Black Christians Need to Beware of Cult…Part 1

You all have heard of the Black Hebrew Israelites.  We all have.  Who are they, and where did they originate?

Well, innocently enough, this movement was borne out of a desire to know a race or culture of one’s own identity.  In the midst of racism and slavery, an entire race of people sought to seek out their heritage, which is in and of itself not a crime neither a sin.

The following is an excerpt from a popular Black Hebrew Israelite website:

“In scripture the children of Israel are prophesy to lose the knowledge of who they really are. This is also part of our punishment, for disobeying the most high. If a people lose the knowledge of who they are, they have lost the knowledge of their Nationality, History and Heritage. A people without a History is a people that doesn’t exist.

Since coming to the United States, we have been called by many different names in reference to our nationality.

We are the only group in this country that this has happen to. Presently we are Known as African-Americans, from Afro Americans, from Negroes, before that we were Colored and so on. This is madness…

This very thing has happen to us here in North America, we are the only people who were not allowed to practice our original culture, etc. upon our arrival. This is one of the main reasons why we don’t know who we really are today. …”

In verse 3 of Psalm 83 Israel is referred to as the ‘HIDDEN’ ones. Hidden means secret, and this is why the truth that I am presenting to you today is called ‘The World Best Kept Secret’, it’s a secret about the identity of true Israel. But at the same time this verse says that our enemies consulted to take away our nationality/ identity….”

The Black Hebrew Israelite can be those who simply desire to get closer to God and believe doing so means embracing what they call their ‘hebraic roots’- and using scripture to do so-to the radical, in-your-face street preacher-who consider themselves prophets-who hurl insults and hate language at passerbys all day long on the street corner of any urban area.  And everything and everyone in between.

Marcus Garvey is one of the earliest examples of one who considered himself a direct descendant of Israel, or one of the chosen people described in the Word of God.  He was one of the first leaders who embraced and taught Back-to-Africa movements (better known as Black Nationalism).  He was from Jamaica and had a major impact on modern-day religion that was geared towards black racial pride, ranging from the Nation of Islam to the Rastafarian religion.

Not to say that this cult (which is what they are) was borne simply at the turn of last century, post slavery.  There have been many cultures (mostly Jewish) that embraced and followed a Judaic (or of the law, strictly of the Old Testament) brand of worship and ministry.  Judaism is still practiced in many countries to this day.

Even though we are at the end of the church age-and scripture itself even prophesied it-there are still people who have had a really difficult time cutting ties with religion, temple worship, Judaism, and levitical priesthood.

John 4:19-21, 23-26

The woman saith unto him, Sir, I perceive that thou art a prophet.

Our fathers worshipped in this mountain; and ye say, that in Jerusalem is the place where men ought to worship.

Jesus saith unto her, Woman, believe me, the hour cometh, when ye shall neither in this mountain, nor yet at Jerusalem, worship the Father.

Ye worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews.

 But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeks such to worship him.

God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.

The woman saith unto him, I know that Messias cometh, which is called Christ: when he is come, he will tell us all things.

Jesus saith unto her, I that speak unto thee am he.

There has been a movement in the past 20 years or so of ‘Black Hebrew Israelites’ to go back to Israel, instead of Africa, as introduced by Garvey.  And as recent as 2010, Israel has accepted black hebrews into their  land, recognizing them as harmless and peace-abiding.

But as with all belief systems, there are dangerous, cult-like, even criminal offshoots of this movement, that targets African-Americans disgruntled with society, with the organized church system, with their lack of knowledge of their own heritage and history. So they use that as ‘bait’ to catch many an unsuspecting seeker of truth to be recruited amongst their ranks.

The people who are most susceptible to being recruited into this cult range anywhere from the harmless preachers disgruntled with the organized Christian church to murderers and child abusers who reign out of fear and violence over their followers.

They seek out and disciple black men, in particular.

Many mistake the BHI for the Nation of Islam, but the BHI vehemently dismisses that the Honorable Elijah Mohammed is their saviour, as the Nation of Islam believes.

The BHI do believe in Jesus, a false Jesus, nonetheless.  They call him Yeshua, who is only another mask of Jesus Immanuel Sannanda.

And they call God, Yah, Yahweh, or Abba.

A lot of people see the BHI as harmless to be ignored.  I beg to differ.

This is a dangerous cult, one that has several ‘communities’ dispersed throughout this country, much like the Amish ones.  Except that within their communities and compounds, it is anything but peace-loving or law-abiding!

Some of the BHI are criminals, and have even committed murder…as well as attempted murder.

In a case that shocked the nation, BHI cult leader Peter Moses of Durham, N.C., was convicted of murdering two people, including a 5-year-old boy who he thought was gay in 2010.

This was the most well-known criminal case within a BHI community to date.

But do believe that-just like there is abuse, rape, incest and even murder within the so-called institutional church system-that the same injustices, crimes, abuse, persecution, deception and corruption that is publicized and sometimes overemphasized in the media goes on within the Black Hebrew Israelite community!

We just don’t hear about it.  Why?

Many BHI fellowships are underground entities, believing that the current societal, religious and governmental systems in place in this country are in a conspiracy, of sorts, against their existence.

This is the reason for the rise in BHI communities, fellowships and organizations throughout the United States.

The Black Hebrew Israelites hold to certain belief systems, in addition to traditional Judaistic doctrines, including:

1) Tracing their geneology back to the 12 tribes of Israel

They believe that most of the minority races existing today can be traced back to the original tribes of Israel.

Ruben = Seminole Indians (Muskogee).
Simeon = Dominicans of Hispanola.
Levi = Haitians.
Judah = African-Americans.
Dan = Cubans.
Naphtali = Argentineans & Chileans.
Gad = Native Americans.
Asher = Incas.
Issachar = Aztec Indians and other Mexicans.
Zebulon = Mayan Indians and other inhabitants of countries from Guatemala to Panama.
Ephraim & Manasseh = Taino & Boriqua Indians and other Puerto Ricans
Benjamin = Carribe, Cibao, Arrowack, and other inhabitants of Guyana and the West Indies.

2) BHI believe that Israel taken into Egyptian and Babylonian captivity in the Word of God was prophetic of the blacks being taken into slavery in this country.  They believe that all the curses in Deuteronomy 28 were meant for the African-American peoples.

3) BHI are either overtly or covertly oppressive of women (and children) in their community.  

Speaking as a woman who was engaged to a BHI-as well as having seen the treatment (or should I say mistreatment) of the women and children within this community, I can attest to the fact that the men within this cult system are not only oppressive of ‘their women,’ but that they outright abuse them.  Much like what went on with Jim Jones’ Peoples’ Temple and their movement in Guyana, women and children are viewed as property.  The trick is that they do not show their true colors right away when trapping unsuspecting women into their cults.  They start out wining and dining them.  Calling them sisters and queens, or ‘achoti’ or ‘malcah’ in hebrew.

They seek out strong women are some even practice polygamy.  They will ‘marry’ more than one woman; some men (who call themselves ‘apostles’ or ‘shalachs’ within the BHI) have been known to marry as many as 5 or 6 women in different states, to set up ‘ministry’ in that state..or just another shootoff of their BHI belief systems.

Many of these men will let a woman head up the ministry in a particular region, while he goes off and marries another woman in another state in hopes of developing a franchise (if you will) of BHI settlements throughout the country.

But within the system, many women are beat, raped, and attacked often when they do not comply or ‘submit’ to the so-called leadership of their ‘husband’ or ‘leader.’

Much like what happened with Jim Jones…

I have even heard of BHI communities where the child labor laws are ignored and children are put to work in fields-in THIS country-to support these cults.

And the sad part is that many women who have been caught up in the web of deceit and lies are afraid or too ashamed to come out of it, so they stay and subject themselves AND their children to abuse, neglect, spiritual exploitation and a host of other injustices within the BHI.

4)  Those entrapped within the BHI will push racial pride-even to the point of putting down other races.

BHIers are very racially conscious.  Now, there is nothing wrong with embracing one’s culture, neither of being accepting of who you are.  Some BHI congregations don’t allow ppl other races into their services!  But you venture off into sin when you start idolizing your culture, your race, your ethnicity…and NOT worshipping JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH.  OR trying to conform Jesus Christ into an image that you can more readily accept, in other words, conforming HIM to please YOUR flesh, instead of KILLING YOUR FLESH, dying to who you are or you THINK you are-or who you believe YOU WERE, and conforming to the Image of Jesus Christ clearly spelled out in the Word of God.

What BHIers have done is allowed a religious demon to make them believe a lie, or make them so focused on race, on sex (or the flesh), and if Jesus was a black man or not, if the Israelites were black, or hispanic, or cuban, or whatever…that they have FORGOTTEN what the scripture says that there is neither male NOR female, Greek or Jew, nor bond OR free…in Galatians 3:28!

Now, I want to stop right there!


Do you know what that means to me????

YES, let’s go there.  YES, slavery happened.  CAPTIVITY happened.  I LOVE THE WORD OF GOD because you see GOD foresaw that man would harp on the injustices they suffered, one of them being slavery, captivity.   Just like BHIers harp on slavery, some Jews hard on being in captivity, etc., GOD said ONCE YOU PUT ON CHRIST JESUS, YOU ARE NO LONGER YOUR HISTORY!!!!!!! 




We all have a past.  We all come with baggage.  But Christ said HIS YOKE IS EASY, HIS BURDEN IS LIGHT!  So LIGHT PACKING is what is needed for this journey!!!!

I’m not saying you wont remember what you have been through.  I am saying when you have been washed in the Blood of the Lamb, it wont hurt anymore!

And when you share your testimony, that anger is not there.  That bitterness, that rage…so prevalent within the speech, the demeanor, the delivery of BHIer preachers, SIMPLY IS NOT THERE!

The enemy’s job is to keep you stuck in your past.

If you are NOT aware of that, then the enemy has done his job in stealing your identity.  And once the enemy can steal your identity, he can then replace it with his identity, his lies.

And that is exactly what he has done with this BHI movement!

Know your history.  Remember and share your testimony, as the Spirit of God leads you to.

But it shouldn’t sting when you do.  If it does, you have not been healed…

Stay tuned for Part 2

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21 thoughts on “Black Christians Need to Beware of Cult…Part 1

  1. Excellent job, Wenona. Recently a Hebrew Israelite who has a home in Ghana stated that several of his brothers have left wives in America who have no idea that their husbands have committed adultery with African women. The African women have borne them children.

  2. I have read your article and am a black man who is wealthy and went to a Christian College and excepted Jesus at a young age. You called these man a cult, but you fail to call Judaism a cult. The main reason is main stream Christianity is under that what our Savoir Yahushua talked about when he was present. You have homosexuality so prevelant in Black Christianity, which is an abomination to the Most. What did Yahushua say about law in I John 2:3-4. He never did away with the commandments and laws that he gave Moses. Of course you need to covered by his blood, the commandments and laws are our guide, that makes you free from making up your own sins, as the pharisees did so that they could have control over the people. Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy. Sunday is worship day that was decided upon by the Narcian Counsel. They cannot change the Most High’s Holy. Christianity is form of bondage. The problem with the Black Hebrew Isrealites is they don’t have the Ruach Kodesh (Holy Spirit) because of not excepting Yahushua as Savoir. A lot Jews and people know that we are part of the 10 Lost Tribe’s but will not acknowledge it, I ask that you expand you knowledge on this topic, there are some good books out there on the subject. His people are waking up, they are not falling in the category as the Black Hebrew Isrealites, they are gaining knowledge abou the mission of the chosen people and are bringing all colors to the fact because that is our mission to share the true gospel. Don’t let main stream christianity lock you into not really understanding the Most high, other books, Book of Enoch, (Apocrypha which was take out of the 1611 King James Version), Book of Jasper. I am awake like never before a good husband and father, understanding the Laws and my place in the home. Do more research you have not touhed the surface! Shalom

    Good refernce site:

    1. While being a good father and husband are commendable attributes to have in this day and time, as well as being successful (in the world’s eyes), none of that amounts to a thing if you are not saved. Yes, the law is not to be done away with…but JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH came to FULFILL the law. THE REAL JESUS! I present to you that the Jesus that most (christians) have been following-the one where you ‘accept him’ into your heart-is the FAKE jesus. I decline your suggestion to learn more about Hebrew Israelites b/c I have done my research, and studied with someone who was steeped real heavy into that religious culture. Whether its the Black Hebrew Israelites, or Judaism…or even MOST of what is coined as mainstream Christianity today, they all stem from a deceptive, religious spirit that blinds people from serving the ONE TRUE SAVIOR. I still maintain that BHI’ers and all of her varied branches are cults. And that not just blacks, but ALL people should steer clear of any movement that digresses a people back to a FORMER revelation of who Jesus Christ of Nazareth REALLY is, and not take them forward-progressively-into a clearer understanding of who He is.

      1. You do know that the bible says confess with your mouth and believe in your HEART and you’ll be saved

      2. yes. Paul wrote this to the Romans. Yet that contradicts other scriptures that Paul also wrote.

        My understanding of Romans 10:8 is that this is what actually happens when you become born again. Paul is not telling us to go and do this, and viola, you are saved. he is saying, when you are saved, this is what happens. Cause then he would have been lying to the Ehesians when He wrote that salvation is a gift from God, AND NOT OF OURSELVES. WE ARE SAVED BY God”s choice alone, but by God. The reason? so that no man can boast and say “Oh I am better than you because I CONFESSED JESUS, I ACCEPTED HIM AND YOU DID NOT.

  3. Being a good father and husband is not only commendable in the eyes of the world but also in the eyes of the Most High. You talk about Yahushua fullfilling the law that is correct, but you cannot point me in scripture where he stated he was here to do away with the old law. He stated there is a new covenant but never did away with the old you would not have any guidelines, that is why today people are making up sins, because they state the holy spirit convinced them. Where as a lot of times it’s there own thinking. If you are not walking in the spirit 100% of the time, the holy spirit is not guiding you in all your goings. So many of the so called Christians are not walking in the true Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues, prosperity gospel and so on. Transgressing the Law is Sin, clearly stated. This so called progressive Christianity is a Babylonian format that was started by the Romans and the Greeks. Since it seems like someone like you. wenonaruss, being you think you have a grasp on truth, will one day realize the Christian concept that you are following is not following Yahushua. Being truly born again is shown as, “The race is not given to the swift nor the strong but he who endures until the end, Ecclesiastes 9:11”. It sounds like you are talking out of anger over a your bad situation. I don’t condone the BHI’s actions they are despicable. That still does not deny the fact that our people are waking up to their true origin and that is a good thing, not a reason to take advantage of the situation. I agree with them being a cult because they are not rooted in Yahushua a Messiah as Savior. The black in America have been cursed and need something to bring us out of this situation, truth and proper doctrine will. From a perosn who has gone thru a lot from and has been to professional counseling and the only way you can be healed of your situation is deal with things from the past, not matter how you feel that is a reality and forward progression won’t reveal that to you.

  4. ok, hearing this discussion has been a little helpful as my husband has recently become a Hebrew Israelite. he spends hours listening to th youtube videos and such. I am confused as I was raised in a Baptist church singing in the choir. he wants me to stop going all together but my head is confused. before this h was a bit abusive and very man is above women, but now it is beyond extreme. some of his scriptures and beliefs make sends to me, but listening to him talk about many wives and about how God only deals with men, doesn’t deal with emotions, about how women cant even read the Bible without their husbands because they will have no understanding or about bashing children’s heads in and loving it, are so hard. he says all women are wicked and I feel like Esau. in this. in Obadiah, God said he hates them. whoever they are I feel just as lost as them. I also feel confused and very depressed as I have given up holidays, birthdays, friends and family trying to follow my husband who is supposed to Christlike to me. also studying the end of the world and the signs everyday weighs heavier than anything. I don’t know what to believe. I am bound to not divorce which is Esau’s. way anyway, and to stay because divorcing him means never having sex again with another man because I am a woman, while he will surely be with whatever woman he wishes. is God really this God?. please what are your thoughts????

    1. Tabytha, you are in a bad way here. You are in captivity and your husband is the jailer. Let me explain something to you about divorce. God Himself created divorce so as to provide a way of escape for women who were in your situation. The choice is yours. I do not tell anyone what to do. I will say this much, though. If it were not for divorce, I would probably be dead by now!!! Let word to the wise be sufficient!!!

    2. Tabytha,

      I am going through the same thing….upwards of 10hrs on Friday and Saturday. Morning, noon, and night videos throughout the week. My daughter is right by his side. Sometimes I feel like the alien in our home. I am a Christian…traditional if you will. Saved, sanctified, filled with the Holy Ghost, speaking in tongues, prayer warrior, walking by faith, type Christian…no just in words. I say that so you understand that I am being told that I am lost and he has the truth. I have been through so much that I have to break my silence and seek counsel from strong friends to keep me sane sometimes. It is extremely lonely. I was raised to honor my husband and the whole bit… I believe the word of God on marriage but he has become militant minded and speaks over me if I want to speak or voice my opinion. My daughter looks at me with a side eye and always takes his side on everything. He also constantly tell me everything I do is wrong and seems to dislike when I am happy or entertain friends. I don’t think I can live this way….so I am seeking and praying about divorce after 15 years. He doesn’t seem to understand why I am not happy for him. This teaching seems to to give black men validation and an ego boost. I am fine with that but so many other things are extreme.. Like keeping over 600 Old Testament laws and requiring my 11 year old daughter to work toward this is crazy. He threatens to take her from me also and not to be surprised if they leave me. Mind you we are a one income family basically I pay for everything. We live in Dubai and life could be good but this is too much. Thank goodness I don’t live in the states right now or he would have really left and joined a group in NewYork in which he has visited.

      Seems like a support group is needed for wives to deal with this sudden drastic change in our men. Funny thing is they use scripture and I believe scripture but when he tells my daughter God hates Edomites or white people…I just can’t stand it. I try to show her love and counter this with love as much as possible and help her love others…

  5. Excellent article! This needs to go viral. I must say that I too followed this doctrine for three years believing and wanting it to be true. However, there was always a hmmm, something isn’t right. Once I opened my eyes more to the teaching which is really a means to control women especially, brain wash men and hate whites and everything and all who do not think as such, is still slave mentality only this time we are enslaving our own mentally and spiritually.

    The teachers usually male spend time teaching how screwed up we are, how God cursed us, and cursed black womens hair, we angered God by this and that….gee wiz, actually you feel more bad about yourself in this Cult but that is the goal by the teachers.

    Thanks for posting awareness! I have started posting as well. We do have a rich history in Africa and that’s our heritage as well as other ethnic groups in our family. This myth about not being able to trace our heritage… I don’t get it! Are they trying to trace back to 1 BC?!

    Well, that is it. Thanks again!

  6. Yes, there is that ONE GROUP he HI that are hateful and nasty, but they give us a bad image…..PLEASE dont let them mess up the truth of our PEOPLE! and yes the Kingdom of Heaven is for EVERYBODY! even the scriptures tell us that yes we are Yahs CHOSEN PEOPLE to speard the WORD to all nations, but think yourself high and above everyone else, cause we can end up in the lake of fire too Israelite or gentile.

  7. All Hebrew Israelites are not violence people….Don’t knock what we believe in…We become a CULT because we are speaking the TRUTH…..I just wanted to make that clear that not all Hebrew Israelites are violence….That’s like saying that all Christians are bad because of Jim Jones…

    1. You become a cult when you follow a man and not what the bible is teaching you. Not all blacks are Israelites. When you trace your history all the way back to before 70 AD let me know. Till then I’m suggesting that you read scripture for yourself and not from those so called “learned men”. God commanded us to love our enemies. And remember that if you break the least of his commandments you will not enter the kingdom….Israelite or not.

  8. I had a long time friend attempt to get me to hear their new doctrine . It started with a question. Do you know who you are according to the Bible? Iam a believer in Jesus Christ so I answered rightly. Long story short, they said Jesus was not God. They said they could prove it in the Bible. I have read and studied so I knew any attempt to prove otherwise is plain DECEPTION! My mind remembered “Immanuel God with us” and I knew to just be silent, I was in their home. So thank u for putting this article out there. Been doing research on this topic and it is very dangerous. So Iam staying far away.

  9. My husband came into the knowledge of the BHI back in the late 90’s early 2000’s. I had my doubts about the whole thing. He would read all sorts of books and practice all sorts of doctrine. One thing that I noticed early on was that he never picked up the Bible. He only read books written by men. Until one day he started reading the Bible. I was very intrigued being a Christian woman at the time. He began following the teachings of a BHI group. They never wanted to refer to themselves as a camp. But anyways. I actually gave it an ear. I changed my WHOLE life. I left the church, and with leaving the church and the Christian beliefs.. I lost many friends, and even certain family members in the process. After being a part of that particular group for almost 10 years.. We came into the knowing of a LOT of foul play going on by the head teacher. We knew of a little things here and there, and we would always turn a blind eye and def ear to it. Until things begin to come to our doorstep. Like one of the sisters stated in her testimony.. I too am the bread winner in our home. My husband currently doesn’t work. However after being a part of this BHI group after about the first year, I noticed a severe change in how my husband treated and spoke to me. He became a very disrespectful man. My husband and I have been together for 23 years. married for 15. And before he came into being a BHI.. I never dealt with being told to shut up, to know my place as a woman, to humble myself, to do as Im told, I was also told I have a Babylonian mindset several times. I saw a side of my husband that to this day I dislike. But because the teachers of this group would always use scripture, men in this group repeat almost verbatim what they hear. Polygamy is a big thing in this group. And women are told if they are against polygamy, they are against Yah. Women are also told that a husband does not have to ask permission from his wife to do anything at all, so he can go get as many wives as he wants and she has no say so in the matter. This plagued my household for about 3 years. Where my husband felt that if there were things I lacked, as a wife and mother, he would simply go get another wife. Meanwhile he didn’t work. But wanted more than one wife. We finally left the group about 2 years ago. When a huge scandal came out about the head teacher and his wife. This group not only allows polygamy but homosexuality as well. Stating that women can be lesbians if they are 2 wives of 1 man, because the marriage bed is undefiled. A great example of how certain BHI groups will twist scripture for their own fleshly purposes. Needless to say, after almost 10 years.. I can say it was a cult. I say this because they don’t emphasize on the teachings of the bible as much as the emphasize on other races or nationalities. You are told if people around you do not call on Yah, they are not your family or friends, hence isolating you only to them and their doctrine. They also tell u not to research, but to listen to their sound doctrine for the “truth”. Even when scripture says to Study to show thyself approved. Being that I and my family changed our entire lives for this group and the beliefs and way of life.. Im second guessing and researching EVERYTHING. Not that I didn’t before, but even more now. The women are so brainwashed, the camp has the wife of the lead teacher teaching the women all sorts of BHI ways. And she lives contrary to the word herself. I always found it hard to listen to her, and most times I didn’t. (All Praises to the Father).. But they are leading many people astray, hence, I have to personally say this particular group is a cult. I am free from that bondage.. My husband is getting there. Slowly but surely. Moral to this story, Study to show THYSELF approved! Don’t always take what anyone says as faith value. Do your research. and pray to be led by the one and only Set Apart Spirit. Blessings.

  10. My mother started watching the BHI videos on YouTube not too long be more specific I.U.I.C (Israel united in Christ). her sister-in-law got her into it, and now she’s passing their foolish nonsense to me and my younger siblings. I for one don’t believe it, half of the things the preach doesn’t even make sense and they also take the scriptures out of context. For example, they teach that King Solomon is black, but if you go to songs of Solomon 1 and read the ENTIRE passage, it is revealed that the one speaking is actually a WOMAN!

    Song of Solomon 1

    1 The Song of Songs, which is Solomon’s.

    2 Let HIM kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love is better than wine.

    ((Note that I showed emphasis for “him”. This clearly shows that a woman is speaking and Solomon was NOT speaking to himself like the BHI claim, let’s move on shall we?))

    3 Because of the savor of thy good ointments thy name is as ointment poured fourth, therefor do the virgins love thee.

    4 Draw me, we will run after thee: The king hath brought me into his chambers: we will be glad and rejoice in thee, we will remember thy love more than wine: the upright love thee.

    ((During all of this, the woman IS TALKING about Solomon, I’d like to see the BHI argue against this because it’s written in black in white! now this next verse is where they get the assumption that Solomon was black which he isn’t and I have the verse to prove it))

    5 I am black, but comely, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, as the tents of Kedar, as the curtains of Solomon.

    6 Look not upon me, because I am black, because the sun hath looked upon me: my mother’s children were angry with me; they made the keeper of the vinyards; but my own win yard have I not kept.

    ((Now this goes to show that Solomon isn’t if you want more proof let’s skip to chapter 5 and verse 10))

    Songs of Solomon 5

    10 My beloved is WHITE and RUDDY, the chiefest among ten thousand.

    11 His head is as the most fine gold, his locks are bushy, and black as a Raven.

    12 His eyes are as the eyes of doves by the rivers of waters, washed with milk and filly set.

    13 His cheeks are as a bed of spices, as sweet flowers; his lips like lilies, dropping the sweet smelling myrrh.

    14 His hands are as gold rings set with the he beryl: his belly is as bright IVORY overlaid with sapphires.

    15 His legs are as pillars of MARBLE, set upon sockets of fine gold: his countenance is as Lebanon, excellent as the Cedars.

    So there you have it folks, Solomon was NOT BLACK, like I said earlier it’s written in black in white, and as its written Solomon was WHITE AND RUDDY! I just proved the BHI wrong and they have no proof to even counter my statement. I would also like to point out another error in one of their false doctrines. The BHI claims that the white man are descendants of Esau and believed he was a white man. I want to say this…what proof do they have BHI that states this? Yes he came out RUDDY but that doesn’t mean he’s white, if that was the case then the bible would have stated that Esau is white and ruddy, but it didn’t, it only said he was ruddy, his skin could be a multitude of different colors, and by the way, did you know KING DAVID was described as ruddy as well? WE DON’T KNOW THE ACTUAL COLORS OF DAVID AND ESAU! WHY DO THE BHI MORONS HOLD ON TO GENEOLOGY SO MUCH? THEY CLAIM THESE PEOPLE ARE BLACK, WHERES THE PROOF!? THE BIBLE SAYS TO AVOID THESE KINDS OF THINGS!

    Titus 3:9

    9 But avoid foolish questions and genealogies and contentions, and striving about the law, for they are unprofitable and vain.

    My message to the BHI: You guys are a joke, please sit your asses down and study the WHOLE word of God instead of cherry picking verses to fit your racist, black supremacist agenda, you are preaching hatred, and you’re TWISTING the word of God. Yes the blacks had it hard during slavery, with racism, and segregation, but that does NOT give you the right to twist the word of God and preach horrible doctrines and condemning the white man! Who the hell do you think you are to pass judgement on the entire white race? Yes blacks suffered and are still suffering at the hands of the whites but to say that they’re all going to hell for something their ANCESTORS DID is wrong and EVIL, remember we are all be judged by out own iniquity, and also I’d like to say that salvation is for EVERYBODY WHO BELIEVES IN CHRIST!

    Titus 2:11

    11 For the grace of God that bringer have salvation a hath appeared to all men.


    And one more thing..that chart of yours that describes the 12 tribes? Yeah..where’s the proof? If the bible says the Israelites are scattered across the four corners of the earth…then why does the chart only depict lands that are on ONE SIDE OF THE GLOBE? THAT IS SOOOOO NOT ACCURATE! LISTEN UP BHI, GO SIT YOUR BUTTS DOWN SOMEWHERE AND READ THE WORD OF GOD CORRECTLY AND DON’T CHERRY PICK VERSES, ITS SO EASY TO MISINTERPRET THE MEANINGS…

  11. This is such an awesome discussion. Please let me know if any of you are interested in joining a weekly support call for wives, families and anyone else impacted by these BHI groups. Prayer changes things. We can only combat this spirit in the spirit. We wrestle not against flesh and blood! Email me at for more information about time and day for the conference call prayer.

    1. The person who wrote the article, Wenona, has not been among us for a few years now, as she no longer writes articles for us. SO i wanted you to know that the death threat you sent out to her will not reach her.

      Your evil comment proves that perhaps she was right about Hebrew Israelites.

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