain.

 Yet there is one main difference.  Jesus did not lose His mind and end up with a mental breakdown after fasting 40 days. For Morton to openly say  that this voice he heard  behind the curtain—this voice in a dark place— was the Holy Ghost telling Morton to “shut up,” is evidence that this leader of the Full Gospel Baptist is still quite vulnerable.  For since the enemy was able to deceive him the first time and send him crazy in the bargain, he will do so again.

So I join this video as I warn all Pentecostals and Charismatics.  Let’s face it head on.  Too many of you are losing your minds because you have passively accepted all supernatural experience as being “of the Lord,” without trying the spirits to see if they be of God.  This spiritual delusion has existed now for more than a century, as Satan and not God is the author and the finisher of your faith. As such,  Satan is the hidden god behind your altars and he is in control of your pulpits.  As he did to the Pentecostal leaders in this video, the religious demon assigned to you  has the same motive—to take your eyes off of Jesus Christ of Nazareth as tongues becomes your savior.  The enemy is in control of the mental state of your followers. Everyone of you is not crazy but that is the enemy’s goal.  I may offend you but someone has to sound the alarm to wake you up..

 You have been warned.

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