Fortune Tellers…In the Church…. An Online Deliverance Ministry

Yes, there are fortune tellers in the church….masquerading as prophets and prophetesses.

How many times have you’ve been given ‘a word from the Lord’ from these people in church, only to have them lead you astray?

You married that man, that woman, based upon a prophecy you heard from Prophetess Flo Jo, and now you wanna choke them!

You went into that business, and it went belly up!

You started that ministry, and you’re about to lose your mind!

That ‘prophetess’ prophesied to you, that prophet laid hands on you, and now you are more oppressed, more depressed, sicker and broker than before!

I have one word for you all….


The Word tells us we are not to believe every spirit, but that is exactly what many in the Church do.  They take a word-any word-from anyone and run with it.  Run to the altar, to the bank, to the school of the prophets-or apostles, to Timbuktu.  Only to be highly disappointed when that prophecy turns out to be a nightmare!


If you believe you have already been a ‘victim’ of fortune telling and you are in the church, you are not alone.  HELP IS HERE!

Just call 518-477-5759.


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