Down Low African American Preachers Are Hypocritical About Gay Marriage

I totally agree with this video that Pam Sheppard has recorded.  The fact of the matter is that there are MANY down low,  African American preachers in the pulpit who is slinging a lot of mud Obama’s way for his statement that he supports the right for gays to marry.

But their stance is totally hypocritical due to the fact that they themselves-married with kids-are secretly living double lifestyles.

In her book ‘Come Out Of Her God’s People, Pam shares her story of dealing with down low preachers while she was in the institutional church.

Here is an excerpt where Pamela shares a story about her first ‘pastor:’

“By the time I arrived at Harriet Tubman Denominational Church on September 3, 1979, Rev. Lester was seeking a grant to fund his community outreach program for prisoners and ex-offenders and he was in need of a grants writer.  Suddenly, I took center stage with Rev. Lester. I became a full time volunteer social worker, grants writer and all around assistant to the pastor. A kind of “girl Friday.” I quickly moved up in the church world as the pastor’s sidekick. For all my hard work, Rev, Lester promised me that if I obtained a grant for him, that he would pay me ten percent of the total appropriation as well as hire me as Program Director.

Shortly thereafter, I heard the undercurrent of rumors about Rev. Lester’s private life and homosexual persuasion but I refused to believe what I thought was gossip. I learned to love him so. He was my pastor. The precious messages He preached of grace and the goodness of the Lord Jesus Christ penetrated my soul each Sunday and I truly believed that this was an anointed man of God, holy of character and above reproach. Furthermore, this was a man who appeared selfless in his devotion to his church members. His ministry to the sick and the needy was exemplary. Without a car, this pastor walked to the hospitals and the nursing homes to visit the sick and shut-ins every day.

I became strongly committed to my pastor’s mission to minister to prisoners and I wholeheartedly used my skills to help bring his vision into fruition. First, I persuaded my landlord to rent two floors of the building where I myself lived to Rev. Lester for his ex-offender halfway house. Then I wrote a proposal that provided a small seed-money grant for the project.  Then Rev. Lester assured me that once the ex-offenders were housed in the program, that I would function as their live-in social work therapist and house manager with a full-time salary, commensurate with my skills.

Working so intimately on a project that was closest to Rev. Lester’s heart, it was inevitable that the essence of his true character would ultimately be uncovered. As time went on, I began to observe that Rev. Lester never preached about sin from the perspective of righteousness, fear of the Lord, and holiness. All he ever emphasized was God’s grace, mercy and forgiveness toward the sinner. Nor did he preach on the believer’s responsibility to not allow sin to have dominion in his or her life.

Although the members of this church were very demonstrative in their worship with shouts and cries of “praise the Lord,” in all of my years of ministry, I have not witnessed a more carnal or sinful congregation.  

Even worst, sexual sin was rampant among each age group.  For the first time, I experienced the fear of the Lord.

As time passed, the fear (of the Lord) passed, and I began to say to myself (as a babe in Christ) “why do I have to be so righteous?”  I thought that Jim Terry would become my boyfriend-the first ex-offender that entered our program, but I was wrong. I was too poor for him. On the other hand, Rev. Lester was prospering.  The church members had bought him a beautiful car for his anniversary so he was no longer walking.

I became poison to Jim Terry because he decided to become Rev. Lester’s lover and not mine. As I watched Jim Terry put the moves on the Reverend’s car and pocketbook, our sweet time together became a secret. In all of my romantic experience, this was a first for me. I had never had a man look me in my face and nonchalantly say that he was seeking a relationship with another man rather than with me because I had no money. The fact that the man he preferred was also my pastor was a serious spiritual blow. I had to swallow my pride and pretend that “all was still well.

I had put my heart and soul into the ex-offender project. Practically speaking, it was necessary that I remain quiet about the situation because I had already committed hours, days, weeks and months of my time to set up this project and I was awaiting my 10 percent of compensation. I also did not want my own professional reputation to be tarnished ….I was between a rock and a hard place.

Emotionally, I was in an uncomfortable position. As Jim Terry rose to prominence in the program and became staff, his hatred for me seemed to increase. My romantic interest in him died immediately upon learning not only that he was bi-sexual but also that he was a manipulative player whose only interest was money and drugs.  The affair between Rev. Lester and Jim Terry outraged the church.

Most of the members were not particularly concerned about their pastor being a homosexual. As long as Rev. Lester remained discrete and did not preach about sin from the pulpit, the congregation was satisfied.  For years, this was the unspoken agreement between them.

In return, Rev. Lester did not point out their sins nor preach about sin in the pulpit, and the members did not confront him about his sin.  However, in this particular instance, Rev. Lester had crossed their line. He made the mistake of allowing Jim Terry to continuously be seen behind the wheel of that beautiful car the church had recently purchased for their pastor. At night, the car was often observed parked in front of bars, drug houses and nightclubs. The members were outraged, to say the least. Therefore, the church leaders began to plan for Rev. Lester’s dismissal…”

Also, Pam discloses that the preacher who performed her wedding ceremony was also on the Down Low.

Pamela Sheppard was a pastor in the I.C. for over 25 years and she saw a lot of what went on behind the scenes in the lives of ministers and pastors.

‘Come Out of Her God’s People’ is not just an expose on the secret lifestyles of corrupted leadership.  In this compelling book, Sheppard serves a warning to the CALLED OUT ONES to come OUT of the institutional church.

She also teaches on spiritual and charismatic witchcraft, how to come out of the I.C., how to properly discern what is going on in the I.C., and other vital information for anyone who sees what’s really going on in the I.C. and wants to know what to do about it.

I highly recommend this book to every discerning person seeking answers and wisdom in these endtimes!


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Caesar, Politics and Gay Marriage

Have you ever wondered why you have to go to the government through local city halls to have a legitimate marriage?  I know of a situation where the pastor  deliberately neglected to sign and deliver the marriage license papers to City Hall, after solemnizing a $20,000 wedding in his church, where the bride (his daughter, by the way)  and the  groom repeated their vows, supposedly in the holy place called “church.”  It was not until the happy couple decided to seek a divorce that they found out that their “marriage” never occurred in the eyes of the law, in spite of the vows they made in church. Seems Daddy knew best.  However,  Daddy Pastor did not anticipate  yet another  problem. The children conceived of this church marriage without an official license  were illegitimate and had no legal rights.

 So is marriage a divine sacrament?  Not if the state is in control of it!!!

So then, what about God and gays?  The first sex act between a same-sex gender couple  broke the laws of God, similar to the sex act between heterosexuals, yet the bride wore white! Marriage is ruled by the state and not by the church ceremony. You have to go to the state to be married and to the state to get a divorce.  The church is “ceremonial” only.  Gays don’t need the church to be married.  Let them go to City Hall for both the license and the ceremony fo God has nothing to do with ANY of it.

So——- Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.  I agree with President Obama but not for the same reasons.  I agree with Rev. Jessie Jackson and some of the black clergy, but not nearly for the same reasons.  That’s the way of politics.  You can come to the same conclusions based upon opposite or non-related reasons.

 So be it.