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Served as an ordained minister and pastor in a well known AA denomination for 25 years, the Lord called Pam Sheppard out of the entire institutional church system in 2004. The author of 9 published books, Pam provides telephone pastoral counseling, coaching, and deliverance training on line. She also serves as pastor of RESCUE, an online church. For more info, visit or write to toll free: 1-888-818-1117 Books available at

The Election of  Donald Trump Has a Biblical Message

BAck  in the summer of 2011, Pastor Pam had  a dream where she saw Russian renegades  patrolling the streets of the USA.  There were no police around as it appeared to be martial law.  In the dream, Pastor Pam saw no evidence of war or violence. When she  went  outside, She  asked them who they were.  THey said sarcastically, we are with Obama.  Their accents and appearance were Russian.

So a year before President Obama’s second term, Pastor Pam has been looking for something major to happen in this country where Russia was involved. In other words, for the last 5 years, she.  watched for Russia to be involved I the USA. According to the dream, she knew it had to happen before 1/20/2017, when a newly elected president would be inaugurated and Obama would no longer be President.

Well, it happened. With  wiki leaks and other online dirty tricks, Russia helped to influence the 2016 Presidential election. I am not one who focuses on world politics, but it seems to me that the so-called new world order is being established by Russia, as similar online dirty tricks continue to be  implemented to effect the elections of other democracies around the world, now with the USA as a potential partner.

So what is the prophetic  message of the hour?

“Lift up your heads oh gates, and be ye lifted up ye everlasting doors because the king of Glory is about to come down here and rule every kingdom on this earth, beginning with a 1000 year term.Jesus Christ of Nazareth shall overturn  democracy, and rule this earth for a term of 1000 years as KING. HIs theocracy shall abolish democracy. SAtan shall soon be locked up for 1000 years.

SO rise up, the elect of God and fear not.  Yes, we are now in the tribulation.  Nevertheless, before He left earth the first time, the Lord Jesus  told his people to “fear not.”

The beast and the false prophet shall be made clear to those who are not asleep.

In the meantime, we must all “get ready to survive and overcome the tribulation.”  The institutional church has no help for you in this regard.

RESCUE is prepared to help YOU get ready. So contact us at

If you want to speak to someone,  fill out the contact form and we will call you.


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Spiritual Gifts and the God Complex

Super hero movies and video games have created a climate that is sending a lot of young people into mental illness. Then there are those among Christians who have accepted the false teaching that believers are gods with a small g. You can lose your minds also. Fill out the contact form or call 888-818-1117. We can help you.


Today, I was asked two interesting questions:

  1. Can a human being have supernatural powers that come from the human being himself and not from either God or the devil?
  2. So is all of that chakra balancing stuff is power from fallen angels/demons when a person meditates or visualizes?
A quick answer to question 1 and 2  in this order is no and yes.
Superhero buffs and signs and wonders seekers who personally  have a god complex would have answered these  two questions diametrically opposed to my answers.  I understand.  Forty years ago, I too  agreed with the opposite opinion. Back in 1974, there was evidence that I had healing power and several other “abilities.” .  Since I was an atheist who did not believe in the existence of either God or the devil, I thought this healing power was MINE, emanating from ME! I did not have a god complex because…

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Witchcraft As a Lust of the Flesh: Dominating People Are Controlling! By Pam Sheppard

there are plety of people in the endtime movement who have witchcraft spirits primarily because they are dominating and controlling. It stands to reason that they bring these qualitied to their understanding of last days. Some are false prophets because their predictions have been wrong. If you have personal questions, use the contact form or call toll-free 888-818-1117

Come Out Of Her My People: Rev 18:4

Witchcraft is the practice of cursing and controlling people and situations with a counterfeit spiritual authority and power, using white and black magic. However, witchcraft is also listed among other traits and conditions as a “lust of the flesh” or a personality type. We all have experienced these kinds of people. It is one thing to be a pain in the ass know-it-all. However, when a person tries to manipulate, dominate and control the lives of other, that is when witchcraft as a lust of the flesh is quite obvious. A personality trait cannot be cast out. When the person is active and prominent in your life–perhaps a parent, a spouse, a sibling, relative or a friend,— then you will have to develop diversified strategies to protect yourself. Once I continue too discuss such strategies, this subject could turn into a book that I might consider writing. For now, let…

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Sananda’s Deception in the Church by Pam Sheppard

The Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth asked an interesting question. How many believers would He find on earth when He returns.. The rhetorical answer can be inferred to be “not many.” Why? Because of false conversions.

A false conversion occurs in the following instances:

1. A person makes a decision to “accept” Jesus and then ends up boasting, “I am saved because I chose to follow Jesus.” Often this person has repeated a sinner’s prayer or responded to a minister’s invitation to “walk forward” at the close of the sermon. There is also no evidence of repentance. Nor is their evidence that the believer understood either the cross or the resurrection of Jesus Christ at the time of he alleged salvation experience.

2. A person assumes because his or her family are professing, churchgoing Christians, and since he or she has attended church from birth, that he or
she is “saved.”

3.A Charismatic/Pentecostal person has sought the Holy Ghost through the manifestation of the speaking in tongues. Since the believer actually had a “tongue manifestation,” an assumption is made that the person is saved.

What I have uncovered through deliverance counseling, is this.

cover_the fake Jesus_new

To review or purchase a paperback, click the book’s cover. To purchase an e-book, click the title link highlighted in the text.

When a counterfeit birth has taken place, the devil steps in, represented by a fallen angel who now calls himself “Jesus Sananda Immanuel.” You can either obtain a copy my book, “The Fake Jesus: Fallen Angels Among Us,” or google with Sananda’s name, and you will find that Sananda claims that he has infiltrated the entire organized church. Consequently, when prayers and worship are offered, it is Sananda, and not Jesus Christ of Nazareth who is unknowingly appealed to. So in other words, the believer is actually practicing idolatry without realizing what has occurred and who he or she is worshiping.

If I were a betting person, I would put all of my savings on the expectation that 90% of the people who sincerely believe that they are born again fall in one of the three categories cited. Yet there is a fourth category. It includes those who have had supernatural experiences which included sin, the cross, godly sorrow with the bodily resurrection of the Lord either minimized, assumed, or not not a part of the experience AT All. This category ads another 5% to those who have had a false conversion. The other 5 % were born again BEFORE they went to church, either in their homes, at an airport, etc.

256x256_fit_one_bestfit (69)My point is: THEY DID NOT BECOME BORN AGAIN INSIDE A CHURCH. If they believe they did, then they are deceived.

How many of the people who have had a false conversion are of the elect of God? I don’t know. I suspect between 25-75%. The rest are damned anyway because God did not choose them.

Examining whether or not YOU are in the faith is scriptural. So check out II Cor 13:5. If you want help with this very important task, fill out the contact form below. Provide a detailed description of the day you believe you got born again in the comment box.



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The Curses and Plagues of the IC by Pam Sheppard


We all have been lulled into a semi or fully delusional state where we are drugged into believing something we know deep down inside ‘just isn’t right.’ We just went to church and went along with the programs to get along. We didn’t want to rock the boat, so to speak, out of fear that we would be labeled ‘rebellious,’ ‘unfaithful,’ ‘unteachable,’ or a host of other names leadership likes to place on thinking people who were blessed with common sense AND wisdom to know game when they see it.

When I was a faithful pastor in the IC, I had several memorable dreams that showed me the spiritual condition of the entire IC but I misinterpreted them. I thought the dreams were pertaining to the actual church I saw, when a particular church was only intended to be representative. A symbol OF THEM ALL.

in these dreams, the pulpit and altar area were defiled with menstrual blood, feces and urine. I would also dream about toilets overflowing in the sanctuary. I did not understand those dreams until after I left the IC.

I now know that the defilement represented the plagues. For in the natural, plagues have broken out because of infectious, unclean conditions like rats and such. The unclean natural condition of a house will cause it to be condemned, boarded up. A haunted house is filled with the demons that once inhabited the dead who lived in that house. When the inhabits died, the demons came out and did not have anywhere else to go and reside unless new people rented or bought the house.

I call the IC a haunted house because it is filled with evil spirits who have taken Her over, because of the plagues. These are the seducing spirits that the Apostle Paul warned Timothy about. They are fallen angels that specialize in teaching religion. Jesus called the religious folk of his day, white washed tombs on the outside, contaminated with dead men’s bones on the inside. This is the institutional church today. It is a huge whitewashed tomb. A haunted house.

Don’t let the white washed physicality, Her stained glass beauty fool you. The spirit realm is invisible to our eyes but it still exists. In the spirit realm, every pulpit is covered in unclean blood, urine and feces, no matter how sincere the pastor or how helpful and kind are Her members.

In the last few years, I have not focused on warning people to “come out of Her.” It could be that since I have not been actively IN Her since 2004, for me its kind of “out of sight, out of mind.” However, I had some dreams this morning that brought my task back into focus.

In the first dream, I received the result of two curses that I wont go into here. I will simply say that one involved the destruction of property and the other dealt with both a ministerial and a health issue combined in a curse. In the next dream, I found myself in a church. As I am dreaming, I think “I am not supposed to be in here.” Anyway, the grand, important purpose I had before I came to this church left my memory and I was given the assignment to do the congregational prayer.

I started to pray but there was a group of women working on a project who were laughing and talking loud, distracting me from my prayer. So I stop praying and I ask them to choose between their project and my prayer. They were nasty and rude and with venom, chose their project. As I was leaving, they stood in the doorway of the church. As they reminded me of the curses of the previous dream, they boastfully took ownership and responsibility for those curses. They sneered and jeered at me and I woke up.

I was overjoyed to awake because it felt like I was in a haunted house, for real!!!

Curses are specific to an individual but plagues don’t discriminate. A plague takes down both the innocent and the guilty together, insidiously, progressively and consistently. The Lord warned that if you stay, you are a partaker of Her sins and that you will receive of Her plagues. (Rev 18:4)

Don’t say you have not been warned.


If you are interested in our online church called RESCUE FELLOWSHIP, fill out the contact form below and tells about yourself and your experience with the institutional church.

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White Magic in the Church in End-times

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Leaving Church: How I Keep It Simple by Pam Sheppard

Come Out Of Her My People: Rev 18:4

Recently I received an email where I was asked the following questions:

So in your teaching, you concentrate a lot on the  organized church and the false teachings that are in there. Which is of course the right thing to expose, and I am  fully behind you on that.

However, what happens to the people who leave the IC? Some of the ones that are more fortunate come across your site and can read about things, and perhaps enter into Rescue. All very good stuff which I fully support.

However this leaves three sets of people a) those who want nothing to do with the church and God b) those who still want a relationship but outside of IC and c) those who go totally over into areas where the IC never could or should go. It is this group that I have a question as this is very close…

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Evangelism Has Changed In Our Times


Does it make sense to live in the past?  Too many professing Christians assume that just because a practice is in the bible, we are remiss if we have not implemented it today.  Take for example, “deliverance ministry.”  The Apostles of the Lord never heard of it. That is because the term was invented in 1973.    The first apostles  went two by two into the villages, and as they travelled, they cast out demons.  Today, I cast out demons by phone.  The principle is the same.  We use the name of Jesus.  Yet the specifics implicit within the  practice are  “different.”

So too with  preaching.  Certainly, the gospel of Jesus Christ should not have changed in  2000 years, but “it has.” Over the last two centuries, the gospel of Jesus Christ has been revised, modified, with some portions of it either minimized or glossed over.  As a result, untold millions assume  they are…

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Understanding Matthew 24 and Daniel 12:12,13

By Pam Sheppard

loveIn verse 13 of the last Chapter of Daniel, you will find these words:

From the time that the daily sacrifices be taken away and the abomination of desolation be set  up is 1290 days. 

1290 days.  Some quick arithmetic computes this figure to be 3 1/2 years.  I have heard this scripture interpreted as the last 3 1/2 years of the 7 year tribulation.  Is this correct?  I don’t think it is.

I believe that any interpretation that is too complicated for the average believer to figure out is not from God.  Simple. Bible interpretation particularly as it relates to end-times should be easy to understand.        I am not a bible scholar but I DO have some commonsense and I can do a little math of two plus two equals 4.  The year that the temple was destroyed and animal sacrifice ceased was 70 AD.  So what happened in 73 AD, 3 1/2 years later?

It was easy to find.  I just searched with “what happened in 73 AD”  and it was quite an abomination to the Jewish people—a terrible year of tribulation, perhaps worst than they ever experienced in the past. It was the Siege at Masada.  You can read about this horrifying tribulation involving the Jews by clicking here.

It was so important to the Jewish people that in 33 AD, the Lord found it crucial to continue Daniel’s prophecy with additional warnings about the impending destruction occurring  in 70 AD, some 37 years into the future, a “tribulation” that most  of His disciples would be alive to witness. So  Matthew 24 opens with the Lord discussing the destruction of the temple as predicted by Daniel. Daniel was deep.  He pinpointed the horrific event right down to the exact day. The disciples also asked Jesus to discuss His coming and the end of the world.

So the Lord answered their questions about the destruction of the temple  from verse 4 to about verse 26.  Since the Lord was talki8ng to THEM and not US, any verse where He uses the personal pronoun “you” was to His disciples about the tribulation they were about to face in less than 40 years.

Then the Lord proceeds to answer the disciples’ second question  which was “what  shall be the sign of thy coming and the end of the world?”  So if WE are the last days generation, then the Lord’s answer as recorded in Matthew 24 most assuredly  applies to US wherein  He discusses the tribulation of THOSE days or THESE days.   Yet let us consider that FIRST  He discussed the tribulation of 70 AD and then He  moved on regarding the last days tribulation from verse 28 to the end of the chapter.

It has never made any sense to me that the Lord would answer their questions by addressing US. That would be an insult to the early apostles and followers of the Lord.   After all, those disciples started it all, spreading the gospel to every nation that existed in their known world. Without their work and sacrifice, there would be no Christianity.

So what is my point with this?  We live in an age of deception where massive error abounds .Untold millions go about “accepting Jesus,” not knowing that they have had false conversions.   Along these same lines, countless so-called end-time experts are claiming  that a prophecy meant for the Jews of the first century applies to US!!!  Let us remember that God is not the author of confusion.

To receive help understanding the scriptures without all of the religiosity, give RESCUE a call at 518-477-5759, visit or send an email to  Come like our FB page at

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About The Tribulation


By Pam Sheppard

Where it comes to this subject, the Lord Himself makes reference to Daniel’s prophecies in Matthew 24. My main issue is that if bible scholars are correct in their assumption that Daniel’s “week” is referring to 7 years of tribulation according to a year for a day interpretation of that week,( Daniel 9: 27) why did’t the Lord also confirm that the tribulation would be for 7 years?. For not only does He refer to Daniel’s revelation, He also uses the term “tribulation.”

Could it be that the bible is referring to more than one tribulation?  I pose this question because I wonder how could the prophets of bible days not predict to the Jews the worst time of their history on earth thus far,  the time of the Holocaust?

 A Jew Himself, as recorded by Matthew, the Lord spoke to Jews about Jews. Daniel also had the Hebrews on his heart. We read that Daniel   sought God to reveal to him what would happen to the Hebrew people, THE JEWS. So if the tribulation of the Jewish people was the same as the tribulation the Lord was speaking of just before His return to earth, then why did He not tell us that THAT tribulation would be for 7 years?

 I suspect the reason why He did not is because the tribulation of the Jews and end-time tribulation are two different periods of history. Historically, 1941 to 1945 were the active years of genocide called the Holocaust. however, for 3 1/2 years prior, the Third Reich periodically enacted various racist laws in in the 30’s.  Was it a 7 year period? Could be.  Check this out:

The persecution and genocide were carried out in stages. Initially the German government passed laws to exclude Jews from civil society, most prominently the Nuremberg Laws of 1935. A network of concentration camps was established starting in 1933 and ghettos were established following the outbreak of World War II in 1939. In 1941, as Germany conquered new territory in eastern Europe, specialized paramilitary units called Einsatzgruppen were used to murder around two million Jews and “partisans”, often in mass shootings. By the end of 1942, victims were being regularly transported by freight train to specially built extermination camps where, if they survived the journey, most were systematically killed in gas chambers. The campaign of murder continued until the end of World War II in Europe in April–May 1945. (Wikipedia)

I am not a historicist or a futurist. I simply see this generation as being extremely egotistical to assume  that EVERY bible prophecy was written to and for people of our time, as if no other generation had any significance. The current debate over pre-trib, mid-trib and post trib is really a smokescreen of the enemy to hide the truth. For example, there is a scripture that is assumed to be about the Anti-Christ that could be about the Lord.  If it is about the Lord, then it was fulfilled 2000 years ago yet its a major  end-time scripture. .

So much error prevails.

Are we in error about the 7 years of tribulation?  The truth is that many  are assuming that Endtime tribulation is a 7 year period when neither the Lord or Daniel actually said so. The entire Christian world has based its end-time  assumptions on the interpretation of others. From a historical perspective, somewhere in scripture, both Daniel and the Lord must have predicted the most horrendous tribulation the Jews have ever endured.

A related point is this. Clearly the Lord did not know how long endtime tribulation would be for if He did, why would He say these words:

” For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no nor ever shall be. AND EXCEPT THOSE DAYS BE SHORTENED, THERE SHALL BE NO FLESH SAVED.


Is the Lord referring to “Daniel’s week?” Seven years is seven years. How could such an exact period of time be shortened? The Lord suggest that the  tribulation is an indeterminate number of years that God will shorten. Another question to ask is “if there is a rapture for the elect, then why would God shorten the tribulation for our sakes, if we who are born again do not go through it? Seems  there is an oxymoron in play.  We either escape or we go through.

So if the scholars have infiltrated religious minds to assume that the tribulation is 7 years AND  that the elect will escape it,  then what ELSE did they get wrong?

In spite of the end-time panic of these perilous  times,  at RESCUE, we are committed to heed the Lord’s words and “fear not.”   As such, we maintain balance as we watch, wait and pray.  To know more, email us at or call 518-477-5759.

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