‘Christian Wicca: It IS a Religion!’

From September 2011

When we hear the word ‘Wicca,’ we associate it immediately with the art or religion of witchcraft.

Wicca has been described as a religion that affords its followers the freedom and liberty to use spells, incantations, chantings, and corporate prayer to bring about healing.  Healing of what is termed ‘Mother Earth,’ healing of individuals’ bodies from ailments and diseases, as well as the healing of nature itself.  Wiccans also celebrate festivals-eight of them per year-that are called ‘sabbats.’  They believe there is a god and a goddess.  They believe that the Trinity is a goddess.  Wiccans started getting popular in the late 1950s, but their foundations were set long before then.  As early as the early 1900s, witchcraft and New Age practices were being openly practiced in other countries.

Wicca was brought about primarily for the purpose of turning the stereotypical tide of how witchcraft was generally perceived.  Due to the Witch hunts of the past, and subsequent persecutions and even executions of alleged and proven witches (i.e. Salem Witch Hunts in Massachusetts), society had succeeded in making the general public afraid of witches and witchcraft.

What Wicca’s purpose was was to show the world that witches mean ‘no harm’ and want to help people, the earth.  Hence the terms ‘good witch’ and ‘good witchcraft’ that would be adopted later on in the 20th century.

I was quite shocked to discover that 1) Wicca is now recognized as a viable ‘religion,’ and 2) that there is a sect of Wiccans who call themselves ‘Christians’ or ‘Trinitarian Wiccans!’

One has to question…How is it possible to combine teachings of Wicca and Christianity?

Christian, or Trinitarian Wiccans also believe that Jesus Christ existed, that He was a prophet and a teacher.  They attempt to follow ‘some’ Christian teachings, but by virtue of the very essence of Wicca, they cannot because it will require for them to reject some of the very things that makes them Wiccan.

Hence the term-and new sect of Wicca-that is now known as Trinitarian, or Christian, Wicca!

This is nothing more than another classic example of mixing two religions and coming up with yet another concoction, a new set of belief systems, and recruiting followers in which to label them as such.

What caught my attention about this new sect is the fact that these are witches who are open about their agenda….and have no problem being associated with beliefs in Christianity!

But I also want to point out that SOME of these Trinitarian Wiccans possibly have infiltrated the organized church system and have brought in with them a whole new array of deceit, error, and false doctrine.

This would explain all of the false doctrine and error that is latent in a lot of sermons across church pulpits.

The way that this has been able to happen is because one of the prominent characteristics of Wiccans is that they desire to do good.  Their desire (their worship) of earth and THIS life.  Their desire to see others healed, at any cost.  Their general acceptance and practice of the supernatural.

These are all characteristics that have been accepted into the organized church system.

Due to the lack of GODLY GENUINE POWER (because God is no longer in the churches), church people generally have-out of desperation-accepted ANY FORM of power to step in, so it can appear that God is still there…

2 Timothy 3:4-6

Traitors, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts…

(I also think it ironic that we call male witches ‘warlocks.’   A main student of probably the most famous witch in this country, Laurie Cabot, clarifies that a warlock is not a male witch; the term warlock means ‘traitor.’ So generally speaking, male witches like to call themselves witches as well).  Interesting…

But anyway, the lack of power in the organized church system has brought about an amalgamation-a mixture, a merger of sorts-an acceptance of the merger of the clean and the unclean.  The vile with the holy.

And along with these mergers (for trust, there are many more such ‘mergers’ going on with mainstream christianity i.e. Crislam) is the trend towards what is termed as ‘religious tolerance.’

Tolerance is one of the ways the enemy has been able to slowly but surely infiltrate popular thinking-in and out of the church system.  To tolerate something is to give it acceptance.  To not call something evil, that IS inherently evil.  To not call wrong wrong.

The Word of God tells us often to shun evil, and cleave to that which is good.  We are not to embrace evil, even as a means to attain good.

The organized church system has embraced evil, to do good, and given full access to pulpits across this country to witches.

Some of these witches are very popular.  Most of them most would not label or term them as witches, per se, because they are blinded to the very characteristics of witches, Wicca and religion in general.

As long as they can produce-produce that healing, produce that deliverance, produce that answer to prayer-that is what most people are concerned with…no matter at what cost.

I saw something very interesting on TV today:  I saw a Wiccan prayer service.  They were singing, chanting (in English, by the way), they were calling upon the gods and goddesses.  They were praying for someone’s healing.  They chanted ‘Blessings!  Blessings!’  Then they clapped and were dismissed.

Looked just like one of those ‘prayer meetings’ I used to attend when I went to church.  MORE than one!

REAL believers-those who have not allowed themselves to tolerate or fall for the mixture(s) of doctrines and belief systems that are so popular today-must NOT ‘tolerate’ mixtures of christianity in the guise of showing the world we are viable, relevant, produce results or productive.  Or tolerant.

If this is not proof positive that one needs to come out and be separate, I don’t know what is.


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