Throw Jonah OVERBOARD!!!!

By Pamela Sheppard


Consider Jonah and his disobedience and sudden flight from God to a ship filled with men about to be shipwrecked because of Jonah’s
folly. So to find out why they suddenly entered into a severe storm, the men on board cast lots and the lot fell to Jonah. Once Jonah was revealed, he confessed. You would have thought that the men would have immediately picked up Jonah and thrown him off of the ship. Instead, they tried to row faster. Yet when all human effort failed, they reluctantly threw Jonah overboard and peace immediately prevailed for them.

Why didn’t Jonah just jump overboard himself?

Perhaps it was not physically possible and he needed someone to lift him up and cast him into the sea. My suspicion is that as it is in most cases, the people who are bringing storms into our lives are “all about self,” especially when their needs are being met by us.
However what I have learned by experience, is that once the cause of an attack has been uncovered or revealed to me, my next step is to refuse. Sometimes you have to refuse a condition or persuasion that is within your personality or in other words, a refusal may have to be made to your flesh.

For example, if you are a person that must be liked or approved of by others, you will have to refuse your flesh in this regard. If you can answer an emphatic “yes,” to the following statements as conditions of your own flesh,refusal will eventually be in order, if you are going to effectively resist the devil:

 · I try to avoid being alone
· I let other people decide what to do.
· I get upset when people don’t include me in their activities;
· I am stressed if I don’t include other people in my plans;
· I am easily led;
· I hate any form of confrontation;
· I can’t stand being left out of things;
· I am emotionally dependent upon people.

So one way to crucify your flesh is by refusing to act out its nature. Besides refusing your former nature without Christ, there are times when you also have to refuse your former perception or understanding as it relates to spiritual and religious matters. In fact, refusal is one of the ways that we cast down our imaginations, and every thought that is contrary to our obedience to the inner leadings of the Holy Ghost.

For example, if you have assumed that God would not allow the enemy to deceive you under any circumstances, to resist the devil that is assigned to you, you will have to refuse every thought connected to this false assumption. I personally know from experience that I can be deceived by the enemy because I have been, several times in fact.

Here is a personal example. It has been revealed to me that in 1996, I founded a church based upon the nature of my flesh and the leading of the religious demon assigned to me. Certainly, I believed that I was led by God at the time. However, with the discernment and the enlightenment that I have received over time, I can look back now with such understanding.

What was confusing and complicated in 1996 is obvious and simple today.  Once my eyes were fully opened in 2008, I had to exercise refusal by closing the church doors.  Certainly I had to face opposition to closing it. In fact, for a year, services continued in a members home, until her eyes were also opened and the doors of the church were permanently shut, never to open again.  As soon as I took the first step of refusal as I resisted the devil, the next revelation followed.

Since the enemy was the secret force that led me to start this church in the first place, it logically and spiritually follows that each and every person who played a significant role in its operations was sent by the enemy also. In years, several people were involved. Out of all of them, I have contact with two persons from the former church.  Recently, I had a inner sense in my spirit that I was to “back up” in these two relationships.

Since our contact is infrequent, it was not difficult to do. Actually, I have withdrawn in ways that are really not discernible to people
who are busy in the world, living their lives as the world does. So as sleeping dogs lie, people have naturally faded out of my life, without knowing my concerns and reservations. Well, after six years without any personal contact, a former church member who I will call Diana contacted me through facebook.

While Diana was a member, she was perhaps the most involved in my ministry.  Consequently, I discerned immediately that I could
not accept this request. So rather than refuse it, I simply ignored it.  About 3 weeks later, I was half asleep when I heard a voice say to me “Diana is dead.” I ignored the voice and went to sleep. Yet as I woke, the voice repeated it again. I heard “Diana is dead” a second time . Once awake, my mind was filled with accusations. “Diana is not quite dead, but her demise is imminent. You are mean and cold to deny her your facebook friendship.

She needs to be able to read your posts and articles in order to get her life in order before she passes away, and you are cruel to deny her that opportunity.”  My next thought was “this is different.”  Demons rarely accuse me or challenge me for the purpose of imposing guilt and condemnation on me because it doesn’t work. My personality does not readily accept guilt, shame or condemnation. Then when I realized that the enemy was caught in an obvious lie, I asked myself “what is the meaning of this. Doesn’t that demon know that my facebook page is not restricted to friends, but that it is open to he public? Doesn’t he know that Diana can visit my website and search through several videos, articles, newsletters, books, and other tools and resources?” I said to myself, ” most of the demons who deal with me are just not that stupid to be caught out there making such an obvious mistake.”

In two days, the demon’s motive became clear, for Diana sent me a second friendship invitation on facebook. Obviously, the demon KNEW that she would do so and he was setting the stage for me to accept it. Why this particular person?  Because she had been my most promising church member. There are issues between us that are un-resolved. From past experience, I know that a reactivated friendship with Diana would not only be distracting and draining, but clearly, she is a receptive vessel for their use.

The demons desired and then led Diana to contact me, and after 6 years of silence. Worth mentioning, since I remain fond of her, the
enemy hoped that if I thought that her life was about to end, I would accept her facebook request and disobey the revelation that is in my spirit which is “don’t look back. Everyone, including Diana, was sent to you by the devil in the past. Don’t give place to the enemy again.”

So what did I do? Obviously, ignoring the first request did not work. So I had to refuse it. I sent Diana a private facebook message, explaining the situation in a direct yet tactful way, so that she graciously responded without feeling personally rejected.  I am not refusing Diana or any of the other former members. I am resisting the devil that is assigned to me. There is a difference.

Once you overcome a fear of personal and social rejection, the tool of refusal will cause the devil to flee from you.

Do you have relationships, old soul tires, associations and the such that are hard to break?  In particular, with past church people who God has clearly warned you about to stay away from them?

Give me a call at 518-477-5759.


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