Does Christian Guilt Grip You?

In ‘Faces of a Religious Demon,’ the following excerpt expounds on what’s mentioned in the video above:

“…we should “watch, pray and wait. ” Some of God’s people have already heeded the call and we have “come out of her.” Others of you  may have to stay within the condemned building for a time or at least on its periphery, until you too “hear the call.”  It is not my job to “call you out.” This is not my intention. Some people are addicted to church and if they were to “come out” without the proper care and support systems in place, additional spiritual damage might be incurred. As withdrawal from alcohol without medical supervision is life threatening, so too, an exodus from the organized church at the present moment may be too shocking to the spiritual system of long-term “churchaholics.”

If you’re a ‘churchaholic,’ there IS healing and deliverance available to YOU.  Just step out IN FAITH, and trust the voice of the Lord speaking to YOU! Need help? Call 518-477-5759


Pam Sheppard Publishing would like to take the time to introduce a new author to you, Wenona Russ.

The name of her first eBook is ‘The Makings of a False Prophet.’


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