When I was in the I.C., this song was a very popular song we played during what is known as ‘altar call.’  The ‘altar call’ in most churches, is the place sinners go to ‘get saved.’

This song is a very emotional song, and I will be the first to admit, it will ‘rile a crowd’ up.  It solicits an emotional, often teary-eyed response of the crowd that feels they are in worship to God.

But listen to the song:  NO where in the song does one hear the WHOLE gospel message…what one must do to be saved.  A key element to salvation is REPENTANCE, yet the word ‘repent’ is not sang one time in this entire song.

The ‘bishop’ Hezekiah Walker about half way through the song goes into how church is ‘big business,’ instead of telling people to repent.  Instead of telling people that Jesus Christ of Nazareth rose from the dead.  Without a clear, concise understanding and acceptance that Jesus rose again from the dead-IN THE FLESH-plus without godly repentance, salvation has not taken place.

One may have snotted and cried, writhed all under the pew.  One may have ran up and down the aisle.  One may have screamed & hollered to the top of their lungs.

But NONE of that equates salvation.

The song sings ‘Do you know Jesus?  Does He live in your heart?’

Jesus Christ of Nazareth-the ONLY Living Son of God-who died on the cross and rose again from the dead with ALL power in HIS hands….cannot live in anyone’s heart….since He is sitting on the right hand of the Father…He rose IN THE FLESH.  That means He is back in the body He was born into via Mary.

This erroneous teaching has led MANY to believe that they are saved, when they are not.  And then they are driven into more condemnation when they fall so quickly, or so easily into sin the same day they said the sinner’s prayer that guilt & condemnation oppresses them, kills their faith, and deadens their senses so that they cannot repent….preachers don’t even preach repentance anymore under the erroneous belief that doing so is legalism.

It is not to just believe on Jesus.  There are MANY jesuses out there, the most ‘powerful,’ fake one is Jesus Immanuel Sananda…the jesus that millions have unknowingly ‘received into their hearts’ at the altars of these churches.

No repentance, no understanding or even working knowledge of the resurrection of Jesus Christ…just a good feeling, a good cry, a good dance, a good shout…but NO salvation.

Do YOU know Jesus?  

The devils know him, too, and TREMBLE!


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