What Are The Ascended Masters After? Part 1

Pastor Pam wrote:

It was not until the year 2006 that I had even heard the term ascended masters. I had been watching  a video clip of Cindy Trimm.  I did not know very much about her ministry, only that she was a friend of Juanita Bynum.  So to learn what she was all about, I visited her website.  The first thing I discovered was that she had a teacher’s ministry which strongly emphasized angels.  My eyebrow raised. 

Then I opened up another video clip and I was stunned, to say the least, as I watched hundreds of congregants simultaneously fall on top of each other, slain in the spirit like waves across the entire building.  I paid  attention to Trimm’s words at the moment that hundreds fell.  She proclaimed, “I thank you Father, that the spirit of the Ashtar has fallen upon the people.”

Troubled by the name “Ashtar,” I searched the scriptures and found the name of an old testament idol called “Ashteroth.”  Once led to pursue additional research, I googled “Ashtar.”  Shocked that a Christian evangelist would call on Ashtar in a prayer “to Father,” moments before almost the entire congregation was on the floor in a stupor, a google search opened the door to a plethora of occult websites dedicated to uplifting the teachings of cosmic beings that are referred to as “ascended” masters.

The dots are connected between the occult and the organized church.

I found that there are at least 50 ascended masters, perhaps even more.  Fifteen of them are ranked as primary players—fallen angels who first claimed to be aliens, sent to earth to prepare for the advent of a one world religon and to pave the way for the rule of the Anti-Christ.  Within my book, “the Fake Jesus: Fallen Angels Among Us,” I present a detailed study of the top 5: Ashtar, Jesus Sananda Immanuel, Mother Mary, St. Germain and Maitreya.

As the leader, Maitreya holds the title of “Master of Masters.”

Through my research, I found that ET’s, aka aliens is who Ashtar first said that he was.  Ashtar made his first appearance to a human being of our generation in the early 50’s —a military man,  Col George Van Tassel, to warn this country about the misuse of atomic energy.  Eventually, Ashtar began to call himself “an ascended master.”

In “the Fake Jesus,” to figure out what these fallen angels are after, I searched for what they have been telling their occult followers.  Ashtar promises them that he and his command are prepared to evacuate and relocate our entire earth’s population to various “Mother Ships” in the heavens.  I happen to wonder where was Ashtar when all but 8 of the world’s inhabitants went down in the flood.

In the last few years, Ashtar has received worldwide support from international celebrity and talk show hostess Oprah Winfrey as she supports and even teaches from the occult book called “A New Earth.”The sheer magnitude surrounding the fact that Oprah is a teacher and a disciple of the author of this book speaks volumes.

It seems that the enemy is planning a fake rapture.

To be continued

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Why Do You Worship Your Leaders, Part 2

In my last article, I presented the ‘cases,’ if you will, of preachers who battled their demons.  Some won, some are winning, and some have lost their battles.

This type of thing is not talked about in what is known as the church, and that is a dangerous thing.  The very secretiveness surrounding the maladies preachers suffer with in their secret, personal lives leaves open a wide gateway into these people for the enemy to operate, infiltrate and conquer.

Many look at this and say it is disrespectful or gossipy.  When we who claim to be ‘in ministry’ or ‘called into the ministry’ need to examine this phenomena…and see what can be done so that the enemy does not take more lives.

It should not be that in the day and time we live in that preachers who we see everyday-whether that be on TV, the Internet or in person-should NOT suffer in silence with mental illness.  The shame is NOT in having the mental illness.  The shame is in NOT getting help.

First, let’s get the stigma out of the way attached to mental illness.

We tend to think that if someone is diagnosed with a mental illness, then it can only be ‘prayed through.’  Shouted out.  Danced out.  Prophesied out.  Slain in the Spirit…and POOF!  Bye bye demons!

This is just what the enemy WANTS you to believe.

Many of the (prayer and Deliverance) practices done in churches today are INEFFECTIVE.  This is why preachers can preach…and be totally oppressed maybe even possessed by demons.  The devil knows how to preach, too!  Religious demons masquerading as angels of lights, performing miracles, speaking in tongues, prophesying, laying hands on folks and causing them to be ‘slain in the spirit’ are fooling MANY in the I.C. today.  TRUE deliverance is NOT taking place at these altars, but merely the transferance of evil spirits.

I do believe this is how mental illness is spreading so rapidly-much like HIV is in the black community-in the I.C.

In all the cases that I have presented, the ones that survived are the ones that sought help-and who were HONEST about their struggle.  Period.  They didn’t hide behind a title or a position or some perceived authority.  They recognized that they had some things going on inside of them and had to BE ACCOUNTABLE and SEEK HELP.  As uncomfortable as it may have been, these popular, highly sought after preachers had to submit themselves WHOLLY to the therapy and scrutiny of another.  They didn’t just ‘pray it away.’  They submitted to EFFECTIVE help and was (or IS) being delivered from their demons.  They admitted to having demons.  But not only that, they did (and are doing) whatever it takes to walk in deliverance day by day.

If a leader is delivered-or at the very least-seeking deliverance, then that leader should NOT be submitted to.  Many believe that once a person is anointed, that they are always anointed.  And that therefore justifies one or more congregations submitting to their authority because of ‘the anointing.’

I want to present to you that satan himself was anointed.  The Word says he was ‘the anointed cherub.’  Having ‘an anointing’ does not mean one is right with God, neither does it somehow pre-qualify those in leadership to be submitted to, even when they are in sin or error.  Paul said to follow me as I follow Christ.  Many leaders-sad to say-are NOT following Christ, but their own lustful plans, desires and agendas.  Once a leader strays from the will and plan of God, and won’t seek help or deliverance, then that nullifies any covenantal relationship between a ‘pastor’ and ‘the sheep.’

The leaders in this series who perished in their struggles with demonic oppression were the ones who either attempted to hide behind their religion, their ministry, their public persona and image or who simply gave up the fight and gave in to becoming a walking habitation of demons.

Or they didn’t submit themselves to TRUE, AUTHENTIC deliverance ministry!

The fact of the matter is as long as there are people who are afraid to admit they have demons they struggle with-or even go as far as to deny that demonic activity going on in their lives…or don’t recognize it as demonic, then YES, in the FUTURE…Past, Present AND FUTURE…we will continue to see leaders who are demonically oppressed or possessed.  It is controversial, but it is true.  Some will die, and others will live, solely for the purpose of spreading their demons to unsuspecting congregations and followers who failed to try the spirits and ultimately to LEAVE the I.C.

If you are a leader and you are struggling with your demons (and only YOU and God knows what they are), don’t suffer in silence.  Don’t stay disheartened, resigned to live with your demons for another day.  DELIVERANCE IS AVAILABLE TO YOU!


The Remnant Exodus Society of Pam Sheppard Ministries is a Christian fellowship network that rescues the perishing and edifies those whom the Lord is leadng to greener pastures without walls. pews or Christian TV.  

You no longer have to hide in your sin, nor do you have remain in bondage.  RESCUE offers deliverance ministry as well as training and fellowship…plus a whole lot more!  In a safe, non-exploitative environment.  

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Why Do You Worship Your Leaders?, Part 1

When it comes to mental illness and the church, no one really talks about the reality of mental illness within the church.  Just like sex, drugs, and other maladies that are realities in the church, mental illness is a taboo topic.  Especially within the pentecostal and charismatic ranks, it is commonly taught and believed that if you are believed to be ‘saved, sanctified and Holy Ghost filled,’ that you cannot and will not suffer from mental illness.  That you will not have breakdowns.

And nothing could be further from the truth.

I have often wondered why leaders in the I.C. would stay away from teaching the people about mental illness.  They treat it like it’s not there.  They may dabble with preaching on depression, but depression is only a symptom of much deeper issues.

Then it began to occur to me that the reason why leaders stayed away from this topic was possibly because they are dealing with the exact same thing-mental illness-as the flock, and therefore, didn’t feel comfortable teaching on it…because they were in need of deliverance themselves.

If you research, you will be amazed at the number of denominational and church leaders and preachers who, in fact, suffered from some sort of mental illness themselves…and, for some, it even cost their lives.

Aimee Semple McPherson

‘Sister Aimee’ was a very famous evangelist who founded the Foursquare Church, opened the Angelus Temple in 1923 and is singlehandedly responsible for being one of the first people to ‘spread the gospel’ across the airwaves via the radio, suffered a mental breakdown in 1930.  She later died in 1944 from an accidental overdose of prescription barbituates.

A. A. Allen

Asa A. Allen was a healing and faith pentecostal evangelist that traveled across the country running healing lines and having very exuberant church services.  Allen, who started out in the Assemblies of God denomination, opened a TV ministry that continued to grow up until his death in 1971 from liver failure due to acute alcoholism.  Allen had been an alcoholic for  years and fellow preachers often stated that they had to cover for Allen because sometimes he was too drunk to minister.

C. H. Mason

COGIC founder Charles Harrison Mason founded the denomination in 1897.  COGIC, the 4th largest denomination and claiming millions of followers today, was one of the many (pentecostal) denominations that sprung out of the Azusa Street ‘revival’ in 1906.  It has been reported that Mason suffered from some sort of mental illness; one instance, he was said to be walking the streets of Tennessee naked, preaching to the air.  In an audio clip here (fast forward to 2:37), you can hear Mason ‘preach.’ In listening to this clip, one has to wonder if it was the Holy Ghost moving on him to speak, or was it ‘another spirit.’ Mason died of natural causes in 1961 at the age of 95.

Zachary Tims

Many of us know of Zachary Tims.  He was a regular host of the ‘Praise The Lord’ program and founded New Destiny Christian Center in 1996.  He battled drug addiction and had claimed he was delivered from drugs.  But on August 12 of last year, Tims was found dead in a hotel room with an envelope containing cocaine.  Tims’ autopsy results have been sealed by request of his mother from the general public.  Listen here (fast forward to 9:19) as Tims almost prophesies his own death a little over a month before he died.

Barry Keldie

Barry Keldie was the pastor of Providence Church (with ties to the Acts 29 Network and the Southern Baptist Convention) in 2005 in Frisco, TX.  To many, he seemed like a happy, well-adjusted father, pastor, husband, and friend.  But he battled chronic insomnia, that led to an addiction to sleeping pills during his pastorate.  At 31 years of age in 2010, Keldie accidentally overdosed on Tylenol PM.

Paul Morton

Having to his credit the Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship, Morton oversees thousands of full gospel churches nationwide.  He is also the founder of two churches, one based in New Orleans, the other in Atlanta.  Paul Morton is very popular among the pentecostal and charismatic ranks, often asked to preach (and sing) at many conferences.  Yet, at the height of his ministerial career, Morton describes in his book ‘Why Kingdoms Fall’ his mental breakdown.  Click here (fast forward to 3:57) to hear him testify about his mental breakdown. Morton is still the Presiding Prelate of the Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship today and claims to have been ‘delivered’ from bipolar disorder.  In his book, Morton claims he sought medical help. He credits prayer, love and support and supernatural healing for his deliverance.

George Bloomer

George Bloomer is known in the church world as an expert on demons and deliverance.  He is the founder and pastor of Bethel Family Worship Center in Durham, NC.  He is also a very popular preacher in christendom, much sought after and highly recommended by those who advocate and believe in deliverance.  Bloomer testifies about his life pre-salvation, which included drug addiction.  Bloomer claims he suffered a mental breakdown and became addicted to Prozac, all while preaching across the nation.  Click here (fast forward to 7:34) to see Bloomer ask the question ‘if a preacher can be crazy?’  Click here for Bloomer’s full testimony on his addiction to the prescription drug Prozac (fast forward to 20 minutes into recording).

Juanita Bynum

Juanita Bynum is a household name.  There is no one who doesn’t know what she has done in the church world.  She first came on the scene when she preached at TD Jakes’ conference for women ‘Woman, Thou Art Loosed’ in 1997 a sermon series called ‘No More Sheets,’ chronicling her struggle with sexual purity.  In that series, she briefly talked about her struggles with mental illness.  But her ‘spiritual mother,’ Apostle Veter Nichols, goes into detail about Bynums’ struggles in her book, ‘Birthing of A Prophet.’  Nichols tells of Bynum having a nervous breakdown, her numerous suicide attempts due to relationship troubles and breakups, her struggles with anorexia nervosa and schizophrenia-all while ‘in ministry.’  When Bynum and her ex-husband Thomas Weeks got in a physical altercation on August 21, 2007, Bynum confessed that she had to seek therapy.  She is reportedly doing well and still ministering across the world.

Sam Kinison

Samuel B. Kinison is known to the world as the loud, brass comedian who became infamous for his ‘in-your-face’ style, controversial topics and how could you forget ‘the scream?’ What most don’t realize is that before becoming a famous comedian, Kinison was a pentecostal preacher out of an unknown pentecostal denomination.  He was known for his ‘fire and brimstone’ type of preaching. Click here to hear a sample of his preaching.  His ‘act’ changed drastically when he left the church.  I won’t post clips from his comedy act in that most of his comedy  was raunchy and replete with cursing…and may seem extremely blasphemous to most.  What I hear is was someone who didnt seek healing and deliverance after leaving the I.C.  After leaving the ministry and the I.C., unfortunately, Kinison did not maintain or seek a relationship with God and, as a result- even though he enjoyed much success as an actor and a much-sought-after comedian-he battled depression and drug addiction pretty much until his untimely death in 1992.

I have highlighted these who were and some still are active in ministry to bring up some points about how real mental illness is in the ministry.  It is not talked about, and it should be.

Stay tuned to part 2…


It is time to get ready!

Only God knows how many frustrated mega-preacher wannabees there are out there.  Oh, I know your heart real well.  I used to be just like YOU!  You may have been lusting after  the prosperity, power and prestige of the megas.  The demon assigned to me tried to convince me that I was to be rich and famous but I woke up and smelled the Lord’s end time coffee. Perhaps Satan has deceived you into believing  that you are the next up and coming TD Jakes, Juanita Bynum, or perhaps you are the next Billy Graham or Joyce Meyer.  The religious devil assigned to you will whisper in your ear and lie  to you in your dreams and visions.   He follows you 24/7 and he has taken book on you so he   knows if you have been  weak to  self glory, pride and ambition.

The truth of the matter is that megadom has really “seen its day.”  God has no need for anymore mega preachers.  In fact, don’t be surprised to discover that  it was not the anointing of God that  made the mega’s famous. Nor was it their faith. As quiet as it has been kept, there are megas who  have even been secretly  “bankrolled” by the rich and the powerful within the Illuminati. 

Here’s yet another little secret.   Conversion is a fallacy.  In Christ, no human being  converts anyone.  Conversion is the job of the Holy Ghost.  All we do is “tell the story” and the Holy Ghost uses what we preach to convert.  I don’t think there is anywhere in the world where the name of Jesus Christ is unknown.  I believe that we are very close to the end, perhaps even the Lord’s soon return. He may come while I am yet alive.
While I am here and even after I am dead and  gone, my job is to draw the elect out of deception.   “Come Out of Her, God’s People”  is a book that will do that in a big way.   Since no traditional pastor will ever give me exposure to his congregation, I have to find God’s people in “other ways”.  I   “assemble on line” in private facebook groups  which  in no way is  anything like “church as usual.” If you would like to know more, send me a fb message.
My job is to train a cadre of ministers  with the skills and knowledge base that the Lord has given me. Then I assign  those who have come out of the church to the ministers. So each trained minister has a sheepfold .  Some of the ministers have been delivered, then trained.  They  came together online to be trained so that others can be trained, and so on.  No mega.  Just each one teach as many as we can.
 Do you have to be clergy???  Absolutely not!!!! I have been licensed, ordained clergy for 30 years.  I took the documents off of my wall and threw them in the garbage.  If God is not in it, ordination papers are not worth the paper that they are printed on.  You see,  there are countless  demonized clergy  because what they are doing in their pulpits is not only NOT in the will of God, but they are actually serving demons who have literally taken over their pulpitsIn order to be fully delivered, they have to give up their pulpits. That is why after 13 years, I closed the congregation that I myself started in 1996.  It too was filled with demons because it was still a part of the Babylonian structure. Even though I was a loyal and sincere pastor, the word I preached fell on wayside, thorny, stony ground.  People were “playin church.”
I have to work while it is day because there will come a time when there will be no Internet and those that I  have trained online will be on their own. Right now, I have trained affiliate and associate ministers that I will assign to mentor  you.  To know more, call 518-477-5759.


Too Little, Too Late.

There are those who are feverishly trying to save the institutional house called “church,” through evangelistic programs and revivals, church reformation attempts, mass media marketing campaigns, and ecumenical collaborations and  compromises.

 These are those who believe that emphasis should be placed on saving the institution of  the organized church.  However, I believe the Lord’s declaration of the prevailing power of the church was not referring to her  as an institution, but as a spiritual body of believers who, by not denying His name and keeping the faith, would remain His.  The question is not whether or not the burning house SHOULD be saved.

 No, the question goes a lot deeper.  The question is “CAN the burning house be saved?”  Quite frankly, sin and deception have permeated the house so deeply, that only a profound, deep move of repentance and contrition can save the organized church.  As Jesus declared to the 7 churches in the book of Revelation, “Remember therefore, from whence thou art fallen, and REPENT, and do the first works, or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick from its place, except  thou REPENT.” (Revelation 2:5)  Since He clearly states that the candlestick is a metaphor for the church, it is apparent that Jesus Himself will bring down the organized  church system,  the entire thing known today as “church.” However, the most important question to ask today is “has the opportunity for the church to repent expired?”

Well, I believe it has.  For three reasons.

First of all,  too many preachers, even the sincere ones, have made ministry a career rather than a calling. They can’t repent because their pocketbooks are tied to church donations. Unlike TD Jakes, Juanita Bynum, Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen, they did not make themselves independently wealthy from the donations of churchfolk who gave them their start in the first place, a foundation they usurped and became  best selling authors. The livelihood of most full time pastors is dependent upon continuing to do whatever they can to pay their bills and provide  food on their tables and care for their families with something left for retirement. Most pastors  can’t come out of the church simply because  they would experience financial ruin in a failing economy.

Secondly,  repentance would necessitate a fundamental change  in how the gospel is preached.  Preachers are proud folk.  They would rather confess  to some kind of sin of the flesh before admitting that preaching a decisional, come to the altar and accept Jesus, repeat a sinner’s prayer gospel has caused people to invite the fake Jesus into their hearts.

Thirdly, I suspect pulpits have already been taken over by religious demons and devils. The grip of these unseen forces has occurred because God Himself has sent forth a spirit of strong delusion, causing churchfolk to believe a lie. Preachers, even good, sincere, righteous men and women are already under the power of seducing spirits whose doctrines they continue to preach.

So it is time to come out.  If I am wrong, you can go back.  I suggest that you simply ask the Lord in prayer, “Say Lord, is this woman, Pam Sheppard correct?  Are the days of the organized church “done?” Is it a dangerous place?  Should I leave? 

I  can tell you that if you ask Him sincerely and you are willing to obey His answer to you, then I can tell you right now that He is going to show you Himself, that you need to come out for your own safety.

If you want to  talk to me personally, I’m hear for you.  Call me at 518-477-5759