Tell Me: HOW Do I Move Forward????? (An Online Deliverance Ministry)

Our love affair with our past-especially in the organized church system-can be a hard one to break off.

You know the ins and outs of our relationship with religion:  all the turmoil and transition of “Should I go?  Should I stay?”

The familiarity and security of it all.  Even if its a false sense of security.

I mean “Whatever” will we do if we didn’t go to church?”

“Its my assignment to go back and save the lost in the church…”

“I miss the fellowship.  The service.  The music….”

Some people love the drama that is latent within the institution of the church.  They have gotten so used to their perception of ‘warfare.’

The religious demon has deceived them for so long, that they really think they are winning a ‘battle’ for right within an institution that God has left for centuries.

It is a subtle trick of the enemy to get people distracted.  Weighed down.

It is the intent of the enemy to get folks so used to fighting a losing battle-ON HIS TURF-so when the real battle ensues, they have no more strength to endure.

And the Word says they that endure TIL the END shall be saved!

Those who continue to stay within an institution void of GOD are in rebellion TO GOD.

And God cannot and will not afford you the victory in your disobedience, deception and rebellion.

He loves you.  He takes care of you.  He is merciful.  BUT…

You would have endured many a battle scar(s) that HE never intended for you to bear.


I used to be that warrior…in the church.  Fighting for what was right…all in the name of the Lord.

Fighting …. getting hit with blow…after blow…. after blow.

Let me tell you something.

I have been saved for many years.  And I hate to admit it…but most of those years, I was defeated.  Why?

Because I could not recognize that the Spirit of the Living God had left the church buildings years before I was ever even born!

Yet we are conditioned as a people to ‘go to church,’ especially in hard times.

God wants us THE REMNANT to MOVE FORWARD.  Not looking back to whatever error we were taught in church.

He wants us to LAY ASIDE THE WEIGHT THAT SO EASILY BESETS US….and He wants us to run this race.

And we cannot run towards the finish line….LOOKING BACK.  Pointing at those on the sidelines, selling bootleg CDs and DVDs at the race.  Or bootleg race t-shirts!

A runner knows, they gotta keep looking ahead.  They may have almost tripped on that pothole in the road, but they didnt.

They gotta keep running.

And you cant run with weights on you.  With error on you.  With false doctrine and strongholds on you.


Need help on HOW to MOVE FORWARD?????

Call 518-477-5759.


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