The Trap of Loneliness

We have all been there.


At a place where we are alone.  Circumstances in life has made it so where you are in a lonely place.  Loneliness can happen whether you are by yourself or in a room full of people.

If you are a part of a local church, you may find yourself feeling lonely.  A lot.  You may attend faithfully.  You are there every time the doors of the church open.

Yet you feel like you are the only one there.  No one understands where you are.

You hear from God, and what He is saying.  And it is NOT what the majority, or even your pastor or leader is saying.

And now you are filled with guilt and fear, because someone has told you you should not feel that way. Or you should not entertain ANY voice that is in direct opposition to your pastor’s.

I want you to know ONE thing…


So now what do you do?  You are alone, lonely.  No one understands.  And God is calling you to another place in Him.

I want to share something with you…

A lot of times, God will call you away to speak to you.  He is not in the crowd, but the still small voice.

And on the mountaintop where you CAN hear that still small voice is a very LONELY place.

But if you love God more than you love people, He will fill that void.  He will direct your path.  He will give you instruction on what to do.

And sometimes-most times-God uses pain to shake us out of our place of familiarity.  He doesn’t want us getting too comfortable ANYWHERE.  And He doesn’t want  us getting too familiar with many PEOPLE.

When Jesus Christ of Nazareth went up to the Mount of Configuration, He only took two people with Him.

I entitled this the TRAP of loneliness because what the enemy does is get people entrapped into relationships and alliances with people who have a crafty veneer like they are sent from God.  They come packaged just like you like them.  It doesnt just have to be in a man/woman relationship.  Sometimes even friends we seek out end up being potentially hazardous to our spiritual health.

Sometimes, it is family.  We will hang out with people who carry more demons than the demoniac did in the Word of God, just so we wont be lonely.

Wanting companionship, fellowship, relationship are all healthy things GOD created.  They ARE good.

But what many fail to realize is that whatever God has, the enemy imitates!

So the enemy will send friends, mates, associates, people, etc. so he can use their vessels to eventually cause you harm!

No, it won’t be apparent at first why they are there.  But as time moves on, the religious demon starts to manifest itself through the vessels of people who we’ve developed relationships with.

The Trap of Loneliness.

If God is sending you to a lonely place, trust Him that He has everything in control and HE will direct your paths.

We have to be careful in these end times who we associate with…VERY CAREFUL!


Many of you know my stance about coming out of the church.  I still hold to that.

But I am here to tell you that the enemy is after you…and religious demons do NOT just manifest inside the church walls!

It was religious demons that flew those planes into the Twin Towers!

It was religious demons that started the war Obama ended!

It was religious demons that have caused some of the greatest conflicts in history!

And, bringing it down to where you live, religious demons are packed to capacity…here on social networks.  In various ‘come-out-of-the-church’ ministries, I have found that these are nothing more than disgruntled, angry, bitter people who are looking for a place to vent their angers, but have little or NO desire to (continue) to grow in the things of God.

When transitioning from the church setting, a lot of these places are the WORST place a person leaving the institutional church can go!

Behind the laughs, the laxing, the ‘we-dont-have-to-abide-by-church-rules’ anymore mindset is something sinister and demonic, very subtle.

It is the RELIGIOUS DEMON that is wanting you to renounce your faith in God due to all the church hurts and your understandable disappointment over the misgivings of the institutional church.

A person coming out of the I.C. needs healing, mentorship, encouragement, spiritual edification…even moreso than what is received within the church system.

I am telling you to BEWARE of these groups that promote coming out of the church, yet they do NOTHING to promote you spiritually, emotionally, mentally.  They only encourage you to be carnal, to sin, and to give excuse to be in the flesh.

You need a group of certified ministers who have ALL PROPERLY gone through the church exodus, who have left the church completely, and who can help YOU leave the church with the least amount of trauma, or spiritual regression.  Who can help you in your walk with God to HEAL..properly.

If a wound is not healed properly, if a broken limb is not healed PROPERLY, you can walk around with a limp, a bruise, an infection, for a long time, that may even cause unnecessary pain.

We can help you heal spiritually PROPERLY if you have left, or are leaving, the church.  We have all been there, done that.

If you need a SAFE PLACE to heal, to be mentored, to grow, to be counseled, or even to be trained…give us a call 518-477-5759 .


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