By Pam Sheppard


Actually, it is my experience that it is the Holy Ghost who does the leading.

My personal testimony of how I came to leave  the church is in the first chapters of “Come Out of Her, God’s People”.(ebook and paperback I usually don’t promote this book because I have changed since I wrote it.  Most of my life I have been  open and transparent, caring less about what others had to say about me.    Lately,   I have become quite private and much more guarded.  I call it “increased wisdom.” LOL .  I personally feel today  that with my testimony in “Come Out of Her, God’s People,” ,  I shared way  too much about my intimate  life. A few ignorant, jealous , ineffectual swine have taken advantage of my openness and used information they read in the book  to  unsuccessfully attempt to slander me.  You just cant slander a person who is not bound by the world’s religious standards. Even so,  I am a lot more guarded than I used to be.   I  However, since individuals tell me how much my testimony helped them, I have left this book  on the market. cover_new_Come Out of Her

 In a nutshell,  it is my experience that the Holy Spirit will inform you when it is time for you to leave church.  In fact, if it were not for hearing from  Him, I suspect would still be there.  When the Holy Spirit led me out of church, I was pastoring a work that I had founded myself.  So it had never crossed my mind to completely leave the church. For a minister of the gospel to leave church  after 25 years of faithful service sounded like a preposterous idea to me–absolutely inconceivable.  I was settled and comfortable in the denomination, in spite of the fact that I had never really been embraced with open arms. I had the best of both worlds: spiritual covering from a well-respected denomination that  left me to my own devices. So I had almost complete independence to bring forth pentecostal, word of faith teachings in a denominational setting.

So what happened?  First of all, I had a dream. A very clear, significant dream where the Lord actually appeared and spoke to me. I never saw His face, only his feet and the back of His robe.   I wanted to believe it was the devil because I didn’t like what I heard and saw in the spirit.  I was called by name. the Spirit said “Pam, I cannot use you in this place. You are a light hidden under a bed.  You MUST leave.  But let them PUT you out!”

Put ME out?  This MUST be the devil, I thought to myself.  They can’t put me out.  I have been a faithful servant in this denomination for 25 years.!!!!

Well, I did not have long to wait. I was at the Y, doing my  afternoon lap swim  when my pregnant daughter came waddling in and screaming “they are after you, Ma! The denomination is investigating you.” I got out  of the pool, sat on its side and listened to my daughter’s emotional report.  She had run into the proverbial grapevine.  Yet this was not gossip.  It was true. The dream was confirmed in less than a week. The denomination was setting me up  to be PUT ME OUT. They targeted my website, fearful that I was exposing error among the mega preachers.  I was not running a smear campaign but where there was error, I was boldly calling names. The denomination feared that I would cause them to be sued.  Ironically, an enemy that I had mentored planted the seed of fear in the Bishop’s fear.  He never liked me in the first place, son he grabbed that seed and ran with it.

It took 9 months.  I had the dream in September 2003 and the denomination removed my name from its rolls in June 2004.It was June 25th, 2004. I had a dream that morning. I saw my head under the chopping block. I was beheaded. With that dream, it came to me that I have the same ministry as John the Baptist: Preach repentance and prepare the way for the Lord’s SECOND coming.

Anyway, I still had my church that I had founded.  Because they had not embraced my church, the denomination  had no authority or power to close it.  So I continued leading my church, expecting the Lord to send me to another church affiliation. Various sects and word of faith churches made some offers. However,  it was quite clear to me that all they wanted was my money and my attendance at their various meetings and conferences to obtain MORE money through conference fees and donations taxed my church.  We were small and poor. I could not rob my own congregation to send their  hard-earned dollars to an aloof, uncaring mega preacher, just to pay to sit on the front row of some conference.

So I waited 3 years. This time my sign  was more powerful than a dream.  I was wide awake.  I heard a voice in my head ask me this question, “Pam. would you put curtains up at the windows of a condemned building?”  I looked around to see if someone was there,  but I was alone.  I answered in my head “no.’  The voice continued.He talked for what seemed a long time.  Then He said “Pam. You are planning to travel around the world to conduct deliverance training seminars in any church that will open its doors to you.” I answered, “Yes.!”  By that time, I had been to a church in Lawrenceville Ga and one in Bermuda.

The voice then said “Well. Pam. conducting seminars in any church is like putting up curtains at the windows of a condemned building, I have already judged HER.”

Now I did not want to believe that my 25 years in ministry was full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.  So I tried the spirits for one year.  Out of it came the book called “The Fake Jesus: Fallen Angels Among Us.  Even more books followed.  One conversation with the Spirit of God led to a total of four more books, well over 1000 pages!!!

I gladly put 25 years of religious acts without power behind me— starting with closing the 12-year-old church that I founded.  I simply put my religious past and all its fake fruit behind me,  moved forward, baggage free– following the leading of the Holy Ghost.  My life now is filled with peace, real power  and wondrous anticipation.

If the Lord is leading you out and you want to talk about it, give us a call at RESCUE FELLOWSHIP. 518-477-5759 or send an email to For more info, visit

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7 thoughts on “LEAVE THE CHURCH?

  1. yes i also left the church back 1982 and i tried going back back in 1982 or 1983 and it was never the same. I still struggle with a certain area in my life but i felt if i would have stay in church i would have died in my sins. Now i am doing research on the modern translations of the bible and what i have finding is whole verses omitted or completely change.

  2. I read your message with great interest. I left the Baptist church because
    the church was teaching legalism and tithing which was teaching heresy,
    so I approached the preacher to discuss this false doctrine and also the deacons and the youth pastor. They all denied me the discussion and so I left the church in discuss.

  3. I have not “left the church” because the church is the actual body of Christ. Not a building, denomination, or pastor. God has me meet his church now at his choosing in different places. He recently introduced me to a woman because her car wouldn’t start. She is now my friend and sister in Christ. (My daughter was sexually abused by our home church sunday school leader several years ago. Nothing came out in the investigation and the main pastor didn’t believe my five year old girl. I was so hurt that it led me to various false prophets including the potters house of denver. Literally, demonic spirits were trying to take us out. Someone put a bewitched spell on me. God told me to escape. It was horrible. These spirits put witchcraft all around me at my job as well.) I am so grateful that Jesus loves me and has never forsaken me. I no longer put my trust in man but put my trust in my Heavenly Father. I also put my armor of God on faithfully everyday whereas before it didn’t seem important, it is now a necessity.

    1. Love your comment ChildofGod. God bless your family. My family has left the church also. My children were abused in the church school. There seems to be a lot of abuse cases in churches everywhere. We moved away. I have been delivered from my demons and Jesus talks to me everyday. He told me that the churches will close and people will meet in their homes like in Act. He is purifying his church for the last days.

      I am so glad Jesus loves us. Being a member of a church felt like bondage. I am his and he is in me. The real church is the body of Christ.

  4. I have left my Church after one year having experienced demonic manifestations in the church more than once. With Prayer I hung around until I had confirmation of what I had saw. The Pastor needs serious deliverance. Funny I found this web site.

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