“The Religuous Demon and Rejection, ” by Pam Sheppard

I pointed out that evil spirits never come at me with accusation, condemnation and guilt. In my case, , rejection has been the major strategy of choice.

Deliverance ministries teach that there are demons called the spirits of accusation, condemnation and guilt. My belief is that accusation, condemnation and rejection are strategies or tools and not demons themselves. The one behind all of this is the spirit of the antichrist, aka the religious demon.

Many people who have faced rejection and abuse as a child, grow up with unresolved emotional wounds. Rejection causes emotional wounds, which if not cleansed and released, will grow and fester into spiritual wounds (such as unforgiveness, envy, blaming God, jealousy, etc.). Those spiritual wounds open us upto evil spirits which love to take advantage of this opportunity to invade us. The goal of the enemy is to get us built up with emotional baggage inside and negative feelings in our hearts against one another, ourselves, and God.

Rejection has a lot of fruit which can widely vary from one person to another. Some of the common symptoms of rejection include:

Rebellion, Fake personas, the need to fit in, a desire to always want to be a part of everything, inability to be corrected or to receive constructive criticism, self pity, being love starved, a tendency to blame God for bring rejected, pride at being rejected, opinionated personality and a need to always be right, seeking of parental approval, envy, jealousy, insecurity, prideful independence, not able to depend on others because you expect rejection.

Rejection can also cause a person to assume that they are chosen for greatness in God’s plan because they have endured so much rejection and cause the person to remain deceived and deluded. very often they will be given visions and dreams that lift up their pride and causes them to appear weird and strange to others.

Then again, person who feels like God is always angry at them usually has issues of rejection. Perceived rejection can also make a person feel as if God has rejected them. The various facets and outcomes of rejection create a very common scene that is encountered in dealing with demonic strongholds and uncovering ground to set a captive free.

How has the enemy used rejection in your life? Can you perceive the demonic motive?”


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