Premature Death: Another Plague of the Institutional Church

This is Joy Mifflin.  She was a popular ‘evangelist’ who passed on yesterday of cancer.

This video was taken in 2010.

Mifflin had just tweeted at the beginning of October encouraging many to tune into the 2012 Presidential Debates, and sending her love to her ‘pastor,’ Pastor Sheryl Brady from the Jakes Affiliation.

A little over a month later, Joy was on life support/respirator, and taken off…only to die on November 9.  She was 33 years old.

She lost a 7 year battle to breast cancer.


Prayer requests were petitioned on her behalf as she lay on life support the day before she passed, asking God to heal and restore her.

This reminds me of another story of a young woman who received ‘prayer’ for healing and died soon thereafter…the late wife of gospel artist Marvin Sapp, Dr. MaLinda Sapp.

After her husband requested around-the-clock prayer for his wife, who was battling colon cancer, she succumbed in September 2010 to the debilitating disease.

A few weeks before in August 2010, Marvin Sapp had requested prayer for MaLinda, who was diagnosed with colon cancer the year before but was declared ‘cancer-free’ by doctors earlier that year.  Apparently, the cancer had come back.

MaLinda died at 45 years old.

Dontavies Boatwright was a finalist on the popular gospel contest show, Sunday’s Best. He went on to record an album, become a radio announcer, and preached at several venues.  He died of a heart attack yesterday as well, at the age of 33.

(I want yall to notice that he was an avid tongue speaker in the above video)

And probably the most well-known of these is the late David Wilkerson.  One of the TRUE endtime prophets of this age.

In April 2011, David Wilkerson and his wife Gwen were involved in a car accident that claimed David’s life first.

Gwen would die a little over a year later in July of this year, presumably from grief and injuries she sustained in the car crash with a tractor trailer that claimed the life of her beloved husband of 58 years.  She was 81….he was 79.

David Wilkerson was the pastor of Times Square Church, the founder of Teen Challenge Ministry and author of ‘The Cross and The Switchblade.’

Another gospel couple who died in like manner as the Wilkersons are the Wrights, the late gospel artist Timothy Wright and his wife Betty and his 14 year old grandson, D.J.

The family was driving home when they were hit head on by a drunk driver.  The crash killed Betty, 58, and D.J. instantly.

Timothy Wright died of his injuries (and probably grief) almost a year later in 2009.  He was 61 years old.

(I was particularly fond of Wright’s music, and was saddened to hear of his untimely death and that of his family….)

Rev. Timothy Wright and wife Betty
D.J. Wright, Grandson

I can go on and on….we hear stories of premature death (in the church setting) ALL the time.

No one bothers to say anything about it and automatically conclude that ALL PREMATURE death(s) in the church are the will of God.  We religiously say that it is God’s business who He ‘decides to take home’ and when.

And while I can wholeheartedly agree that only God knows when our time is up, NO ONE can make me believe that EVERY death is God’s will.

There is something going on here!

I want to share something with you that my mentor, Pamela Sheppard, made me realize.

The religious demon LOVES to mock those who are within its ‘jurisdiction,’ if you will.

The religious demon loves to cause ‘accidents,’ diseases, and the such that will take out REAL believers.

There are some things that are NOT supposed to happen.  Like that guy in Creflo’s church who was praying at the altar and was gunned down!

How can ANYONE make that right?  How can anyone explain that away, saying it was the ‘will of God’ for this man to be shot to death…WHILE HE WAS PRAYING?  TO OUR GOD????

That makes absolutely NO sense to me!

Gregory McDowell

39 year old McDowell took 5 bullets while praying to God….while sitting in a church!  He was in the production department and in maintenance at famous megachurch World Changers International of College Park, GA, pastored by Creflo Dollar.  The shooter was a former maintenance worker of WCCI.  There is still no motive for the shooting at this time.

Does anyone else here see a trend?

It seems to me that premature death is fast becoming yet another plague that is plaguing the organized church, just like premature death took the firstborn in Egypt after GOD released the 10 plagues as judgment against Pharaoh and the Egyptians’ disobedience.

I also want to make it known that most of these people were tongue talkers!

We have written before on how the enemy uses tongues to release curses upon themselves and the ones they love…without even realizing it!

All those prayer requests requesting prayer, from TONGUE TALKERS?

Let me share something with you:  I am not of the crew that speaks ill of people who don’t know any better.  And having come out of that crowd of pentecostals/charismatics, I understand ALL TOO WELL the error they operate in.  I understand the love affair and deception that is latent in the doctrines of speaking in tongues.  I understand how people can hold on to that doctrine for dear life, even when it hasn’t produced any (lasting) fruit, and caused illness, calamity, sickness and in some cases, even premature death!

But it will take the Spirit of the Living God to reveal this to many.

I won’t say you should come out of the church.  You need to hear that from GOD for yourself.

But I will say this much:

Recognize what is going on around you and do NOT ignore those tiny urgings from the Spirit of God when HE warns you about things, or people, or groups, or churches, or affiliations. If GOD tells you to hold off on the tongues, DO IT!

In THIS season, it can literally be a matter of life, or death.


If you believe you have heard ‘THE CALL’ to COME OUT, then give US a call 518-477-5759. For an alternative to the institutional church, watch the video on the front page at


14 thoughts on “Premature Death: Another Plague of the Institutional Church

    1. Read Rev 18:4 Christian Pastor. Who is “Her” in that scripture. As it is The Lord speaking, who is He referring to when He warns “Come out of Her My People?” since this is an endtimeebooklibrary warning, where are The Lord’s people in this hour? As a former pastor in the IC for 25 years, I think you would agree with me, pastor, that the Lord’s people are sitting on a pew or behind a pulpit on a Sunday morning.

      I watched these deaths play out in my congregation within my denomination for 25 years, and I sat back and “wondered.” I KNEW something was wrong but I could not put my finger on it until The Lord led me out. He revealed to me that these plagues are happening because not only does Satan have a seat in the IC, but he has taken Her over from within and he is laughing and mocking Her with derision.

      Do not be surprised for The Lord revealed to us in Revelation 3 that Satan has had a seat in her since the generation of the church at Pergamos. So he has been IN HER for centuries. He has been seizing ground now for about the last 15 centuries and now He has got her and the plagues are rampant among those who call themselves “God’s people.”

      so Wenona, I appreciate the fact to acknowledge with boldness what traditional believers have been rationalizing, defending and ignoring as the people are being destroyed due to a lack of knowledge of Satan’s endtimeebooklibrary agenda.

      1. One by one the Lord is opening the eyes of His people and leading them out of the idolatry that is prevelant in the IC. Religion has been used by the enemy to steal, kill and destroy.

        There are so many people who truly love the Lord and believe that doing exactly what the “leaders” tell them to do is honoring God even when obeying man goes DIRECTLY against God’s Character. There is so much pride, arrogance and haugthiness in the IC from the pulpit down.

        I’m so grateful that I came upon this blog today – I was called out of the IC about a year ago. I felt myself dying spiritually and I thought something was wrong with me. Everything in my life was drying up even though I was living the Word of God. All you’re told is keep doing it longer and the more you listen to man over God, the more your ability to hear His voice decreases.

        As soon as I realized “this is NOT God” and spoke to the Lord in my Spirit telling Him I repent for idolatry and I’m out of here blessings and open doors manifested!

        May many more of His people who have been called out come upon this blog for encouragment and those who are hearing the call but are not quite sure may the Lord speak to them through this blog and give them the peace that they need to respond to the call in obedience to Him!

  1. Who ever you are that wrote this analysis of Christian deaths, Satan is using you to try to turn people from the faith. Satan is the master mind behind deception and death. He steals, kills and destroys even Christians who open doors for him to come in so walking a narrow road to Christ becomes a must; that t few will find according to the word of God. Check the bible for yourself and you will see the truth.

    1. CP, I am merely sharing facts. Sharing facts should not turn anyone’s ‘faith,’ unless their ‘faith’ is in an institution and NOT in God Himself. And are you even a christian pastor? Or are you a student at the University in the West Indies? The funny part is I have WORD to back up what I wrote in this blog. What do YOU have? RELIGION? Continue on with your studies. And thanks for your input!

  2. While I do believe that there are some that have left all too soon, and there are times when the enemy has launched an attack against God`s servants that may have not yielded to our prayers, the perception you have and the conclusion you have come to is clearly error and my prayers is that God will turn you from the spirit of error that you have allowed to distort your biblical understanding of His word. You have offered no scriptural basis or support for your insensitive and erroneous conclusion of how one speaking in tongues goes against God`s word, yet you have exploited great men an women of God, desecrating their memory and summing up their lives to error in speaking tongues. Be careful, for God is not mock, what a man sows, he shall also reap, and my final reminder, touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm. If you have a point to prove, use the word, not people.

    1. Thanks for your response. I have no point to prove and I did use ‘Word:’ just like God poured out the ten plagues on Egypt, so is He allowing plagues to hit the organized church system. I have not ‘summed up their lives’ to the error of speaking in tongues: did you miss where I briefly summed up what they are most well-known for? Clearly, religious spirits such as yourself like to twist teaching and doctrine and throw the ‘touch not mine anointed’ and other scriptures to attempt to curse whom God has blessed. The one thing I want to leave with you is this: if God yielded to the prayers of the Egyptians and delivered them, parted the Red Sea even to do so, if God spared just a few just men in the wake of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob…MY GOD…who ANSWERS prayers, how is it that in all of these cases I featured in my blog (and SO many more) is it that God not only did NOT answer thousands of prayers, but allowed these people to die (in some cases) such debilitating, humiliating, painful deaths? IF people who speak in tongues are praying to the ONE and ONLY TRUE GOD, then THAT God WILL NOT ANSWER, but another Christ WILL! In the Word of God, there is example after example of how God DELIVERS HIS PEOPLE, PROTECTS HIS PEOPLE, HEALS HIS PEOPLE, SAVES HIS PEOPLE. It is time that many in the organized church system realized that the provocateurs in clergywear have (intentionally & unintentionally) perpetrated a fraud on the people. It is time people realize that the Spirit of the Living GOD no longer resides in man made organizations. I was actually inspired by Joy Mifflin’s story; she strikes me as the type of woman who would NOT have looked at this blog as exploitation, but a divine warning, and would have encouraged and supported it. The only people who look at it as ‘desecration and exploitation’ are religious people who are scared to question what they have been taught and received most of their lives.

  3. Daily I am amazed and encouraged by our God. I bless Him for continuing to protect you as He uses you as a mouthpiece to come against the spirit of religion.

    So many of His people are bound by religion and when anyone becomes unplugged from the deception and truly connected to Him they are labeled as being used by the devil, Jezebel, Absalom, etc.

    I’m so done with going to man’s church! I am however being the Church and connected to Him. Idolatry is OVER in my life. So many “leaders” in the church leading people straight to hell. It’s heart breaking to see that the enemy has so many of God’s people so blind to the fact that they are worshipping and serving man instead of the True and Living God!

    Blessings to you and He continues to grow you and reveal even more of Himself to you!

      1. So, God has a new move which He has only given to some of His people? This move though is made up of people who are at best disgruntle, angry, nomadic spirits that want people to follow them instead of who God has designated for them to follow. Seems to me like this is another brand of strange fire and the warning should be given to those who purport this madness. If Jesus said “Upon this rock I will build my church: and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”. Also Jesus in Matthew gives us a clear look at the things that would happen at this time by giving us the parables of the Kingdom of Heaven. Paul in his wtitings warns the Ephesian church that there would be grievous wolves entering among them after his departure, but Paul is not suggesting they leave what Jesus died for, due to some that would come with false doctrines. No my brother and sister first you must make sure you are not of those who speak another doctrine, for Paul saaid let them be accursed. PLEASE CHECK THE SPIRIT TO SEE THAT YOUR IN THE FAITH. With Love From The Master,Prophet Dempsey.

      2. The Institutional Church did not yet exist when either the Lord or the Apostle Paul conducted ministry on earth. Yes, you are right. The Lord gave a symbolic prediction as to what the IC would become in His kingdom of heaven parables.. Paul and the disciples are the mustard seed that grew into a huge tree with many branches—-sects, cults, denominations and non-denominations—over the last 20 centuries, with Catholicism as the tree that all other branches sprouted from. Then, there are the birds that came and nestled in Her branches. Looking deeper into the chapter I am referring to, the birds are symbolic. Jesus interpreted “the birds.” They are demons. Evil spirits. Fallen angels. The Lord Jesus also spoke to the church at Pergamos and said “I know where Satan’s seat is.” Yes, Satan has had a seat in the IC since 313 AD when Constantine established Her.

        Today, the reason why so many good, sincere churchgoers are prematurely dying is because the IC is filled with spirits of death and infirmity. Your accusations of discerning people will not change that, Prophet Dempsey. Whether or not we be disgruntled, angry or nomadic, is really not the issue. The Lord said in Rev 18:4, “Come out of Her, My people.” Where are His people for the most part? They are in the IC. He said to come out because if we don’t, we will be partakers of Her sin and we will receive Her plagues. Premature deaths in the IC are becoming a plague, as Wenona astutely points out. And you are right. The gates of Hell shall not prevail against the Body of Christ. However, Satan is already in control of the IC. Consequently, She shall become the Harlot, and not the true Bride of Christ. As to our numbers, the Lord also predicted that straight is the way and narrow is the gate that leads to eternal life. The endtime remnant shall be few. Perhaps only 144,000!

  4. Please keep doing what you are doing….and note there were other premature deaths around the same age this year; namely…Bishop Keith Johnson, who was only in his mid thirties; a couple of years ago…an Apostle named Anthony Young; another ‘Pastor’ named Shawn Brown, and countless others. You are so on point I could slap you. God ALWAYS sends a confirmation. It takes strength to come out of what I call “The System”. I walked away for good in February and I will NEVER look back.

    The Church is no longer about the people. It’s about the almighty dollar.
    I’ve been in the church all my life. These Pastors are put on pedestals, they are so entitled, and have the nerve to EXPECT the people to take care of them. There is a generation now who feel ‘God calling them’ to start churches and it’s a MESS. They’re not equipped, and neither are their silly wives. No power, no prayer lives—just a lot of emotionalism, and the need to prove (to their ministry friends) that they are called. No substance, yet so many prophetic words and tongues. And it’s being PUSHED! Ignorance begetting ignorance. Forgive me for the strong language, but as the word declares: “The zeal for thine house hath eaten me up.” God BLESS you for posting this.

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