Watching Christian TV Is Just As Dangerous As Church!

Now that you have come out of the church, you find that you are still ‘searching,’ looking for a word to get you through the week.

So you sit in your recliner and press ‘POWER;’ the telly comes on and you surf the channels til you find a channel that can give you ‘a word.’

Plenty of people do that, innocently enough, because they feel a spiritual void that has been left open because they no longer attend a church where they are spoon fed lies, error and spiritual poison.

I used to do it, too.

But in the past five years or so-even before I left the church, I started to notice a trend on christian television.

The most popular doctrine(s) all began to focus on life in the here and now.  Many preachers left the topic of salvation alone, and ventured off into strange teachings about prosperity, destiny, spiritual warfare and the such.

And while I am all for things of the Spirit, it was a little too strange even for the likes of me.  The Spirit of God began to show me the error in some of the most popular TV preachers.

You have to be a lover of TRUTH in order to listen to what the Spirit of God has to say regarding a situation, a person or anything or anyone.  And when He tells you it is error and to leave it alone, to discard it, to consider it dung, then THATS what needs to done!

I have concluded most preachers dont broach the subject of salvation because they are not saved and so they cannot preach or teach on something they have NOT experienced themselves.  Many do not know how to rightfully divide the Word of Truth, so many are led astray.  Why?

Most of all what’s taught on so-called ‘Christian TV’ is a direct result of supply & demand.  The fact of the matter is if the general public demands to see television programming that appeals to their flesh and neglects the subject of salvation and PROPER deliverance, then that is what these TV programmers are going to give them.  WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR!

But watching christian television nowadays can do much more damage to you than if you were to sit in a church!


In order for a religious demon – or ANY demon-to be able to take over your will, you got to be in an altered state of consciousness.  You have to be semi-catatonic, sort of like in a trance.  The whole act of even WATCHING television can leave a person semi-hypnotic.  When one cannot go to sleep, what do they do?  They turn on the TELEVISION!

That state where you are not quite asleep but not quite awake is the state where the enemy can come in without you even knowing it.  All types of suggestions and thoughts can be programmed into your psyche.


Add to that CHRISTIAN programming, and you have the ability to put to sleep even MORE masses of people who may recognize the error of the organized church system, BUT have not come to understand that MODERN DAY CHRISTIAN PROGRAMMING is an endtime setup of the enemy to program millions of people into false conversions, false deliverances, fake salvations, deceiving many into believing they have received something when, in fact, they HAVE NOT!



If you are coming out of the church, and looking for a fellowship, a SAFE, online deliverance ministry, where you can get the truth in a private, safe setting, then give US a call 518-477-5759. For an alternative to the institutional church, watch the video on the front page at


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