God Is Telling Me to Go…I Think…An Online Deliverance Ministry

You have been faithful to your church.  You have helped the pastor with the vision.  You have been a blessing to many…yet lately you have been hearing God tell you ‘It’s time for you to go…’

You KNOW its the voice of God, yet because you never thought He would tell you to leave your church-and because pastor, family and friends have told you it wasn’t God-you stay.  BUT YOU KNOW YOU HAVE HEARD FROM GOD!

You have been under the misconception that God has called you to stay there and ‘pray,’ as if your prayers are only effective if your presence accompanies them.  So week in and week out, you faithfully attend a church YOU KNOW God has released you from.

When we are DISobedient to the voice of God, we are in rebellion.  A lot of people do not know they are in rebellion because they shake themselves and still ‘feel’ something.  Or they operate in a gift, but are in rebellion with God.

If you are still going someplace God said to leave-dont get it twisted.


No matter how anointed you feel.  No matter how many gigs you get.  No matter how many miracles is wrought through your hands.

And in rebellion, God will allow some people to suffer the plagues and fruits of rebellion. IN THE CHURCH.

So take heed to the warning.  We’re not talking about forsaking assembly here.  We’re talking about OBEDIENCE TO THE ONE AND TRUE LIVING GOD.

If you need help during this transition period, if you need help in your exodus, your escape, from a group of people, then the Remnant Exodus Society is here for YOU!

The Remnant Exodus Society  is a Christian fellowship network that rescues the perishing and edifies those whom the Lord is leadng to greener pastures without walls. pews or Christian TV.


Pam Sheppard Ministries has been serving online since 2002. On 4/10/12, a woman called PSM at midnight in tears and in fear. She knew the Lord was leading her out of the IC but she did not know where to go. We were pleased to inform her that she can become a member of RES.


The Workshop for Discerning Pentecostals is for those who are in transition-offered within the RES-that need mentoring and encouragement in leaving the church.  If you are interested in being a part of this workshop, just send me an email at betheltefilah@live.com.


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