Pam Sheppard, owner and CEO of Pam Sheppard Publishing  is a published author of 6 Christian non-fiction books. The subjects of her  books, articles and blogs are directly linked to her  life’s work  as a licensed therapist since 1973, and  an ordained minister for 30 years. Pam obtained her masters of social work degree in June 1973, conferred a life time license which she is required to register every three years.

Pam has been a minister of the gospel since 1983. In the early 70’s, she was an atheist, a psychic medium and an astrologer. No one ever gave her a tract, invited her to a church or ” led her ” to Christ. THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY OF HER LIFE WAS 34 YEARS AGO, JESUS CHRIST stopped her world from spinning.

Pam Sheppard, is an END TIME WATCHMAN, who prepares and warns the elect of God, relative to newsworthy events, through you-tube, blog talk radio, articles, and by way of this publishing site. To know even more about Pam Sheppard, the video clip below will provide you with additional info:

The following 6 books were authored by Pam Sheppard….

click bookcover for ebook

A former pastor of 3 different churches  in a well known denomination for at least 2 decades, the Lord led Pam out of the organized church system in 2004.

The Pam Sheppard Publishing site, is a place where Pam shares her bondage breaking articles with the internet world. She also offers counseling, mentoring, and training. You may click on the appropriate links for our menu of services. Feel free to contact us, anytime by utilizing the contact form. You may also reach Sheppard’s Counseling Center at (518) 4775759, operators are standing by.


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