Why Do You Worship Your Leaders, Part 2

In my last article, I presented the ‘cases,’ if you will, of preachers who battled their demons.  Some won, some are winning, and some have lost their battles.

This type of thing is not talked about in what is known as the church, and that is a dangerous thing.  The very secretiveness surrounding the maladies preachers suffer with in their secret, personal lives leaves open a wide gateway into these people for the enemy to operate, infiltrate and conquer.

Many look at this and say it is disrespectful or gossipy.  When we who claim to be ‘in ministry’ or ‘called into the ministry’ need to examine this phenomena…and see what can be done so that the enemy does not take more lives.

It should not be that in the day and time we live in that preachers who we see everyday-whether that be on TV, the Internet or in person-should NOT suffer in silence with mental illness.  The shame is NOT in having the mental illness.  The shame is in NOT getting help.

First, let’s get the stigma out of the way attached to mental illness.

We tend to think that if someone is diagnosed with a mental illness, then it can only be ‘prayed through.’  Shouted out.  Danced out.  Prophesied out.  Slain in the Spirit…and POOF!  Bye bye demons!

This is just what the enemy WANTS you to believe.

Many of the (prayer and Deliverance) practices done in churches today are INEFFECTIVE.  This is why preachers can preach…and be totally oppressed maybe even possessed by demons.  The devil knows how to preach, too!  Religious demons masquerading as angels of lights, performing miracles, speaking in tongues, prophesying, laying hands on folks and causing them to be ‘slain in the spirit’ are fooling MANY in the I.C. today.  TRUE deliverance is NOT taking place at these altars, but merely the transferance of evil spirits.

I do believe this is how mental illness is spreading so rapidly-much like HIV is in the black community-in the I.C.

In all the cases that I have presented, the ones that survived are the ones that sought help-and who were HONEST about their struggle.  Period.  They didn’t hide behind a title or a position or some perceived authority.  They recognized that they had some things going on inside of them and had to BE ACCOUNTABLE and SEEK HELP.  As uncomfortable as it may have been, these popular, highly sought after preachers had to submit themselves WHOLLY to the therapy and scrutiny of another.  They didn’t just ‘pray it away.’  They submitted to EFFECTIVE help and was (or IS) being delivered from their demons.  They admitted to having demons.  But not only that, they did (and are doing) whatever it takes to walk in deliverance day by day.

If a leader is delivered-or at the very least-seeking deliverance, then that leader should NOT be submitted to.  Many believe that once a person is anointed, that they are always anointed.  And that therefore justifies one or more congregations submitting to their authority because of ‘the anointing.’

I want to present to you that satan himself was anointed.  The Word says he was ‘the anointed cherub.’  Having ‘an anointing’ does not mean one is right with God, neither does it somehow pre-qualify those in leadership to be submitted to, even when they are in sin or error.  Paul said to follow me as I follow Christ.  Many leaders-sad to say-are NOT following Christ, but their own lustful plans, desires and agendas.  Once a leader strays from the will and plan of God, and won’t seek help or deliverance, then that nullifies any covenantal relationship between a ‘pastor’ and ‘the sheep.’

The leaders in this series who perished in their struggles with demonic oppression were the ones who either attempted to hide behind their religion, their ministry, their public persona and image or who simply gave up the fight and gave in to becoming a walking habitation of demons.

Or they didn’t submit themselves to TRUE, AUTHENTIC deliverance ministry!

The fact of the matter is as long as there are people who are afraid to admit they have demons they struggle with-or even go as far as to deny that demonic activity going on in their lives…or don’t recognize it as demonic, then YES, in the FUTURE…Past, Present AND FUTURE…we will continue to see leaders who are demonically oppressed or possessed.  It is controversial, but it is true.  Some will die, and others will live, solely for the purpose of spreading their demons to unsuspecting congregations and followers who failed to try the spirits and ultimately to LEAVE the I.C.

If you are a leader and you are struggling with your demons (and only YOU and God knows what they are), don’t suffer in silence.  Don’t stay disheartened, resigned to live with your demons for another day.  DELIVERANCE IS AVAILABLE TO YOU!


The Remnant Exodus Society of Pam Sheppard Ministries is a Christian fellowship network that rescues the perishing and edifies those whom the Lord is leadng to greener pastures without walls. pews or Christian TV.  

You no longer have to hide in your sin, nor do you have remain in bondage.  RESCUE offers deliverance ministry as well as training and fellowship…plus a whole lot more!  In a safe, non-exploitative environment.  

If you are interested in receiving weekly newsletters, just go to www.pamsheppard.com and add your email address to the ‘Once A Week Updates’ underneath the NEWSLETTER field on the left hand side of the page.  


2 thoughts on “Why Do You Worship Your Leaders, Part 2

  1. Hey there It’s me again, Jesus is not short of His word. He came to set the captive free, “If my people who are called by name will humble themselves and seek my face…. the problem is there is no faith, and therefore, deliverance does not come. There is nothing too hard for God!!!! He is not a man that He should lie. The failure is not in Jesus it’s in people. Preachers and many who claim to love the Lord are in ministry for all the wrong reasons and because they are not real about the Lord they have doorways open that cause them to be ineffective when it’s time to help someone get free from devils and demons, also you must be sure that God has called you to help someone be delivered. We must be sent, not just go!!!
    Pastor Caren Faulk
    P S: I just found this sight, it’s very interesting.

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