Deception in the IC: Who is in Control?

Come Out Of Her My People: Rev 18:4

imageI believe that the modern institutional church has made a concerted effort to remove the question marks from the Christian journey. Today, many pastors excel in peddling surety, control over one’s destiny, and instant gratification, all under the guise of ‘faith’. For example, in the charismatic Word-of-Faith churches, congregants are taught that man has been given the answer to every problem in life through God’s Word. Believers are instructed to find a scripture that applies to their situation and “stand on it” until they receive the outcome they desire.

“Standing” involves decreeing the Word over their situation, meditating on that scripture while also looking for a deeper revelation of it, and making a firm resolution not to say anything that would conflict with or negate their desired outcome. In this way, man is in control of his destiny as he stands in his supposedly God-given dominion and authority. From this…

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