A Spirit Shows Up in My Video On 6/11/12

I have seen fallen angels and demons on photographs at least 10 times or more. Never have I seen one of God’s angels so I don’t know what they look like.  However, others have seen an angel covering me while I preached.  I have been told that if I stepped left, he stepped left.  If I stepped right, he stepped right.  Once when a drunk tried to attack me, he threw a punch that landed about 1/2 an inch from my body.  He fell to the floor, wailing and screaming. Once sober and in his right mind, the man said “you got a powerful spirit with you.  My demons told me to beat you down.  But when I tried, I  hit something like plexiglass.  I could not break thrrough it to strike your body.”

The being that I see behind me on this vid looks quite human in his face.  I see no horns and he is covered by a rainbow.  Could this be an angel sent from God?  Perhaps.

Above in the header is a close up picture of the one below.  It was  taken of me 3 decades ago- after I had preached my trial sermon and was licensed to preach.  It was October 25, 1981.  On my left hand side  in front of a brown wood-paneled wall, is the huge head of a gargoyle.  Turned toward me in a 3/4 profile pose, his green eyebrow is touching my left hand—-my healing hand. That touch gave me occult healing powers which I was deceived for 25 years to believe was God’s power. Once it was revealed that my healing powers were occult, I will not lay these hands on anyone.  If it is the devil’s power, I dont want it!!!!

One thing is for sure.  All this  particular gargoyle l has been able to do in over 30 years is deceive me.  Perhaps it is my protective angel who has kept me safe from the evil one.  Is that him appearing just above my head in this video?  Could be!

  One thing is for sure.

 Any angel that has a rainbow surrounding his head is quite important indeed. There was no rain and I don’t live by a body of water.


You Better Judge Those Around You…

I was talking to God this morning about something that was on my heart.  I asked Him, “Lord, is it wrong to keep a close eye on folks close to you?”  We hear people say ALL the time ‘judge not that ye be not judged’ and often accuse those who scrutinize others-especially those around them-as critical and judgmental.

See, if I’m in error or if there is something in me that may keep me out of the presence of God, I have no qualms about bringing something before God to get clarity and instruction, understanding, on that thing.  My PRACTICE of judging those near and those far was one of those things I laid on the ‘altar,’ if you will.

Do you know what the Spirit of God put in my spirit?

You would be surprised.

The Spirit of God told me that I BETTER judge those around me!!!!

In this day and time where people have all types of belief systems about how to treat and interact with unsaved folks, believers-I believe-have been duped by the enemy into trusting people, being in relationship with people and allowing people WHO ARE NOT SAVED to get TOO CLOSE to them!

“But, Wenona.  Who are you to judge if someone is saved or not?”

I am a wise, obedient servant of the Living God, following HIS instructions.  And walking in WISDOM.

God took me to those places  in my own life where I had trusted THE WRONG PEOPLE.  I allowed them access to me, many times blindly believing they were saved, sent from God.


I know you have heard it before, but it bears repeating.  Because I think people forget…


Everybody who steps foot in a church building is NOT saved!

Heck, everybody who doesn’t believe in going to church services is NOT saved!

OH, LORD!  I know I’m going to get blocked now!

But its true.  The Word says everybody who says Lord, Lord will NOT enter into the Kingdom of God.

And the fact of the matter is we are living IN THE LAST DAYS.  The imposters, the fakes, the phonies, the wolves in sheeps’ clothing, the hirelings, the goats, the tares are manifesting more and more.

So that’s how I can say-unabashedly and unashamedly-that you BETTER judge those around you!



That’s right.

When someone has committed a crime, is arrested and stands before a judge-AND A JURY-what is the reason behind that?

Because this person has committed a crime and is a danger to society and the general public. (If they are guilty…)

What the enemy has done is made believers so passive, so not on their guards, and has robbed the majority of folks from practicing sound discernment that believers are now calling wrong right and right wrong.  And are trusting THE WRONG PEOPLE in their lives.

It is done out of the guise of being ‘a witness’ to those in darkness.

But the Word of God is clear.  We are to CRY ALOUD and SPARE NOT.  We are to WEEP BETWEEN THE PORCH and the ALTAR.

Not…”live a life as a witness before them….’

Yes, good works should follow believers, but understand, your living a good life in and of itself will NOT draw people to Christ.

What draws people to Christ?


Our going around smiling all the time, biting our tongues when we should be crying aloud and sparing not about sin and wickedness WILL DO NOTHING to draw those close to us to Christ.  As a matter of fact, that kind of easy believism and passive mindset actually ENABLES them to continue in a life of sin.

And when a people are allowed unchallenged to live a sin of iniquity, no Word nowhere around them to judge the sin in their life, they grow hard towards the things of God.  They forget that there is a GOD who demands holiness.  Does He love them?  YES.

But if loving folks (which is not real love if its not based in truth), performing miracles and being all sweet and kind was all it took to bring folks in then Jesus would have walked this earth and God would not have sent His Word thousands of years before.  And EVERYTHING Jesus Christ of Nazareth did was backed up on and supported BY the Word of God.

Now, I got one more hard hitter for you.  And this one is gonna knock the ball out of the park.



Whew!  Told ya…!

What?  How can that be true?

This is another reason you GOTTA judge those around you, whether they are your drug dealing buddies, your girls, your church group, your hairdresser, even your mama and your daddy!

The cold, hard fact is that everyone who was borne of a woman is BORN IN SIN and SHAPEN IN INIQUITY.

That means they have the propensity to fulfill the purpose of lucifer.  Look at Judas.  Look at Pharoah.  Born for a specific purpose…

To (attempt to) thwart the plans of GOD!

I can attest to the fact that there were people who were sent into my life-some of these people had on collars, some of them were in church, claiming salvation-who were sent BY THE DEVIL to attempt to stop the plan of God from manifesting in my life.

The fact of the matter is that if you are truly saved, the enemy has you as a target.  For evil.

And HOW is evil manifested in this earthly realm?  THROUGH PEOPLE!

Just as good is manifested in the physical realm through the actions of others, so is evil.

Murder, rape, robbery, deception, debauchery, perversion ALL take place through the hands of a person.  The enemy CANNOT operate unless he has a vessel to operate through.

So why we’re busy trying to save some folks who were not ordained for salvation, the enemy’s schemes and plots continuously manifest in lives of well-meaning, but naive, believers who are not walking in wisdom.

It is just plain old WISDOM to judge folks, the closer they are, the more they HAVE to be scrutinized.

The Word says our enemies will be those of our own household.  Family against family even.  NO ONE can be blindly trusted today.

Because the enemy can and does use those closest to us to attempt to do us harm!

I mean, come on!  Some saved folks get used by the enemy, those who walk in the flesh and not the spirit of God!

And so if folks around us are NOT saved, can you imagine even HOW MUCH MORE the enemy CAN and DOES use them against us???????


They belong to the enemy.

I remember in particular God telling me that my ex husband-with his tongue-talking, laying-hands-on-folks, dancing-around-the-church self-was born solely for the purpose of destroying me.  That sounds a bit harsh, cold…I know.  But I know what I heard.  And I know it was God who said it.  I had asked God if I should stay with my husband, fight for my marriage, or allow him to go.  God told me specifically why Scott (not his real name) was sent into my life.  So the answer was NO.

I can hear you now…”but what about the saved wife being able to save the unbelieving husband?”

God won’t contradict His word.  He also said in the Word, ‘live peaceably with all men,’ and ‘if the unbelieving party wants to depart, let him.’  So with the revelation God gave me about my ex, there was also scripture to back it up.

We as believers must come to the realization that there are some people who have been born into the earth realm that will NEVER get saved.  They may preach.  They may prophesy.  They may attend a church-faithfully-and go through all the rites of passage to be approved of by man.  They may sing like a mockingbird.  Those are the hardest to detect…the wolves in sheeps’ clothing.  The ones who ‘claim’ salvation, but underneath all the facade are ravenous wolves, waiting to devour you!


Ask God to show you who’s who in your life.  And if God says to leave them, YOU BETTER.  Its wisdom.  And its for your OWN safety.

How Satan Wars Against The Saints With False Signs

How Satan Wars Against the Saints With False Signs by Minister Kellie
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Thirty eight years of Pastor Pam Sheppard’s   life have been filled with signs to “wonder” about, several of them occurring in  her dreams. Before Pastor Pam  was saved, she  was demonized by a spirit of divination. She  used to dream as many as 10 dreams a night, remembering MOST of them. Several dreams contained predictions that actually came to pass. When Pam went into ministry in 1981, she had a loose-leaf “dream book” where she had journaled about 3,000 dreams. Pastor Pam  never forget the day that the Lord asked her to throw out the dream journal. In her book “Come Out of Her God’s People, Pam proclaims:

  “I was fit to be tied!”. I complained, “Lord, I have been maintaining this journal for years because I plan to write a book about dreams.” He responded: “Pam, you have some dreams that I sent to you in your journal, but most of your dreams are from the devil. Throw it away. I’ll give you other books to write.” I reluctantly put the dream book in an outside garbage and went back 3 times to retrieve it, asking myself “was that REALLY God?” Finally, I let the garbage truck take it. Thank God, I finally obeyed.’

In 1985, Pastor Pam had a supernatural sign—a dream where a 7 foot,bald-headed, muscular being loudly and boldly declared, “I am an angel sent from God to show you your future ministry.”This “angel” showed her a huge residential Christian rehabilitation center for ex-offenders and recovering addicts. In the center of it was a huge chapel. The rehab center was so large that she couldn’t figure out if it was one piece of land with several cottages and buildings on its grounds, or if the blueprint consisted of several individual sites around the country.Since her secular background includes writing proposals and obtaining large government grants in human services, she asked the angel, ” Do I write a grant?” The “angel” bellowed loudly,”NOOOO!!!! This is God’s project and He shall fund it.”

Very religious, pious sounding, right? Well, it took Pastor Pam 20 years to find out that this being was a demon sent by the fake Jesus to derail her and “set her up.”. The religious demon even poured into her the desire and the zeal to do prison ministry work—a desire that she took for granted came from God. As one example out of many, I read in the book that Pastor Pam had a supernatural experience in the parking lot of a prison, with travail and groanings that knocked her to the ground. Periodically over the years, she spent hours on my face, weeping and travailing for the salvation of prisoners. Accompanied by her daughter Zee, Pastor Pam actually preached and taught in prison every week for 8 years. Nevertheless, once the spotlight of truth hit her in the face, –that she was NOT called by God to a prison/substance abuse ministry,—- the wisdom received was not at all painful. Pastor Pam  just said to myself “oh well.. I’m in the Lord’s hands. He will guide my next steps.”

Instantly Pastor Pam understood how and why a religious demon had been successful at deceiving her on this and other significant issues for so long. Simply put, the Lord knew that the deception would be good for her since she has been in training for  this hour for more than 35 years. One of many  truths that I learned from the book  is that the best way to learn Satan’s strategies is to be deceived,and then to watch the Holy Ghost unveil and expose the deception.  In other words, it was necessary for Pastor Pam to go down the trail of deception herself, so that she  could yell back to those behind her, ” Hey, you guys, go back!!! You don’t need to follow this path, I’ve seen what is ahead so turn around and start again.”

I can relate. When the Lord called me out of a charismatic church, literally, all hell broke loose on me. I don’t blame the people the enemy sent into my life to derail me. They had no idea what was going on. They were just pawns in a demonic chess game invisibly and secretly played out with my spiritual  life as the chessboard.  Pastor Pam reveals in her amazing memoires  that she took  full responsibility for being duped by the fake Jesus because clearly, the Lord never assigned her to work in a substance abuse prison ministry.The problem was that SHE DID NOT TRY THE SPIRITS TO SEE IF THEY WERE OF GOD, assuming this huge angel was who he said he was.. Also, due to her impatience to “get things rolling” in what she believed to be the Lord’s work, she actually put herself into the devil’s hands because it suited her own purposes to believe a lie.

What stands out in the book is  that while Pastor Pam  STRONGLY DESIRED THE WORK TO BEGIN, SHE DID NOT REALIZE  THAT SHE  WAS BEING REFINED AND CLEANSED THROUGH WHAT I ENDURED AND SUFFERED. I think we all can relate.  It takes great faith and patience to wait on the Lord.

One day Pastor Pam  looked up and the zeal for prison ministry and substance abuse counseling was completely gone from her spirit. Vanished. With the zeal gone, she  immediately withdrew from prison ministry. Shortly thereafter, her spiritual eyes were opened to the whole truth. She had been hooked by an intricate, demonic setup. This truth has set her free to complete what God has REALLY chosen her to do.

So what is Pastor Pam’s  divine assignment?  To train ministers for the return of the Lord. I  know from personal experience  because  I am one of the ministers she has trained for the last 3 years. First she cast a demon of depression from me and then she began to train me for ministry in this unique season.

So what I learned from “Come Out of Her, God’s People,” is this.  If you have been given a specific blueprint about your spiritual journey in the Lord–if you have been shown signs of who you will marry and such, if your plan has lots of details with confirming signs, you’d better stop, look, listen  and STAND STILL.

Its the devil!

 I have only shared my understanding concerning one spiritual truth.  There are many more in  “Come Out of Her God’s People: Don’t Receive Her Plagues.”

We do not have much time left to prepare for what is about to unfold!

If you have left the organized church, then perhaps Pastor Pam is called to train or mentor you. She can be reached at 518-477-5759 Ask for Pastor Pam

Satan’s Agenda for a Little Girl Part II

Shortly after I aborted my first child, I left the boyfriend who had gotten me pregnant. I was so desperate to be loved, driven to be loved. It would lead me into a string of promiscuous relationships opening myself deeper to the depression demon. After my sister’s death, I rallied against these demonic entities, wanting to be free. I always had a yearning to be free from the sadness and the loneliness. I had let go of the thoughts of any religion at that point and decided to do things on my own. Shortly after, I had met someone who would eventually become my husband. He was a classic narcissist, but in a way, I wanted someone who was so involved with themselves that they couldn’t see how dirty and used I was. I was fully bulimic at the time, trying to keep my weight down so I would be attractive to my soon to be husband.

I believe now, that it was those lustful spirits in me that attracted men with the same spirits. I ended up becoming pregnant again and aborted it even though it was with the man I was going to marry.  I was lonely and knew that there was really no love, I never felt loved but I married him anyway. I remember waking up on my wedding day and saying to myself “What have I done?” One of Satan’s big lies is, you better get married right now because there may not be anyone else who want’s you. So you settle for less than what God has for you. Not knowing it then, but God was going to save me, He knew my heart and He gave me two children as a blessing. Depression however was always with me. When, 8 years after our marriage I hit the wall. My husband was terrible to me, angry and mean. My children were out of control…I went outside and cried out with all my heart to the Lord…”SAVE ME! I cannot be saved unless you save me, I’m sorry for not listening to you!”

He did save me, the problem was, I had always been led by emotions and emotional experiences…so for all of those years I was led by the fake jesus and his demons, they were still working but now, they could use my salvation . This was the jesus who would fight with me to go from a Lutheran church, to a Charismatic  Non Denominational church. It would make me cry every week in the shower. I bought into the lie, hook, line and sinker. Because of the false doctrine, and the emotional aspect, I went deeper into depression and the deeper I went into depression, the deeper I went into the church.

It was cyclical, looking for my answers there as if God was a “candy machine.” This is how they teach, ” just ask God,  just tithe, just do what God want’s you to do, be faithful, go to more events, pray more, get on your knees more, dance more, get involved more  etc etc etc.” It just put me into more and more bondage. At one point, driving home in my car after church, all I could think was, “it’s never going to happen, I am always going to be sick and depressed!” I wanted to believe there was a way, but I knew what I was doing wasn’t working. Only God could have opened my eyes to what was going on, I couldn’t have brought myself to see it. I remember a time in worship I was worshiping in full extension, arms over my head, lost, and I felt the Holy Spirit saying to me, “they worship me with their mouths, but their hearts are far away from me.”

Immediately my hands went down. It was from then on God began to reveal truths to me. Eventually, God brought me out and led me to Pam and to my freedom. Satan couldn’t stop what God had intended for me because He always knew my heart….there is hope for you too.

If you suffer from demonic affliction, depression, abortions,   a bad marriage,  phony religion, you should  call Sheppard’s Counseling Center today. Even if you just need to talk, the phone lines are open right now. Her team of supervised deliverance ministers, are waiting to serve you. Your deliverance, and full freedom in Christ is Pam’s number one concern. The fact that she has 38 years of experience as a licensed therapist  under her belt, should beckon you to the phone to make the call. Call Now! (518)477-5759.



Click the blue  link above to watch the video clip. The book is no longer available at www.pamsheppard.com/bookstore as we have changed website hosts. On this website, books are available on http://pamsheppard.com/?page_id=1831 and the ebooks are on http://pamsheppard.com/?page_id=1977

Here is an excerpt from the New Idolatry, a spiritual warfare textbook in endtimes.

Satan’s greatest advantage is to be allowed to work in your life without being recognized.  In his masquerade as God, he skillfully uses the same words of his apparent opposition to fully attack and disavow himself.  This kind of “counter espionage” is a trick, where the spy brings back information about the enemy, solely for the purpose od deceiving the agency or persons who have employed him.  Satan’s goal is to win your confidence by virtually attacking himself through those who appear to be his enemies, but who, in fact are either his avowed, or un-initiated friends and servants.

Many professed believers in Jesus Christ fall under this category.  They verbally attack demon forces yet a closer scrutiny will uncover extremes and excesses—either a repressive, judgmental morality or an opposing tolerance of man’s sinful nature that borders on moral weakness, disguised as mercy, grace and love.  Within BOTH ethical extremes, though anonymous and disguised, Satan and his demons maintain a vital continuum of power and control.

ebook www.lulu.com/content/11927464
softcover www.lulu.com/lulu/content/8761420


Are You Hearing From God or the Devil About Your Prince Charming? Part 1

Hearing From God about Your Prince Charming?

To know if you are hearing from God, the first thing you need to know is that you will hear more from the devil in audible voices than you will hear from God.  Certainly the Holy Spirit will at times speak in an audible voice. However, when He begins to teach you how to walk by faith, He will do so by not giving you “confirmation.” The”confirmation” thing is nothing but an assumption, not based on fact, not based on truth. When God sends a message, He does not have to confirm it. He may, or He may not. Here is an instance in my life where God supernaturally “showed and proved.”

I had recently divorced my last husband because his drug addiction became unbearable.  However, I still loved him very much so I was vulnerable to him  if he attempted to reconcile. I thought, “since he had not cheated on me since we were married, perhaps I should not have divorced him.”

One morning, I dreamt I saw a mudslide.  My husband jumped into it.  When he got up, a woman was hidden underneath him—in the mud.

As I lay there, considering the meaning of the dream, the phone rang.  It was my ex.  He wanted to reconcile.  I listened but I was quiet, remembering the dream I had just 5 minutes before the call.

I got up out of my bed, and walked into a room that had once been his den.  Laying in the middle of the floor, in a room that I had cleaned several times was an application for credit, made out by my ex.  What I noticed was that he used a different address and phone number on the application.  So I dialed the number. A woman answered.  I asked “Can I speak to Rich?”  She replied, “He is not here right now.  Who is this?”  I said “his wife..”

The woman went berserk.  She screamed “you are not his wife.  You have divorced him.  I have been his woman for the last 3 years.  So you need to go about your business and leave him alone because Rich is MINE!!!”

So when I try the spirits, this was rather supernatural, to say the least..  It all occurred within the space of 20 minutes. Something appeared on my floor that was not there for two months!!!!  I dreamed about the hidden woman, “under the mud” of my ex’s secret life 5 minutes before his call.

Was this the devil trying to get me to go over there and shoot somebody and end up in jail? For I also had her address.

Not THIS time! lol.

Both God and the devil know that I am too wise and too much in control of my emotions to fall for THAT one. The Lord simply provided me with the hidden information that I needed to stop punishing myself for divorcing an adulterer and for NOT TAKING HIM BACK!!!!  I had every right to divorce him.

There is a book that you NEED to have.  It is called “War on the Saints” by Jessie Penn-Lewis.  Jessie is a woman of God who died in 1915.  However, her knowledge of spiritual deception is unmatched in a century.

Here is a free download of “War on the Saints”. It is a kind of a book that you need at your finger tips so I recommend you obtain a softcopy, 9th edition, un-abridged.

http://www.divshare.com/download/16165074-699 War on the Saints.

My book “Faces of the Religious Demon is dedicated to Jessie Penn Lewis.” I would not have understood many things without “War on the Saints.” Also, there is much emphasis on how the enemy uses demonic soul ties to entrap and ensnare both men and women.

ebook: www.lulu.com/content/11647727

softcover: www.lulu.com/content/357089