Jakes – Despise Small Beginnings?

By Wenona Russ

Bishop TD Jakes  – “Let the Vision Come From With You…”

I thought this was a very interesting video.  Bishop TD Jakes speaks on fulfilling his vision of ministry and not despising the day of small beginnings.  Of his humble beginnings in West Virginia, when Jakes and his family struggled with poverty and ministry.

When he speaks of his humble beginnings, Jakes speak with much fervor and passion, as the congregation agrees with him and can totally relate to what he is talking about.

This is a good thing, right?

I mean, in order for a preacher to preach to ME, I have to know that he/she knows my struggle, my pain, my sin, my weaknesses and will be able to offer some help and hope to get me out of my situation.

This has been the rise to success for this entrepeneur, author, businessman, CEO, pastor, father, husband, council to the politicians….

But that very ambition that drove this success has-in the past-been the cause of other preachers’ failures.

We have to be careful that ambition does not drive us to make decisions that can have an eternal effect upon our lives.

Just some food for thought….Shalom!


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