A Spiritual Ground Zero

To be at ground zero in the spirit  is to take no religious baggage with you on your spiritual journey. 

You start off with the premise that EVERy religious or spiritual belief, doctrine, practice or experience has been contaminated so consequently, you take nothing with you as you move forward. Those who suffer the worst with not being able to start over are the teachers and leaders among us who would prefer to admit to sin then to consider that their teachings are full of error and deception.

Another premise is that since God has sent forth strong delusion, everything and everyone has been affected, including the elect. 
So the starting gate for us all in this generation is deception. Therefore, at ground zero, you also realize that to be undeceived, is the exception and not the rule. So you take as a given that everyone around you is deceived also.
There is safety in this position because the enemy cannot penetrate it, no matter how hard he tries. for there is a guiding light that moves you forward from the starting gate.

That guiding light is truth. Jesus Christ is the.Way, the truth, the life and the light.
Being at ground zero will keep you from being down, discouraged or depressed because you”ve got nothing in your life that can pull you back into the dark place of recriminations, repercussions and regrets. 

I get loads of calls from people who want me to prove that I am bonafide before they will partake of what I have to offer in ministry.  I refuse to attempt to prove myself because it’s impossible.  We ALL see through a glass darkly and consequently we are ALL subject to deception and to error. Keeping this fact in mind is the first step to assess whether a particular ministry is capable of overcoming deception. 

Most ministries are wrong about the essentials of the gospel.  Yet they teach great truths and understandings in other areas.  However, when they miss the mark on what is essential for your eternal life yet they argue about rapture and other ENDTIME matters, I would say that you need to avoid them like the plague.

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2 thoughts on “A Spiritual Ground Zero

  1. True dat
    . I started out at the gate with an essential truth 38 years ago. It was a real simple truth. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING TO BE BORN AGAIN. GOD DOES IT ALL.

    THEN I went to church and heard people say that you must make a decision for Christ to be born again, say a sinner’s prayer and so forth.

    So I said to myself ” I know nothing about religion so these churchfolk MUST Be right. I even got ordained and started to tell people to say this or that, even though I KNEW the truth. This is what you call “compromise.” I thought the millions knew better than me so I went along to get along.

    Nevertheless, The Holy Spirit guided me back to the essential truth after 25 years of accepting and practicing error. Today, I preach the gospel and I don’t personally try to save folk. I leave conversion up to the Holy Ghost.

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