You Better Judge Those Around You…

I was talking to God this morning about something that was on my heart.  I asked Him, “Lord, is it wrong to keep a close eye on folks close to you?”  We hear people say ALL the time ‘judge not that ye be not judged’ and often accuse those who scrutinize others-especially those around them-as critical and judgmental.

See, if I’m in error or if there is something in me that may keep me out of the presence of God, I have no qualms about bringing something before God to get clarity and instruction, understanding, on that thing.  My PRACTICE of judging those near and those far was one of those things I laid on the ‘altar,’ if you will.

Do you know what the Spirit of God put in my spirit?

You would be surprised.

The Spirit of God told me that I BETTER judge those around me!!!!

In this day and time where people have all types of belief systems about how to treat and interact with unsaved folks, believers-I believe-have been duped by the enemy into trusting people, being in relationship with people and allowing people WHO ARE NOT SAVED to get TOO CLOSE to them!

“But, Wenona.  Who are you to judge if someone is saved or not?”

I am a wise, obedient servant of the Living God, following HIS instructions.  And walking in WISDOM.

God took me to those places  in my own life where I had trusted THE WRONG PEOPLE.  I allowed them access to me, many times blindly believing they were saved, sent from God.


I know you have heard it before, but it bears repeating.  Because I think people forget…


Everybody who steps foot in a church building is NOT saved!

Heck, everybody who doesn’t believe in going to church services is NOT saved!

OH, LORD!  I know I’m going to get blocked now!

But its true.  The Word says everybody who says Lord, Lord will NOT enter into the Kingdom of God.

And the fact of the matter is we are living IN THE LAST DAYS.  The imposters, the fakes, the phonies, the wolves in sheeps’ clothing, the hirelings, the goats, the tares are manifesting more and more.

So that’s how I can say-unabashedly and unashamedly-that you BETTER judge those around you!



That’s right.

When someone has committed a crime, is arrested and stands before a judge-AND A JURY-what is the reason behind that?

Because this person has committed a crime and is a danger to society and the general public. (If they are guilty…)

What the enemy has done is made believers so passive, so not on their guards, and has robbed the majority of folks from practicing sound discernment that believers are now calling wrong right and right wrong.  And are trusting THE WRONG PEOPLE in their lives.

It is done out of the guise of being ‘a witness’ to those in darkness.

But the Word of God is clear.  We are to CRY ALOUD and SPARE NOT.  We are to WEEP BETWEEN THE PORCH and the ALTAR.

Not…”live a life as a witness before them….’

Yes, good works should follow believers, but understand, your living a good life in and of itself will NOT draw people to Christ.

What draws people to Christ?


Our going around smiling all the time, biting our tongues when we should be crying aloud and sparing not about sin and wickedness WILL DO NOTHING to draw those close to us to Christ.  As a matter of fact, that kind of easy believism and passive mindset actually ENABLES them to continue in a life of sin.

And when a people are allowed unchallenged to live a sin of iniquity, no Word nowhere around them to judge the sin in their life, they grow hard towards the things of God.  They forget that there is a GOD who demands holiness.  Does He love them?  YES.

But if loving folks (which is not real love if its not based in truth), performing miracles and being all sweet and kind was all it took to bring folks in then Jesus would have walked this earth and God would not have sent His Word thousands of years before.  And EVERYTHING Jesus Christ of Nazareth did was backed up on and supported BY the Word of God.

Now, I got one more hard hitter for you.  And this one is gonna knock the ball out of the park.



Whew!  Told ya…!

What?  How can that be true?

This is another reason you GOTTA judge those around you, whether they are your drug dealing buddies, your girls, your church group, your hairdresser, even your mama and your daddy!

The cold, hard fact is that everyone who was borne of a woman is BORN IN SIN and SHAPEN IN INIQUITY.

That means they have the propensity to fulfill the purpose of lucifer.  Look at Judas.  Look at Pharoah.  Born for a specific purpose…

To (attempt to) thwart the plans of GOD!

I can attest to the fact that there were people who were sent into my life-some of these people had on collars, some of them were in church, claiming salvation-who were sent BY THE DEVIL to attempt to stop the plan of God from manifesting in my life.

The fact of the matter is that if you are truly saved, the enemy has you as a target.  For evil.

And HOW is evil manifested in this earthly realm?  THROUGH PEOPLE!

Just as good is manifested in the physical realm through the actions of others, so is evil.

Murder, rape, robbery, deception, debauchery, perversion ALL take place through the hands of a person.  The enemy CANNOT operate unless he has a vessel to operate through.

So why we’re busy trying to save some folks who were not ordained for salvation, the enemy’s schemes and plots continuously manifest in lives of well-meaning, but naive, believers who are not walking in wisdom.

It is just plain old WISDOM to judge folks, the closer they are, the more they HAVE to be scrutinized.

The Word says our enemies will be those of our own household.  Family against family even.  NO ONE can be blindly trusted today.

Because the enemy can and does use those closest to us to attempt to do us harm!

I mean, come on!  Some saved folks get used by the enemy, those who walk in the flesh and not the spirit of God!

And so if folks around us are NOT saved, can you imagine even HOW MUCH MORE the enemy CAN and DOES use them against us???????


They belong to the enemy.

I remember in particular God telling me that my ex husband-with his tongue-talking, laying-hands-on-folks, dancing-around-the-church self-was born solely for the purpose of destroying me.  That sounds a bit harsh, cold…I know.  But I know what I heard.  And I know it was God who said it.  I had asked God if I should stay with my husband, fight for my marriage, or allow him to go.  God told me specifically why Scott (not his real name) was sent into my life.  So the answer was NO.

I can hear you now…”but what about the saved wife being able to save the unbelieving husband?”

God won’t contradict His word.  He also said in the Word, ‘live peaceably with all men,’ and ‘if the unbelieving party wants to depart, let him.’  So with the revelation God gave me about my ex, there was also scripture to back it up.

We as believers must come to the realization that there are some people who have been born into the earth realm that will NEVER get saved.  They may preach.  They may prophesy.  They may attend a church-faithfully-and go through all the rites of passage to be approved of by man.  They may sing like a mockingbird.  Those are the hardest to detect…the wolves in sheeps’ clothing.  The ones who ‘claim’ salvation, but underneath all the facade are ravenous wolves, waiting to devour you!


Ask God to show you who’s who in your life.  And if God says to leave them, YOU BETTER.  Its wisdom.  And its for your OWN safety.


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