Your Next Preaching ‘Gig’ May Be a Set Up from the enemy…

This sounded innocent enough:  church folks were on an annual missionary trip to the Holy Land on Friday.

Since filming the above video, the hostages have since been released.

To read more on the story, read here:,0&wpisrc=root_more_news

As you remember, in 2011, Egypt was the home of riots, bedlam, and chaos.

I titled this ‘Your Next Preaching ‘Gig’ May Be a Set Up from the enemy…’ because back in 2010, I was given an invitation to come out to Egypt to preach and fellowship with a group of ‘believers.’  They were going to let me stay in their home (the pastor and wife) and it was supposed to be more of a revival than a one or two night thing.

I never felt easy in my spirit, neither did I believe God wanted me to go to Egypt.  (Anyone who knows me knows I am not a fearful person and love to opportunity to travel and go to other countries.)

I can openly say that the pastor who invited me there was almost pressuring me, insisting that my coming to Egypt was ‘the will of God’ and ‘my destiny.’

I never got that witness in MY spirit.

So I told them NO.

I mean when you really think about it, its quite amazing.

A pastor and congregants go on your run-of-the-mill Holy Land Tour and are kidnapped.  It has been learned that in Egypt, there has been a rise of kidnappings of tourists and visitors there since the riots.

And then there were the riots themselves…

Its all water under the bridge now.  And I now know that had I been driven by ambition and a lust to be behind a pulpit, or to have a preaching revival in Egypt on my ministerial ‘resume,’ that I may not be here today.

I recognize that that whole trip was a set up from the enemy!

What would have happened had I went to Egypt????

The religious demon had a trap set up for me, for sure!

Now, somebody is saying, ‘Oh, no!  You shouldn’t look at it like that.  God may have wanted to use you over there. ‘

That is a lie.

I share this with you all to try and help someone.

You have been seeking ‘promotion,’ ‘acceptance,’ and looking for opportunity forever.  And many so called ‘opportunities’ have presented themselves to you.

You don’t know if its God or the enemy.

I am here to tell you…the enemy WILL send you opportunities…YES, EVEN PREACHING, SINGING, and MINISTERIAL opportunities!

IT IS A SET UP!!!!!!




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