Why do People Sexually Abuse Children? By Minister Marlene

 By Minister Marlene
Do you wonder why people sexually use or abuse children? When we hear horror stories about sexual abuse inflicted on children, a common response may be to say: how could they? Why would people even think of sexually abusing a child? We find the thought loathsome and disgusting. We often don’t want to dig  any deeper, unless we have been a victim. I want to take a moment to look at just a few reasons why an adult would sexually abuse a child. First of all, when sexual sin, and perversion take place— devils are in the mix. They either afflict or embody the molester to abuse. But doors were open somewhere in the abusers life.
 To answer the question: why do people abuse children sexually, let’s look at doors that may have been opened when the abuser was a child:
 1. People who sexually abuse children, may have been abused as children themselves. Not necessarily sexual abuse, but physical abuse and emotional abuse could be a factor. You might ask, why do people who sexually abuse children, not remember the torment they went through when it happened to them?
 One of the answers to that question is they lost the ability to love. They can’t love themselves. All they remember is the power they lost, and the inner turmoil they experienced back then. Child molesters continually seek power they never had. Children are defenceless targets, because of their innocence and lack of power to fight back.
 2. Another reason  people sexually abuse children could be their own mindset. For example, the rock star, rap star or high-profile person who feels they are above the law. The rules and boundaries don’t apply to them. They become an island unto themselves. The adoration and praise they are flooded with goes to their heads.
 3. A third reason why people abuse children sexually, is because they get caught off guard, have sudden access to a vulnerable child and forget boundaries. Sexually perverse feelings that lay dormant erupt. This can happen with adolescents experiencing strong sexual desire. They might act on impulse.
 There are  a host of other answers to the question why to people molest and abuse children. The significant answer is that all sexual perversion is demonic activity. If you have been sexually abused as a child, and suffer tormenting memories and other afflictions, call (518)477-5759.
 Pam Sheppard and her team of supervised deliverance mentors are waiting to help you get free.Pam Sheppard, 30 years a minister for the Lord Jesus. If your under the bondage of demonic torments, from a history of sexual abuse, call her office now! (518)477-5759

Pamela Sheppard

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Minister Kellie Reveals That Depression Is A Demon!

Minister Kellie

My name is Kellie Leclerc, and I was saved by the Lord in the Spring of 1988. I have always desired a relationship with the Lord, even if I didn’t understand what that meant or how to achieve it. It was not until the spring that I was called into new life with Him at age 33.

I was once a captive and through deliverance counseling with Pam, I was set free from a demon of depression. It’s because of this that I began to understand about depression and how demons can work their way into a person’s personality so that they become a part of the person. I am a person who has gone through trauma and became fragmented. I began to  realize that demons filled in the gaps of my personality.  Demons not only gave way to my depression, but to religious and lustful demons as well.  These demonic entities working along with my own free will drove me to behaviors that were contrary to the will of God.

Minister Kellie BEAT Depression

A religious teaching I had learned in organized religion was that God would help me, deliver me and take care of me if I just believed. The question was, what did I believe? This question would nag me for the rest of my stay in the religious organization. A quote from the book The Fake Jesus described my condition, “The primary cause of deception and possession in surrendered believers may be condensed into one word, ‘PASSIVITY’, this is, a cessation of the active exercise of the WILL in control over the spirit, soul or body, as may be the case. It is, practically, a counterfeit of ‘surrender to God’. The believer who surrenders their members or faculties to God, and ceases to use them themselves, thereby falls into passivity which enable evil spirits to deceive, and possess any part of his being which has become passive.”

    I had surrendered myself to thinking that God was going to take care of everything and all I had to do was go to church, tithe, do side ministries for the church and God was going to heal me from all of my depression. The problem with this thinking was, I never pursued the real truth of what I was hearing. I basically thought, “If this is what is being preached by my pastors, and leadership, this is what must be true.” Little did I know that all it was doing was putting me deeper in bondage to these demons.  I lost my home, couldn’t take care of my children, became the most depressed I had ever been in my life and was led into two adulterous relationships. It was only when God called me out and as He slowly undeceived me, I saw the error in the doctrine that was being preached. It is because of this I will be able to help others out of the wilderness of depression, religion and lust.

I am accredited with an Associates, going towards my Bachelor’s in Psychology. I know that for those that are suffering in these areas, I can help you if you are looking for healing.