The Hierarchy of Spiritual Wickedness: An Online Deliverance Ministry

I came across this blog post by Pamela Sheppard, and I must say.  I have never came across a more simplistic breakdown of the ‘hierarchy’ of spiritual wickedness in high places.

Many times, ‘christians’ would rather believe and reteach the charismatic old wives fables they have heard other respected prophets, teachers, apostles, etc. preach and teach within the institution of church.

The Word of God tells us we are to not be ignorant of the enemy’s devices.  

To be ignorant of his devices means to NOT KNOW of his devices.

Many who THINK they know, really DON’T know of the rank and file of demonic activity.  Neither do they wish to RENOUNCE and RELEARN what they have been taught for decades just because it sounds ‘weird’ to them.

I say this:  

Pamela Sheppard was among the ranks of those who practiced witchcraft.  Those spiritual powers showed her things.  THEN God SAVED HER and DELIVERED HER.

So now we can all learn some things if we would put our spiritual pride down and be willing to entertain the fact that a LOT of what is coined ‘deliverance ministry’ is nothing more than a mockery and torment the enemy uses to afflict those in the church.

The enemy is a sadistic, cold enemy.  He LOVES to torture his own!

This following passage is not just talking about natural disasters: it’s a concise breakdown of spiritual wickedness.  One we need to all become familiar with if we really are going to conduct TRUE DELIVERANCE and pray effectively.

We don’t need to pray special prayers, or fast for 100 days.  Neither do we need to spit, hoop, holler, speak in tongues, embrace Judaism and Hebrew religion and festivals, or any other RELIGIOUS practice to see folks delivered.

We just need to follow the pattern that is already in the WORD of GOD.  AND KNOW THE DEVICES, THE STRATEGIES of the enemy.

So back by popular request, here is Pam’s blog on Who’s Who on a list of Demon’s Names.


By Pamela Sheppard

There are demons and there are fallen angels which we can simply call “devils.” Demons must be cast out. Fallen angels must be driven away by the spiritual armor of Ephesians 6. Fallen angels desire to possess humans but it is difficult as we are of two entirely different creations. Demons on the other hand, have been half human. They lived in human flesh and were born and walked the earth in flesh before the flood. So demons desire to be in flesh as their favorite dwelling place. Demons also report to fallen angels.

There is a demon and  fallen angel that I call “the spirit of death.” The demon’s assignment is to take life by any means necessary BEFORE a person’s appointed time by sickness, accidents, suicide and homicides.

****Fallen angels work on natural disasters****

The spirit of death–the work of fallen angels— also orchestrates and designs phony life after death experiences.

There are also the list of demons that we see in the bible: the deaf and dumb spirit, the spirit of infirmity, the spirit of divination, and so on.  These are all demons.  The fallen angels are the principalities and powers, the rulers of the darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high or heavenly places.  They are territorial and they are of huge size.  I have some pictures of the heads of these demons. The head is so big that the demons feet could be placed in two different US states, i.e. the left in NY and the right foot In New Jersey. Maybe California.  It is hard to tell.

As to “my” list, I primarily deal with the religious demon.  He is the one who causes false conversions by deceiving folk to “accept Jesus and ask Him to come into your hearts.” The one who answers that invitation is not Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  The fake Jesus responds by sending one of his religious demons to actually enter the seeker’s spiritual heart—the chakra or spiritual gateway guarded by an entity with a Hindu name called “Isha.”  Isha works for the fake Jesus who in the occult world is called Jesus Sananda Immanuel.  So two of the names on my list are Isha and Sananda.

Then there ore other doorways. Chakras are actually doorways for Hindu gods who themselves are really principalities and powers.  Each of these entities stand guard over each of the 7 portals: Over the crown is Shiva; the third eye is Hakini, the throat is Savashiva, the navel is Bahni, the sexual organs are Vishnu and Rakeeni, the anus is Brahma and the heart is Isha.

Since no where in the bible does it even suggest that we should “ask Jesus into our hearts,” the fallen angel Isha responds to the unsuspecting seekers “invitation” as a call to the fake Jesus Sananda who Isha serves.  So Isha opens the doorway to the heart and religious demons are able to enter and take up residence.

Where a false conversion is concerned, the captive must first have a revelation that they are not saved and that Sananda answered their invitation. So they must be strengthened in their free will to revoke the original invitation. Why? Because demons stand before God declaring that “they own you because YOU invited them.”

Then I make my commands in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazereth when I confront   Isha.  I cast out Isha and the rest of the religious demons will follow. They will flood out just as they did when Jesus spoke to Legion and ALL 6000 demons ran out and into the pigs.

But the truth of the matter is that for most demons that I have cast out since 1983, I didn’t need a specific name and I had no list of demon names.

Each of my six books has a deliverance component. Faces of the Religious Demon is my “deliverance textbook.” If you are a deliverance worker, or you just want to educate yourself on demonic strategies and tricks, this book is for YOU.


If you want to learn more on demon hierarchy, PROPER deliverance, and be made alert and aware of what’s REALLY going on in these end times, please call 518-477-5759 TODAY!


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