Realistic Deliverance Ministry

The people that call me often are looking for me to set them free with one phone call. Their approach to their own freedom is , Look a here. I am in torment. what can YOU do to deliver me and whatever that is, do it right now. They don’t want to face that they gave the enemy ground to attack and torment them and so in order to obtain freedom, THEY have to take that ground back.

The process is this:

1. Is it possible for ME to be deceived by a religious demon assigned to me.

2. I AM deceived by a religious demon.

3. WHY am l deceived?

4. What ground does the enemy possess?

5. What must I do to uncover how I got deceived ?

6. how do I take that ground back from him?

Any questions?



3 thoughts on “Realistic Deliverance Ministry

  1. Dear Ms.Sheppard,
    My husband has recently joined an “organization” by the name C.O.F.A.H (Come Out From Among Her) led by Evangelist Yayah Bandele. Something about this group has stirred up my spirit. Your articles on BHIs sound very close to this group ( with some disimilarities. This man does not claim to be affiliated with any other BHI group. My husband has signed an
    agreement ,if you will, to become a member of T.E.A.M (Training Evangelist for Apocolyptic Ministry). I was wondering if you have heard of this group & if you could help a very confused, scared, & torn individual. I am also very worried with not calling The Father & His Son by the correct name. Please shed some light on this entire matter. And thank you in advance.

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