E-Book 1 Get Ready, Be Read, Stay Ready

Ebook 2 Wisdom In Endtimes

Ebook 3 Spiritual Discernment in Endtimes


2 thoughts on “FREE EBOOKS

  1. I am SO glad that I found this site… You are definitely ‘speaking my language’… There are too many pastors ‘tickling the ears’ … preaching ‘prosperity gospel’ and not preaching the TRUTH… They rarely speak of ‘Hell’ much less attempt teaching from “Revelations”… I truly believe they will have much to answer for, for not preparing their congregation. I look forward to reading all of your articles. I have been feeling guilty for not attending a ‘church’… but not anymore ! The church has failed me and my family in a ‘horrific’ manner, which I won’t go into… but if the church isn’t there to HELP people in ‘pain’ and ‘need’ of spiritual help & guidance, WHAT do they think they are there for !? What Ive read on here so for is the TRUTH and really spoke to me ! God Bless You in your ministry !

    P. Price, TX

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