Discerning How Religious Demons Manifest in Relationships

There is not greater area of vulnerability in all of our lives than in the area of relationships.

Relationships, fellowship, camaraderie, companionship, sense of belonging are things that all of us desire, at times in our lives more than others.

God created relationships so that we wouldn’t be alone.  So relationships in and of themselves are not bad things.

It is when we become obsessed with being in a relationship, or when we value or even idolize relationships in our lives ABOVE our walk with God.

The enemy knows how much some people desire fellowship and relationships.  So we have to understand that THE ENEMY WILL send people into our lives who will eventually cause us harm, and attempt to thwart the plan of God for our lives.

Samson paid for his desire for relationship with his life.  Why?  Because he was not able to discern who he had around him!

Had Samson simply obeyed God from the jump, then he probably would have lived to a ripe old age, still breaking lions necks and what not, in the perfect will of God for his life.

But instead, he had to die with the enemy….for something I feel was quite stupid.  He tore down the building that those evil people were residing in, but what did that accomplish?  Did that stop idolatry in the land?  Did the Israelites turn to God after Samson took his life?

The only lasting legacy of Samson NOW is to read his story and learn what NOT to do so we won’t end up like he did!

We read the story of Samson and shake our heads.  As we should.  What a waste of a life.

And just like Samson, many believers allow relationships, alliances, associations and the such into our lives without properly discerning that they are sent from the enemy.  We marry them.  We have kids with them.  We start ministries with them.  Or businesses.

Here are some signs that the person you are in a relationship with is a religious demon in disguise, waiting for the opportunity to pounce!

1)  They just won’t leave you alone!

We all have had church people in our lives who simply WON’T leave us alone.  When you come out of church, they are always snooping, calling, texting, dropping by, asking you when will you be back.  Even after you have calmly explained to them you won’t be back, they persist.  It’s almost as bad as stalking!  If you cannot get rid of this person, they are a religious demon.

2)  They hurt you time and time again, unrepentedly.

We all have these people in our lives (and I’m talking about church folks) who consistently backstab us.  But we, out of some pious sense of duty, keep these harmful, toxic people in our lives, thinking we are showing them the love of God and being forgiving by allowing them continued access into our lives.  When all we are really doing is allowing them to harm or abuse us…again!  Forgiveness does NOT mean that an unrepentant, undelivered person with a religious demon should be allowed unlimited access into our lives.  Those are harmful people who we need to RUN from!

3)  I want to expound on the UNREPENTED part…

Listen, everyone will let us down.  No one is perfect.  True.  A friend or loved one will hurt us.  Then say they are sorry.  Repent.  But then they do it AGAIN!  If they do it AGAIN, then that means they REALLY didn’t repent to begin with.  Time to cut them loose….

4)  They are always needing YOU to save them…

Some religious people will plant themselves into your life.  How?  They will always be in crisis, and they will seek you out to rescue them.  They will use flattery to win back your affections after the initial separation;  they will attest to your beauty, your talent, your power, your ‘anointing and how you are so needed back in their lives, their ministry, how much they miss you.

Couple that with lies the enemy will plant in your spirit, and false guilt about any trials/judgments/plagues they may be going through…the enemy will lie to you and make it seem like you need to reconcile with this person or group of people to ‘minister’ to them.  And then you eventually have a recipe for disaster!   The lure to ‘reconcile’ with people God has formerly separated you from is disobedience and partaking of another’s sins.

When you start meddling in the affairs of God, assuming that you are ‘called’ to help a person or group of people escape the judgment of God, or if you get in God’s way trying to ‘save a people God has judged or who are suffering from plagues, then YOU will suffer right along with the very people the enemy has deceived you into thinking you are called to save!

It’s best if God separates you from someone(s), to STAY away from them and do not allow them access back into your life (of course, unless God says its ok)

5) Understand….

If God has pronounced judgment on someone, or a group of people, or they were disobedient and are suffering from plagues-God-sent-then there is nothing you can do to stop that.  But pray.

I have been in situations where a person, or a group of people, God called me to separate from (I would hear) would invariably be going through a hard time, suffering, etc. He knows if we ever had any feelings of affection or love for these people, that when we hear word of their suffering, we would not rejoice over it, but would be actually quite grieved.  And we may even try to alleviate any suffering.

We cannot go gettin in God’s business!

If God has allotted suffering, judgment or a plague, and God tells us to GO so we are not partakers of any of it, then no matter how attached we are, we have to cut them off!

6)  They demand unquestioned loyalty to their relationship.

If someone demands loyalty to them at all costs, or refuses to be confronted about questionable behavior, then they have a religious demon….and you need to RUN!  Church leaders, in particular, are guilty of doing this, which enables them to do all kinds of things and never be confronted about said things.  God will always send someone in our lives to check us….a Nathan to David, a Samuel to Saul, a Paul to Peter….if they can’t be ‘checked,’ like I said….RUNNNN!!!!

We need to understand that the religious demon can and will manifest in the people, most of the time, who are closest to you.  And a lot of people do not understand the danger of fellowshipping with religious demons!

The people God tells us to cut off, He tells us cut off for a reason.   We may not know the reason, but we have to trust God enough to obey Him.  He can see the danger ahead of us if we stay with a person.  He sees the end from the beginning.

If you are experiencing difficulty breaking away from something (or someone) GOD said to cut off, please call 518-477-5759.


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